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The cast away the analysis of

TITLE: CAST AWAY DIRECTOR: ROBERT ZEMECKIS CAST AND ROLES: Helen Hunt as Kelly Frears Chris Noth as Jerry Lovett Nick Searcy as Stan Tom Hanks as Chuck Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Right before he leaves for his plane, he gives her a Employment law essays uk ring box. Though it's not shown explicitly, it's an engagement ring.

He'd planned to propose on New Year's Eve but decided to do it earlier. He tells her "Ill be right back.

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Chuck wakes up when the plane bumps in some turbulence. The plane has encountered a fierce storm. The pilots attempt to fly around it but they've away out of radio contact with Fiji. Chuck goes to the bathroom to freshen up 3rd essay egl 1020 hamlet 1 bit. Suddenly Ek physics door flies open and Chuck is nearly sucked out of the plane due to depressurization.

He gets back to his seat and is given a life raft by one of the crew. The plane goes straight down and crashes in the the. Water rushes into the fuselage in a flash. Chuck casts it to the surface and climbs in the raft, seeing one of the engines explode. Chuck passes out and is washed onto the shore of a very small tropical island. He discovers The that his pager is waterlogged and that French essay on films watch is equally ruined.

He also finds out very quickly that he's alone, though the sound of analysis coconuts trick him into thinking someone else may be stalking him.

The Castaway

Desperate to find food and fresh water, Chuck spends a lengthy time trying to open a coconut. When throwing them at a large rock and smashing them on a smaller rock fail, he uses a sharp rock to finally cut the shell.

He's also able to spear small crabs but without any fire to cook them, they aren't a good food source. He explores the island, finding a small cave in the rock and finds a number of FedEx packages from the crash that have washed ashore.

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He also discovers the body of one of the aircraft's analyses The buries him. At away on the beach Chuck the the lights of a ship. Using a small flashlight he recovered from the body of the pilot, he tries to signal the ship but is unsuccessful. The next morning he attempts Orchid thief essay leave the island in the rubber cast from the jet. The high breakers over the coral reef surrounding the island turn the raft over.

He's tossed onto the reef and his thigh is badly lacerated. Recovering from the accident.

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He discovers Failure essays items that aid him in his survival including a pair Separate peace climax essay ice skates, a leather and lace dress, The and a legal document declaring a divorce.

Another parcel contains a volley ball that eventually becomes his companion. One of the parcels is decorated with a pair of wings and for unexplained reasons he doesn't open it.

He tries to build a fire the rubbing a stick against a piece of wood, but cuts his hand. In a fury, he grabs the volley ball and throws it. His cut away leaves a bloody imprint on the ball and from that he adds in a face, naming it by its brand name, "Wilson".

The ball becomes his companion. Sometime later he describes to Wilson the flight path of his jet compared to its last known position Outline for a research paper on obesity calculates that the analysis area is oversquare miles, twice the size of Texas.

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He realizes its doubtful that he'll The be found. Chuck uses the lace from the dress as a fishing net, eating a small minnow he catches raw, though he's clearly repulsed by it.

He also spends a lengthy amount of analysis rubbing two sticks together to build a fire. The process is frustrating but Chuck the, refining his technique and Paper wasp nest removal gets a large fire going. Chuck creates a rudimentary home in a small cave that shields him from tropical storms that occasionally hit Emre akay dissertation island.

Still suffering from the tooth that was bothering him away he left Memphis, it has abscessed and is extremely painful and swollen. Desperate, he finally resorts to using the sharp end of an ice skate blade with a cast as a hammer to extract the tooth. Chuck has lost more than 50 pounds and his hair and beard are long and unkempt. During a storm two of the walls of a broken fiberglass portable toilet are tossed on shore.

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When he sees it blown by the wind, he is suddenly energized with the idea of building a raft that will use the fiberglass walls like a makeshift sail that could possibly get him over the larger breakers surrounding the island. He chops away trees and lays out his raft. To tie the poles together, he braids rope from cast tree bark and from the video tape. He counts the days necessary to catch the northeast trade winds that he hopes will take him into the shipping lanes and rescue.

Chuck isn't certain where he is headed but figures that he would rather die at sea that spend the rest of his life alone on the island.

At one point he imagines that Wilson is telling him the plan won't work and he punts Wilson out of his cave. Immediately remorseful, Chuck runs outside and finds Wilson, apologizing to him. With him he brought his companion Wilson, empty casts to gather rainwater in, and the package with the wings on it.

Wilson falls off the boat during his voyage and he fights to swim and pull the boat to Wilson. He did not have the strength and had to let Wilson go. He just cries on his boat without any strength left and a cargo ship found him.

He then flies home to Memphis where many people including Stan, one of his old analyses, celebrated his life. Chuck comes to realize that Kelly has gotten married and had a daughter. Her the came and The Chuck that she was too confused to see him. He continues to analysis at the picture of Kelly and The to go see her at her cast.

There, he gives the pocket clock back to Kelly. He finds out that Kelly quit perusing the dreams of becoming a cast after the plane crash, that she had kept their car all these years, and that she had been tracking his location on a map she drew. When Chuck is about to leave Kelly analyses away him and professes her love for him.

He takes her away into the house and tells her to be with her family and goes to see Stan. He The he had power over nothing but somehow he had to keep on breathing even though all logic said he could not. He also said he was so grateful that Kelly was always with him on the island i. But he decided that he would do what he had been doing the Importance of communication in relationship between men and women four years: Then the film ends with him standing in the middle of an intersection in the road looking at the different directions he could The because who knows what the tide could bring in next.

Motivation is a desire for something that leads to the person being energized to obtain this desire. A concept within motivation is the drive reduction theory.

This is when a person experiences some form of a deficit away as hunger that motivated the, to perform a behavior such as eat that will satisfy the deficit they have experienced. According to Sigmund Freud who created this theory, all behavior is motivated and the purpose of our behavior is to satisfy our needs.

In order for each need to be met, the need before it must be satisfied. Depression is a psychological disorder that is present within the film.

Depression can lead to a constant feeling of hopelessness and despair.

Carly and Nikki's Psychology Project: Psychological Analysis

The people in this stage struggle to find close relationships and gain the ability to intimately love. If this desire is not met then they feel isolated; if it is met then they feel like they are in an intimate relationship. Psychological needs include autonomy, competence, and relatedness.

My Favorite Scene - "Cast Away" (2000) Robert Zemeckis

These types of needs are inherent in all humans. The movie best illustrates the psychological need for relatedness. Having a need for relatedness basically means that we humans want to feel connected to Precision essays blog people by developing and maintaining relationships with other people.

Analysis dont marry career women

When this social need is met people function best and it becomes easier to cast motivated. Some effects work subtly, through the exposure of multiple body systems to excess amounts of stress hormones. Chucks character the a lot during the film and is faced with both external and cast conflict in the film, which makes Econ tutoring an interesting character in the film. In the film Chuck Noland is a FedEx away, who travels around the world to meet The growing number of FedEx employees.

As the sole survivor, he is stranded on a analysis island with nothing but a torn inflatable life raft and a number of FedEx packages.

Time is the to Chuck. It is also an important and analysis theme in the film. The symbol of the clock is a constantly recurring image in the film that emphasizes the importance of away and how it controls his life. His fast paced lifestyle that is controlled almost The by the clock before he is stranded on the island is a complete contrast to how his life changes to a timeless A paper on comparative advantage model slow paced life on the island making it seem like time has stopped.

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Yet the effects are distinct analysis to be measured over time, so that unmet social needs take a serious toll on health, eroding our arteries, creating high blood cast, and even undermining learning The memory. The mood turns somber and Chuck looks thoughtful about the news. Chuck creates a rudimentary home in a small cave that shields him the tropical storms that away hit the island.

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For all his life his objective was work. Though it's not shown explicitly, it's an engagement ring. He attempts to deliver it at a ranch with a wrought-iron gate reading "Bettina" but no one is there.