4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Binge-Watching Immediately

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The amount of time an average TV watcher spends watching TV shows online has increased significantly over the past few years. Binge-watching, a term frequently used amongst people nowadays, is derived from other similar terms such as “binge-eating” or “binge-drinking.”

The word “binge” according to the dictionary means, “An act of excessive or compulsive consumption.” This means it is not something you should be doing.

In simple words, “binge-watching” or “marathon-viewing” indicates an act of watching multiple episodes of a TV show or movies in one sitting. For instance, it’s a Saturday night, and you are snuggled up in your warm bed watching Stranger Things. Before you realize it, you spend hours watching the whole season all at once. This is known as binge-watching.

Research shows that people who love to binge-watch TV shows can suffer from anxiety and/or depression in the long run. So here are four reasons why you should stop binge-watching your favorite TV shows.

You Become a Couch Potato

There is no doubt that watching TV while sitting on your comfortable sofa is the most desirable thing. But think about it – all those hours that you spend on your couch in front of the TV increases the sedentary state of your body, which in turn has a negative impact on your entire body. According to a well-known health journal, “Binge-watching is a gateway to sedentary activity.”

Dr. Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez said, “Television viewing is a major sedentary behavior, and there is an increasing trend toward all types of sedentary behaviors.” He also added, “As the population ages, sedentary behaviors will become more prevalent, especially watching television, and this poses an additional burden on the increased health problems related to aging.”

Which is why if you think you are a binge-watcher, you need to get moving and start some physical activity to get that blood circulating in your body.

It Makes You Feel Good All the Time

When you watch too many TV shows, you start to imagine yourself like the characters in the TV shows you watch. This creates an ecstatic feeling of temporary escape from the real world, as you tend to live in a fictional world. People who go through a break-up, or who are not happy with their lives in general, find relief in binge-watching TV shows, which creates a sense of satisfaction in their mind. Continuing this, in the long run, could lead to lower self-esteem.

You Become Anti-Social

It is very easy to stay home on a Saturday night and binge-watch Game of Thrones, and not care about anyone else. But if you continue this habit for long, you eventually end up with fewer friends and no one to hang out with. Your binge-watching habits can affect your communication and socializing skills in a negative manner. This is why it is always better to hang out with your friends and colleagues every now and then to keep yourself socially active.

It Messes Up Your Sleep Schedule

People who stay up all night to binge-watch TV shows usually don’t get enough sleep. In another instance, marathon viewers tend to oversleep. In both cases, your body can not keep up with your dysfunctional sleep cycle, and you feel tired and sleepy the next day. This can cause the person to feel irritated and angry. Since your sleep pattern is disrupted, staying up late at night also messes up your eating habits, thus causing you to slack on your daily diet.

Like every other thing in life, binge-watching can be a fun activity if done occasionally. Researchers suggest two to three episodes a day is ideal for TV lovers to enjoy their favorite shows. On top of that, watching fewer episodes each day would make your favorite TV shows last longer.


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