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You love cooking? Love having your friends and family over to savor your culinary delights? Of course, you do. It’s really nice to just sit down with a couple of friends or family and have a meal with them, especially something that you cooked! And guess what? That’s the recipe you got off the cooking show you’ve been following on your DIRECTV. As an aspiring chef, that’s a great achievement!

Give those Leftovers a Flip

You took out those leftovers that you forgot about and flipped them with those recipes you’ve been following and Voila! You have a dish…with a twist! Give yourself a pat on the back. For some, it may be an acquired taste, but what the hell! Travel and cooking channels that DIRECTV offers are a great way to see what people in other places are preparing and eating, without you having to taste it yourself in person, and avoid insulting the well intentioned individuals who prepared them.

Jack up Your Cooking

Every culture has food that is unique to them and some are really enticing and sumptuous. For instance, Cajun hot-links, fresh out of the smoke house, might be something you may want to try and then maybe try again. That could also be said of authentic Mexican or Thai cuisine. There are so many recipes that you can spruce up your dishes with by just watching the cooking and travel channels that DIRECTV brings to your home.

Record Your Favorite Cooking Shows

Record all your favorite cooking shows with the Genie HD digital video recorder that DIRECTV gives for free with every subscription, so you can review them whenever you need to. When recreating a dish, it’s not the same reading a recipe in a cookbook or on the Internet as watching it being prepared on TV. You can prepare your favorite dish or dessert just by watching it being prepared as many times as needed with DIRECTV’s state-of-the-art Genie HD DVR. Great food has created culture, so why not let the good folks at DIRECTV help you become the master chef that you have always wanted to be.

Take Inspiration from other Cultures

Another great feature of watching cooking shows on DIRECTV is preparing foods from other cultures in your own home. Do you know how South American Indians make alcohol? They chew the ingredients in their mouths and spit them out into a pot leaving them to ferment. It may tire your jaw, but just imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you tell them how you made it after they drank it. Especially when they wake up the next morning and remember!

It’s Cheap!

The best part, you don’t have to pay for an expensive course at a cooking school, when you can watch your favorite culinary show for some great cooking tips on DIRECTV. DIRECTV offers programming packages that come with a great mix of a wide variety of topics for you and your family to entertain yourself with, especially after you’ve lost all your friends because of the South American homemade hooch you served them. So for great educational and entertainment programming, get DIRECTV and their Genie HD DVR to provide you with everything you need in home entertainment.

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