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The Biggest TV Series Finale Let-Downs in History

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So, you really want to do this, huh? Are you sure you can bear reliving all of those painful memories? Ok. Your call. But let’s start with the most painful one first by ripping off the hair-snagging band-aid that is and forever will be… Seinfeld.


Get this, ladies and gentlemen – over 76 million people tuned-in for the very final episode of Seinfeld in 1998. Everyone had they boxes of tissues laid out on the couch in preparation for the tears of laughter and for bittersweet farewell. No one was prepared to need them for tears of betrayal… With a knock-out series this immensely popular we all expected a more dynamic ending. For a show about nothing, that’s exactly what they left you with.



This show was one wild ride but with surprisingly little in the end. Think of a roller coaster that cranks upward for a good long while with only a slight dipping fall after the climax. Meet Dexter the lumber jack. When your ax gets a bit too bloody from chopping up people, it’s time to take it to the real evil doers in the world. Trees. Thanks a lot, Dex…

The Sopranos

There’s a lot left unsaid with this one. Did Tony really get whacked upon departing the restaurant leaving us to chew over the deeper issues life has to offer? Or maybe this was to have us bouncing for a movie theater finale should the opportunity arise. Your guess is as good as anyone else’s.


Sheesh, where do we begin? There’s honestly not that much that can be said. The ending with the dog had us in tears. But even if you found yourself hating the way this floating question mark ended, we all know that it was essentially all about the characters themselves. Busting out the charts, screenshots and linear loopholes didn’t matter. It was easier just to give into the peace of not really knowing and floating along anyway like on a lazy river on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. We all just tried to enjoy the ride for while it lasted.

Battlestar Galactica

This show opened with a cosmic bang and had us strapping in for the long haul from out the gate. Touching on thematic nuances of survival, politics, ecology, a faintly thoughtful concept of theology and terrorism, this show tagged a lot of bases before it slid home. But that ending completely missed the home plate. Welcome to a whole galaxy centered around the gravitational pull of frustration.

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