DIRECTV gives You Ultimate Control over Your Programs

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Do you want more control for a better television viewing experience? Well, with DIRECTV now you can. DIRECTV puts the control where you want it…right in your hands.

More Control with On-Screen Program Guide

One great feature that DIRECTV comes with is the on-screen program guide that is standard with every subscription. The on screen program guide is basically a table that comes up on your television screen with program occupying each cell of the table including all the information you need to decide whether it’s something you want to watch or not. Scroll up or down with your remote control or to the right to see what’s on different channels or what will be on next. To go to a show that’s already on just highlight it and select it using the remote control.

Genie Remote Makes Things Easy

With their revolutionary and ergonomically designed Genie Remote it is now even easier to find and control the entertainment you want to watch. It is compatible with Genie (model HR44 or above), Genie Lite (model H44 or above), Genie Mini (model C41 or above), 4K Genie Mini (model C61K or above), and Wireless Genie Mini (model C41W or above) in RF mode — without the need to point.
No Need For Parental Controls With DIRECTV Kids App

More Parental Controls with DIRECTV Kids App

As kids are becoming more and more connected through mobile devices like tablets and phones, navigating through unchartered territory of the digital landscape can be a daunting task for any parent.
DIRECTV has come up with an easy-to-use and safe app offering age-appropriate content on the go at no extra charge. The new DIRECTV Kids App, designed for kids 5-10 years of age, offers hundreds of popular kiddie shows and kid-friendly movies from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, HBO, STARZ, Sprout and more based on customer’s package.

DIRECTV is partnering with Common Sense Media to incorporate age-based ratings and reviews through the App. The DIRECTV Kids App was designed to give kids a simple and safe viewing environment without the need for complicated parental controls on multiple devices.
You can download the app through iTunes® App store on iPhone® and iPad® running iOS 7 or higher snd view content on up to five iPads or iPhones at once.

More Channels, More Choice

DIRECTV also gives you more control by providing you with a lot of choice offering a variety of channels that can be added to any programming package. You can get access to Pay-Per-View programming in any language, a large variety of seasonal sports subscriptions, adult programming and a wide selection of High Definition Television programming.

No Need to Purchase Programming Channels You Won’t Watch

With Direct TV’s programming packages you don’t have to purchase channels that you aren’t going to use. Just the Family Choice has over forty channels, if that’s enough. DIRECTV’s Total Choice comes with a selection of one hundred and fifty five channels while Total Choice Plus offers one hundred and eighty five channels. But the package to go for would be Total Choice Premier, which has two hundred and fifty channels and is the one for you if you love movies and sports.

You Get More Control with Genie HD DVR

DIRECTV can also give you the ultimate control over how you watch TV with their new Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). Now recording issues are a thing of the past with their exclusive Genie HD DVR. It’s their most advanced HD DVR system ever. You can control what you watch, record and play all your favorite shows without a separate DVR in every room. You can even take your TV outside or anywhere in the house when you connect a Wireless Genie Mini. Isn’t that great? With Genie you can record more HD programming than cable.

No More Recording Conflicts

With Genie you can record five shows at once and up to 200 hours of HD entertainment. You don’t need to delete your favorite movies and shows to make room for new ones making recording conflicts a thing of the past. Pause and play every scene and watch shows that you missed at your own convenience.


The choice is obvious. Switch to the best satellite television provider with the best service. Start now and enjoy HD entertainment as never before.

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