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Just imagine if you had your own huge collection of movies at your disposal to watch whenever you wanted to. If you’re still imagining, don’t, because now you can…with DIRECTV’s new advanced Genie HD DVR. The device comes FREE with every new subscription. So, if you’re a new customer DIRECTV gives you a free Genie HD DVR to record 200 hours of HD entertainment, including their reasonably priced pay-per-view service, that brings hundreds of recording opportunities to your home each month.

You can watch an interrupted show on another TV or from your tablet on your TV anywhere in your house…even in your backyard. How’s that? Not only that you can stream shows that have aired in the last 72 hours with DIRECTV 72 Hour Rewind, or restart live shows from the beginning with the Restart feature.

200 Hours of HD Entertainment

With Genie HD DVR you can watch 200 hours of HD entertainment and record up to five shows at once. DIRECTV gives you choices to select from when you have 200 hours of memory in your DVR, to record all your favorites classics and new releases. Love Westerns, they have ‘em. Love comedy, they have ‘em. Want kiddie programs, they have those too. You name it they’ve got it. What more can you ask for?
And those old gangster movies are always a thrill to watch. James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson!?…You can’t beat them with their sneers and tough talk. Everybody in the gang followed the boss blindly. Why, is any one’s guess.

What about classic comedies like Peter Seller’s The Pink Panther? Those are always a gas with Peter Sellers as Inspector Jacques Clouseau always fumbling to solve the perfect crime. The problem is that cable and satellite providers aren’t featuring those good old classics like Gone with the Wind, Sound of Music and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang we love so much. That’s where DIRECTV’s Genie HD DVR comes in. You can record your favorite classics if and when they do come on. All 200 hours of them!

Nearly every top comedian was featured in another classic, It’s a Mad Mad Mad World, when the movie was made. In the movie it seems as though there was some kind of competition among them to see who could be the maddest or the nuttiest.

No Recording Conflicts

The recording feature in the state-of-the-art Genie HD DVR that the folks at DIRECTV give to you and install at your home free of charge lets you enjoy full HD DVR service in every room of your home – without the need for a separate DVR in every room. In the Genie Whole-Home HD DVR set up only one TV is connected to the Genie DVR while other TV sets are connected to the Genie DVR through the Genie Mini or Wireless Genie Mini, which hides behind your TV. The Genie DVR also gives you the ability to record five shows at a time, which means no recording conflicts! All in HD.

The Genie HD DVR gives you a full terabyte of recording capacity eliminating the need to keep deleting recorded shows to make room for new ones. There’s another feature you get with the Genie HD DVR – Genie Recommends, which is a special feature that recommends shows based on what you’ve already watched and even records them for you, so you can watch them whenever you want.

As if that wasn’t enough, DIRECTV also gives you RVU technology, which allows RVU-enabled TVs to be connected to the DIRECTV Genie DVR as additional TVs in your setup without a Genie Mini box. You’ll have to check if your TV is RVU-enabled.

How to get DIRECTV Genie DVR?

New customers can get a DIRECTV Genie HD DVR setup when you subscribe for the DIRECTV service. The only thing is you’ll have to select one Genie Mini for each additional TV when you place your order.
So if you want to invest your money in on demand pay per view, please do. But if you want your own personal film archive of all your favorites look no further than DIRECTV to hook you up.

Image source: https://cdns.directv.com/cms3/equipment/genie_receiver/hdr__Genie_Receiver.jpg

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