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How to choose your favorite cable TV provider?

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It is very common for cable TV buyers to inquire about which service provider they should choose when the competition is between DirecTV and Dish Network. The main cause of this dilemma is that both of these service providers offer their services using a similar form of technology and their packages are quite similar as well. For new customer DirecTV usually offers complimentary satellite decoder devices, cost-free installation services, free movie channels, plus a number of other incentives.

So the real question arises, how do both, DirecTV and Dish Network perform against each other? Is Dish Network better than DirecTV, or vice versa?

Let’s look at DirecTV and Dish cable services in more detail
Howard Hughes’s initiated DirecTV as the first paid cable TV services in United States. They went on-air in 1995 and since then DirecTV subscribers had grown up to 20 million today. As for Dish Network, this cable business is owned and operated by EchoStar.  As compared to DirecTV, Dish Network too has a big amount of customers nearing about 15 millions in United States and grew into a well-known brand name.

Comparison between DirecTV and Dish Network
Price, program bundles, and service quality are a couple of aspects that will affect the buyer’s decision to choose a service provider.
When it comes to service quality, DirecTV has quite a credible reputation. It offers reliable TV entertainment using 100% digital video/sound quality. Even for customer support services, DirecTV attained exceptional recognition from J. D. Power Association. Similar are some of the accreditations for Dish network as well.
When we talk about cost efficiency between DirecTV and Dish Network, you might find DirecTV is relatively cost effective than its competitor. DirecTV offers 145 channels for 50$/month for 12 months with HBO, Showtime, STARZ and Cinemax for 3 months at no extra cost. And if you get a bundle of 75$/month for 12 months, you get 240 channels. This bundle also has a NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2016 season at no extra cost. Now these are some awesome deals!
Programs like Dish Family, America’s Top 100 and Top 250 are the regular programming packages for Dish Network. These packages are priced somewhere around $89.99/month on average.

Considering programming coverage, Dish Network gives a good deal on HD and Foreign channels whereas if you’re a sports loving individual then DirecTV has got you covered. Using Dish Network cable services, you’ll find hundreds of Spanish and Chinese channels through the famous Latino package and the Great Wall TV offer. DirecTV on the contrary provides more sport channels across the States. NFL Sunday Ticket and Nascar Hotshots are the sport bundles that you can obtain with DirecTV!

Final Decision: Dish Network vs. DirecTV?
In our opinion, there is no correct answer for this particular question. Dish Network services may very well be suitable for you in case you wish to have your HD TV in full use; on the other hand DirecTV might have the best deal for your NFL frenzy friends or neighbors. Because at the end of the day the best answer lies within your cable TV requirements and what suits your needs in the best way.

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