Who Will Survive The Digital Arena: DirecTV or Dish Network

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There are a lot of alternatives claiming themselves to be superior in providing better services as Cable TV providers. They claim to provide more channels and additional services for a lower price and always want to be on the winning side of the deal. So who is it going to be?  Who is going to conquer the Digital arena? Let’s analyze both the options at hand.

DirecTV vs. Dish Network:

When it comes to making the right choice, there is so much to choose from. Both DirecTV and Dish Network tend to offer better alternatives and you as a user also want the most out of your investment without having to spend much for a long time. When you’re talking about a contrast between services offered by Dish Network and DirecTV, the first thing you need to understand is that they are not at all a same entity. Understanding and coping up with both of them could be a lot of effort for you and you might get end up being skeptical about the technological terminologies they put before you to make you feel that whatever they are selling is better than the other. It all narrows down to the programming and the one who will provide you with the best value on your investment would stand out.

A Competitive Analysis:

First, let’s have a look at what Dish Network tends to offer. So, Dish Network tend to be satellite TV company. The service they provide comprises of good packages that one can choose from. Even at the initial package, you get a fairly long list of channels that top the industry at good pricing. Dish Network often requires additional equipment to get installed and in many instances, the company does that without charging you. The service has some serious reliability concerns. The service starts to deteriorate when the weather conditions become adverse. In such weather conditions the service experiences delays, outages, deteriorated services etc. DirecTV has a different service structure and is not a satellite company but belong to the Cable Clan. They tend to run provide that are a bit costly but provide services that are seamless and crystal clear. With DirecTV, you gain access to hundreds and thousands of High Definition TV channels that provide you state of the entertainment.  Not only this you get added features like on Demand titles, DVRs so that you can record your seasons, news updates, shows etc. for viewing later. One feature that it includes is that you can start watching your favorite season in your bedroom and continue to watch it on a device synced to your cable. This and a lot of other features that you can avail for a small amount.

All in all, I believe DirecTV to be a strong contender in the digital race and would likely to gain more attention and preference of the audience. With its ability to provide better quality audio and video experience DirecTV will dominate the digital arena.

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