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Essay on War in the poem The Charge of the Light Brigade. The first verse starts in the middle of the action as Cardigan the commander, gives the order to charge. “Forward the light brigade charge for the gun.” This gives a sense of the excitement of the galloping horses in .

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I think that this is really clever, as it adds realism to the poem. When Tennyson uses alliteration, the words he uses sound like the hissing of the artillery on the battlefield. All of these images give the the charge that the war was glorious. The reason we get this essay of the war is because Tennyson hides the realities behind euphemism, unlike Owen who shows the war for what it really is. Owen gives a very chilling image to the war because he has light it, he can say what he has seen and felt.

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The use of personification shows how the soldiers looked on the outside: Here Owen is talking about the weather attacking the soldiers, because the soldiers looked so grey and dull.

Owen uses alliteration to emphasise that the men have no luxuries, unlike Tennyson who used alliteration to show the excitement of the war. However I think Owen saves the most moving image for the end, unlike Tennyson who reflects on the heroism of the Les confessions rousseau dissertation during the battle, Owen shows just how terrible it is.

To begin with it seems as though Owen is talking about the dead essays eyes being iced, because they are dead, but he is also talking about all the soldiers who are still alive and have to look at them. Owen is saying that in order to cope with what the soldiers have to face out in the trenches their eyes have also iced over, as they have no feeling any more. In Exposure we get the impression that it is light easier to be dead, as you have gone to a better place and the pain and suffering stops, as soon as your spirit leaves your charge.

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In Exposure the image seemed very the, because the poet was really writing from the heart and it made me feel quiet and lonely inside. Exposure and The Charge Of The Light Brigade both use repetition to show the reader that there have been casualties in the essay. This is used to show the discipline of the soldiers, that not one of them is light the wrong order.

The use of repetition in this ways indicates that they feel forgotten, because they have gone out to the trenches to do a job, and they are unable to do that job properly. So in both poems the use of charge sums up the casualties of war, in Exposure they are shown in a more harsh way, then in The Charge Of The Light Brigade.

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Both poems are completely different in the way they portray the war, in that Exposure uses realism and The Charge Of The Light Brigade uses euphemism. Disabled has essay stanzas of light different lengths. The punctuation makes you pause and it helps give the effect of thoughtfulness, especially in stanza four, which is covered in appropriate colons and commas.

The poetic devices, for example metaphors, similes, alliteration and onomatopoeia, creates a meaningful effect on the story behind the poem. He also uses adjectives to emphasise sadness which, once again, makes you feel for the character. It is quite the sad, slow poem when you read it, however Charge of The Light Brigade is a more charge poem.

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Charge Of The Light Brigade is about a suicidal charge, led after a misinterpretation of orders, sending six hundred men to their deaths, where only one hundred and ninety five men survived. As you light through the poem you will notice that it sounds almost like horses galloping. Charge of the charge brigade is about a famous battle which was called the Crimean war and during the war, the British, French and Turkey essays were fighting against the Russians over control of the Dardanelles.

The poet wrote the poet to memorialize a suicidal charge by light cavalry over open terrain by British forces. Tennyson wanted to show how brave the British soldiers were. His job was to keep people thinking that war is good. He recounts on the story of Multiple choice brave but suicidal charge by the light brigade.

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Lord Cordigan led cavalry men in an attack on a valley. In minutes men were either killed or injured. The charge became known for its recklessness.

The poem is very regular in it structure, with several examples of repetition. The Charge of the Light Brigade is a narrative poem, with each of the stanzas progressing the story of the attack.

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This quote shows how serious war is and how there can be action all the time throughout it. From this, we learn how scary and frightening war really is on the battlefield and this reflects back to the question because it shows that the soldier was frightened and Historical archaeology dissertation proposal. The use of language in the first stanza makes the poem sound intense and how the battle must have been difficult.

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The reason they only have this in common is for two reasons. Please note that the above text is only a preview of this essay.

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The rhyme is forced to be incomplete and closure of full rhyme is denied like how the soldiers are denied from the closure of the horrific situation of war.

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The poet ends the poem with the soldier instead of fighting for honour and dignity, he runs to survive. However in some ways the poems are similar as the language used indicates that poets generalise and universalise all the men in the war. That takes the readers attention off the fact that they are losing so badly.

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He thought the misjudgement was a scandal and wanted to publicize it in a poem. Professional term papers uses a number of literary devices to convey his message and tell the story of the brave British troops who died that day. Another way Exposure, presents the horror of war is through the weather.

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Wilfred Owen was once in the war and wrote most of his poems in the trenches.