Events You Need To Attend This Halloween Season

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Halloween is here and while the world around you gets into the groove of spookiness and eeriness, it is time for you to decide what is going to go down this season of celebrating the dead. There are tons of parties and venues and missing out on the fun isn’t just the right attitude for this festive. With kids running around the alleys and streets dressed up in their costumes, it is time you also join in on the fun and make waves this Halloween’s season. Here in this post, we are going to share with you one of the best events that are held around you this Halloween and we strongly recommend not missing any single one of them. So let’s begin shall we:

The Governor’s Ball Music Festival (1st of November to 4th of November)

Must visit music festival
Attendance at the Governor’s Ball

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If you are a music fan then this is the event especially for you, visit the Governor’s Ball Music Festival to experience the songs from more than 60 artists and bands including the likes of Marshmello and Whiz Khalifa.
Venue: Randall’s Island Park, New York City
Tickets: $25 + Fees for 1-Day Shuttle, $20 + Fees for 1-Day Ferry

Freaky Deaky (26th October to 31st of October)

Map of the venue
Freaky Deaky

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The Midwest Halloween Takeover is where you need to be on Halloween. This zombie fan galore has all the thrills and chills you seek and the event itself is undoubtedly terrific to experience. Watch and experience as zombie rise from their graves, crawling their way out to rock the nearby neighborhoods.

Venue: Milwaukee, Chicago, and Michigan
Tickets:  $20 (General Admission)

The Addison Halloween Story (31st of October to 1st of November)

Fright Night
The Addison

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This award-winning venue is offering once in a while magical event by letting the public experience the true spectacle of Halloween with all of its colors and diversity. The event is hosted by Conor Walton and Mark traverse along with a media partnership with Boca Magazine.

Venue: The Addison, Boca Raton, Florida
Tickets: $100 – $2,400

Ghost Walk & Dark History Tours (6th of October to 31st of October)

People on their first tour
Ghost Walks & Tours

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Join the neighborhood for a walk through the haunted locations throughout Hamilton for a journey of ghostly energy and the dark ages of human history. Lots of terrifying tales of apparitions, specters, and phantoms. Explore the legends surrounding the area from a variety of locations including old and antique mansions, secret societies and much more.

Venue: Downtown Hamilton, Ontario
Tickets: $15 per adult

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