Yummy Eats and Tasty Treats from Asheville, North Carolina

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Asheville is quickly becoming a nation-wide beacon for uniquely flavored and prepared specialty cuisine. As one of the most colorful cornerstones of tourism to this mountainous southeasterly area, the word is out that Asheville is a valued food hot-spot.

The city witnesses more visitors, and newly relocated citizens, by the year, and there’s no second guessing as to why. The city has a mountain range of attractive features (including the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, of course)! Boasting a bustling and hip flavored city-life featuring a dynamic arts and music scene, to more outdoor adventure opportunities than you can shake over 150 different species of tree sticks at, Asheville has been attracting visitors for decades upon decades.

Not only has news of this formerly hidden gem of the South been passed along by word of mouth, but the city has been increasingly experiencing recognition through nearly every source of modern media. Just visit ExploreAsheville.com for a full listing of yearly received praise and accolades from various nation-wide media sources and you’ll begin to get the picture.

Touted as a top destination for travelers among a pool of hundreds of journalists, both professional and amateur alike, a singing token of recognition consistently highlights Asheville’s culinary prowess. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular restaurants, cafes and eateries this nifty city has to offer!

Laughing Seed Cafe
Far famed for its farm to table approach to locally sourcing food ingredients, as has become a widely practiced standard all around in Asheville, Laughing Seed Cafe offers vegetarian and vegan cuisine along with a full bar of organic wines, locally brewed beers and designer cocktails, not to mention a knock-out bistro-styled outdoor dining experience right along the historic downtown Wall Street thoroughfare.

Early Girl Eatery
This extremely popular food destination has been pleasing palates since 2001 with Southern-inspired comfort food like no other, especially when it comes to breakfast. With a seasonally shifting menu based on quality-driven, locally sourced produce, meats and cheeses, this eatery is all about offering flavor, maintaining sustainability and pleasing the community.

Early Girl Eatery
Early Girl Eatery

Posana Cafe
A recent 2009 addition to the foodie community, the already popular Posana Cafe provides
thoughtfully created, choice ingredient based platters right from scratch in the kitchen utilizing homegrown goodies from over thirty locally based farms. The dishes are seasonally reflected and mostly gluten-free to boot.


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