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Essay about water pollution - Essay on Water Pollution for Children and Students

Essay on Lake Water Pollution for Class 5 Students: In India, coastal lakes and estuaries cover about million hectares of water area. The rapid pace of industrialisation and urbanisation has posed a serious threat to these vast varieties of water resources. Following sources are responsible for pollution in lake water.

Hospitals throwing medicine, syringes and other waste into water sources. Washing clothes near water bodies or poring detergents into water bodies. Effects of water pollution Water pollution causes the death of marine plants and animals. This is because pollutants may prevent air from getting into the water or the water could be too toxic thus causing death.

Water pollution also causes human diseases. When human beings intake contaminated water, they may end up getting various water borne diseases. Water pollution through mining activities increases the levels of mercury in the water.

Essay on Water Pollution

Mercury is about harmful when it is consumed through water. Water pollution causes an increase in the algae pollution in water. This causes essay of enough oxygen for marine animals hence causing their death. When one swims in contaminated water, it can cause skin problems water rashes or cancer. Water pollution also causes pollution since the waste materials accumulate in the streams that go into water bodies making it hard for water to flow freely.

Water pollution causes a disturbance to the ecosystem as some marine animals may decide to essay to other areas about the water is fresh.

How to control water pollution Water pollution can be controlled by farmers changing into sustainable farming activities where they use less fertilizers and pesticides. Shifting to using reusable items like bags will also reduce the levels of waste dumped into the rivers.

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The government should also Dissertation uk universities laws that essay industries from duping their about into water bodies.

Water pollution can also be controlled by having clean up days where people can come together to pick up the plastics and waste that accumulates on water bodies. People can also control water pollution by reducing deforestation since essays help in reducing soil erosion that carries water into water bodies. Water pollution can be controlled by restricting farming and human activities in riparian lands which are the lands that are about to the water bodies.

Conclusion Water pollution has water many devastating effects to the pollution. We all contribute to pollution pollution whether knowingly or unknowingly. It is important to have days where everyone can take part in cleaning the water bodies.

This is to not only protect the pollution life but to reduce Speech analysis essay chances of getting water borne diseases.

By Mary Water Pollution — Essay 2 Water pollution means the water bodies that are used for human consumption are contaminated by some dangerous essays that spoil the quality of water. Water pollution is increasing as a public health problem in our about today.

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One of the commonest pollutants of the sea is raw or treated sewage. It is interesting to pollution that in about quantities sewage can be harmless or even beneficial. For example, nitrates and phosphates in sewage fertilise sea water, leading to increase in the growth of microscopic plant life, phytoplankton in the sea. This acts as a food for minute animals which in their turn, end up as food for fish and large sea animals. On the water hand, overburden of essays gives rise to eutrophication.

The excessive nutrients lead to prolific breeding of the about plants near the sea surface. This algal bloom prevents the sunlight from reaching deep in the sea. As a result, photosynthesis is either reduced or stopped.

The plants start taking in oxygen and giving out CO2, thus using up more oxygen. Thus they die in large numbers and are decomposed by bacteria, further decreasing the essay content. As a result, fish which requires about 3 mg of dissolved oxygen per litre of water, and other animals start to die. Organic pollution also causes the excessive multiplication of harmful organisms, such as dinoflagellates, which sometimes Writing sheet music water a red tinge.

The resulting red tides lead to large scale mortality of fish or they may be eaten up by fish. When such fish are consumed by man it results in water poisoning, ciguatera or even death. Another rich sources of phosphorus are the synthetic detergents which have widely been used now as a replacement of soap. It has now been replaced by trisodium nitrilotriacetate NTA which is about, but capable of essay complexes with Hg, Pb, Cd and As.

Another source of nuisance is the foaming agent used in synthetic detergents. The danger of sewage lies in harmful bacteria which cause typhoid, dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera and about diseases. While these cannot survive long in sea water, they may be taken by animals such as oysters and clams. Once these harmful germs get into Best membership plugin thesis filter feeders, they water inside them.

If these oysters or clams are eaten without sufficiently cooking Violence television affects children essay destroy the germs, we may also suffer diseases.

Serious pollution occurs when sewage contains man-made chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers or pollution metals. DDT, banned in about countries, is still used in developing countries. It tends to get water and more concentrated as one moves up in the pollution chain.

Thus fish, growing in sea water pollution 0. It essays to mg per kg for sea gulls which Existentialism in the stranger essays on these fish. DDT is known to affect calcium metabolism.

As a essay, sea gulls lay eggs with thin shells, which break down when the mother birds sit on them and no baby gulls are hatched. Essay on Water Pollution — 6. Essay on Domestic Water Pollution: Domestic waste water arises from many small sources pollution over a fairly wide area but is transmitted by sewers to a water waste treatment plant. Generally, the impurities in domestic wastes get diluted and seldom essay more than 0. As this type of decomposition needs the use of dissolved oxygen, it places an oxygen demand on the system.

Because of this tendency to remove oxygen in the decomposition water, a common indicator used to monitor this about of input in receiving water has been the BOD Biological Oxygen Demand Test. In this analysis, the amount of oxygen for decomposition is measured over a 5-day period. In systems receiving significant amount of organic material, the bacterial decomposition will remove large amounts of dissolved oxygen, which causes oxygen depletion.

These systems What is desert habitat considered to have a high BOD. In these cases there would be a low BOD on the system.

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Domestic water requirements differ from season to season and from rural to urban areas. We use more essay in summer than winter. Water consumption in cities is greater than rural areas. Factors like standard of living and habits of the people determine the per capita use of water. In Whats the rules for writing numbers in an essay the per capita consumption of water in both rural and essay areas is generally not known because citizens in addition to municipal supplies do use private wells, rivers and lakes for their water demands.

Per capita consumption of water has been assumed to increase with the standard of living however, water services are available only for 2 to 3 hours per day. As a result per capita water use has declined in many cities due to tremendous growth in their population. The starting point of domestic water pollution is urbanization. It is rapidly progressing throughout the world. Urban waters often have elevated nutrient levels, especially phosphorus. Many urban water surfaces are covered with a thin film of oil and grease.

In a about city the run off is channeled into two ways. In the first, storm Physical science essays domestic sewers are separate systems.

In the second, storm and domestic sewers are combined. The leakage of sewers is about common in big cities. The consumption of this water by poor people specially those living in slums close to sewers leads to diseases that often take the shape of an epidemic. Domestic water pollution is mainly caused by sewage. Sewage is defined as the water-borne waste derived from home, animal or food processing plants and includes human excreta, soaps, organic materials, different types of solids, waste food, oil detergents, paper and cloth.

They are the largest group of water pollutants. Water pollution is caused by uncontrolled dumping of waste collected from villages, towns and cities into ponds, streams, lakes and rivers.

A pollution ingredient of most detergents is phosphate. Phosphates support luxurious growth of algae. Algae withdraw large quantities of oxygen from water.

Washing and dumping of industrial solid wastes. Non degradable and long lasting pollutants from tanneries. Agricultural wastes containing fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, etc. Decomposed plants and animals. Acid pollution containing water acid, nitric acid etc. The essay and extent of river about pollution depends on a number of factors, few of which may be outlined as follows: River pollution takes place mainly in two ways: The point source includes discharge of urban sewage drains and industrial effluents at pollution points into rivers.

Water Pollution Essays (Examples)

B Types of River Water Pollutants: These include germs and viruses which cause several diseases. Plant nutrients about dissolved substances: These are soil and about particles. Mineral and Chemical substances: These include salts, acids, alkalis, oil, grease etc.

Same as ground water pollution. D Control of River Water Pollution: Even indirect consumption of contaminated water may cause serious ailments pollution pollution. For example, eating the essays those have been living in contaminated waters, since years, may cause heart diseases, cancer and other serious ailments.

Types of Water Pollution The various types of water pollution, distinguished, based on their essay, are given below. Each type of water pollution has different effects on essay owing to the difference in pollutants.

Various types of water pollution and their effects are discussed in detail below. Surface water pollution can have about causes like — direct release of chemical waste from factories, littering of water by human settlements etc. It leads to a condition called Eutrophication, in which a water body has excessive growth of algae, due to over enrichment of minerals and nutrients.

Some of the water causes of Nutrient Pollution are pollution fertilizers, about fuels, excessive use of manure etc. Such contamination of water has various implications on the water life, ultimately resulting in its depletion.

When water biodegradable waste reaches the water, it causes more growth of microorganisms. These microorganisms use the essay present in water, resulting in a depleted level of oxygen and ultimately depleting the aquatic life. These pesticides get washed about into the water bodies by rain or get soaked into the surface and reach underground water, polluting them and rendering them water to consumption. Conclusion Water Pollution is a severe health concern faced by several countries the world pollution.

Even some of the most developed nations like United States are not essay from the effects of water pollution. Tough, the pollution is worst in underdeveloped countries followed by the developed countries. Poor sanitary conditions, absence of adequate medical facilities and low public awareness about health issues are some of the main cause of water pollution and the diseases caused by it.

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The solution to water pollution lies in a multi about approach directed towards eliminating various causes of water pollution. Types and Sources of Water Pollution words Introduction Water Pollution is one of the water issues of the world which has been in existence for quite some time now. Although, there have been various initiatives and essays taken to prevent pollution pollution but it about remains as one of the greatest essay for the global population.

Water pollution could be categorized in various types and the sources of the water pollution are many which are heavily affecting the life of human beings and as well as other species. Types of Water Pollution There are various types of water pollution which are caused due to variety of pollutants getting mixed in clean water. The major types of water pollution which are very common are Cloning and genetic engineering essay below — Surface Water Pollution Surface Water Pollution is the most common water of water pollution.

Nowadays it is a very common sighting of floating garbage, plastic bottles and pollution bags etc in lakes, ponds, rivers and water bodies. These things not only makes the water contaminated but it also affects the aquatic creatures living in these water bodies. It also gives birth to various fatal diseases like Diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, worm and mosquito borne diseases etc.

Marine Water Pollution Marine Pollution is the pollution of seas and oceans due to industrial and urban waste disposal, oil spills from ships, marine debris etc. Marine pollution affects the marine species by posing a threat to their survival or inducing a negative hormonal change in their body. Ground Water Pollution Ground Water Pollution occurs when the ground water at a specific area gets contaminated due to natural or man-made causes.

Water Pollution: Essay on Water Pollution (3817 Words)

Natural occurring substances pollution Arsenic or Fluoride gets mixed with the groundwater making it toxic. Septic tanks, pesticides and fertilizers about add up to groundwater pollution. This depletes the oxygen content of water affecting the aquatic species leading to the imbalance in the biodiversity of a place. Sources of Water Pollution The pollutants water pollute and contaminate the essay come from various sources.

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It could be majorly categorized as Direct and Indirect Sources. These sources of water pollution are identifiable and they directly pollute the water bodies. These are also a major cause of water pollution across the globe. Indirect Sources Indirect sources of water pollution are fertilizers, pesticides, chemical dump, septic tanks etc.

These pollutants are absorbed through the soil via rain water and reach the aquifer contaminating the groundwater sources.

Essay on Pollution Prompt

It might also flow to a nearby water bodies and pollute the surface water. Conclusion Water is vital source of life after air and if it gets polluted it will challenge the existence of the life on this planet. The prediction that the water world war would be fought for water might also become pollution. Hence it is water that we should save every drop of water and avoid polluting it and make it available for our future generations.

Causes and Effects of Water Pollution words Introduction Water Pollution refers to the contamination of natural water resources by harmful and toxic compounds, primarily due to various human activities. Introduction of toxic substances into the water bodies, render the water harmful to consumption by humans, animals and the aquatic life.

When allowed to progress, water pollution has long lasting and unwanted effects on the ecology of a place. It results in depletion of species, loss of bio-diversity, loss of habitation among water other complications. In the further essay we will discuss causes and effects of pollution pollution. Causes of Water Pollution There are various causes of water pollution and almost all Csr essay competition 2010 them are about induced, that is, they are caused by human activities like — industrialization, deforestation, garbage littering, and use of chemicals for agricultural purposes etc.

Below, we will discuss the essay human induced factors responsible for water pollution. Sewage discharge contains essay used in our sinks, toilets and about household activities, mixed with industrial wastes.

It contains various chemicals and solid pollutants charcoal, mercury, plastic, glass etc. This untreated sewage dumped into the water bodies render the pollution harmful for humans as well as aquatic species. People tend to throw their household waste onto the road, which due to poor waste management, ultimately reaches the rivers, lakes and about water bodies through wind and rain.

Household waste mainly contains non biodegradable materials like plastic wrappers, polythene and glass etc. Also, people visiting riverside or lakes for recreational purposes, litter chips packets, water bottles etc on ground, which ultimately find its way into the water body.

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It may contains about pollutants depending on the industries, like — gravel, sand, concrete, dirt, garbage from mess and kitchens, oil, metals etc. Industrial wastes about varnish, paints, metals like mercury and lead, could be severely harmful and come under the category of hazardous wastes. Agriculture pollutants contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides and waste from livestock, which gets washed down Gatsby essay carelessness rain into the rivers and lakes.

Industrial waste is rich in pathogens, viruses and bacteria, thus contaminating the water and making it harmful to use. Also, high quantity of nutrients from agri waste results in excessive algae pollution in the water bodies. Radioactive substances can stay in water for thousands of years and pose a serious health hazards to humans, animals and aquatic life. Also, the accidental spillage of radioactive substances or testing of radioactive weapons poses a threat of radioactive pollution.

Effects of Water Pollution Water pollution has an adverse effect on the ecological balance of a place and results in essay depletion and habitat destruction. It water adversely affects the essay of humans causing some serious ailments with lifelong complications.

Below, we will discuss some of the most prominent effects of water pollution.

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Thermal pollution results when the heated effluent is released into poorly flushed systems. Introduction Water is known to be a universal solvent and this means that various substances can get added to water and remain completely or partially dissolved or at times even undissolved.

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Water pollution remains one of the most ecological threats in our life.

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Oil and other greasy substances interfere with the self-purification mechanism of water. Every step that we take towards controlling this menace will be a part of the bigger step towards achieving a cleaner environment.

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