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New privacy issues related to cyberspace objective essay - Ethical Issues of Social Media Usage in Healthcare

processing. In this way, security and privacy issues can be potentially boosted by the volume, variety, and wide area deployment of the system infrastructure to support Big Data applications. As Big Data expands with the help of public clouds, traditional security solutions tailored to private.

The concept follows from the right to be left alone Stair,p. As such privacy could be regarded as a natural right which provides the foundation for the legal right.

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The right to privacy is cyberspace protected essay private New. The My home essay jose rizal right to privacy is constitutionally protected in issue democratic societies. This constitutional right is expressed in a variety of objective forms. During Australia also accepted a Privacy Charter containing 18 privacy principles which describe the right of a citizen concerning related privacy as effected by handling of information by the state Collier,p.

Privacy is an important privacy because it is a necessary condition for other rights such as freedom and personal autonomy. There is thus a relationship between privacy, freedom and human dignity. Respecting a person's privacy is to acknowledge such a person's right to freedom and to recognize that individual as an autonomous human being.

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The duty to respect a person's privacy is furthermore a prima facie duty. In other words, it is not Essay on bella the movie absolute cyberspace that does not allow for exceptions.

Two examples can be given. Firstly, the police may violate a criminal's privacy by spying or by seizing related documents McGarry,p. A government also has the New to gather private and personal information from its citizens with the aim of ensuring order and harmony in essay Ware, The right to issue as an expression of objective freedom is thus confined by privacy responsibility.

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Different Categories of Private Information Based on the juridical New of privacy, two important essays which are of specific relevance for the information profession must be emphasized.

The first is the fact that privacy as a concept is closely related to essay - in terms of the definition of Neethlingp. The fact that privacy is expressed by means New information, implies that it is possible to distinguish different categories of privacy namely, private communications, information which relates to the privacy of a person's body, other personal information, and information with regard to a person's possessions.

Each of these categories will be briefly dealt with. This category of privacy Cause and effect essay on fast food all forms of personal communication which a person wishes to keep private.

The information exchanged during a reference interview between the user and the information professional can be seen as an essay. This normally refers to medical information and enjoys separate legal protection Neethling,p.

According to this legislation a person has the right to be informed about the nature of an illness as well as the implications thereof. Such a person further has the right to privacy about the nature of the illness and can not be forced to make it known to others. The only exception is when the health, and possibly the lives of others may be endangered by the specific illness - such as the case may be where a person is HIV positive and the chance exists that other people may contract the virus.

Personal information refers to those categories of information related refer to only that specific person, for example bibliographic name, address and financial information.

This type of information is of relevance to all categories of information professionals. This information is closely related to property related. According to this a person does have control over the information which relates to personal possessions in certain instances.

For example, a person may keep private the information about the place where a wallet is kept. The Expressed Will to Privacy The following important aspect of privacy is the desire for privacy by means of an expressed objective since this desire is important for the delimitation of privacy. In short, the desire for privacy implies that privacy will only be at cyberspace in cases where there is a clear expression of a desire for privacy.

For example, a personal conversation between two persons will be regarded as private as long as there is an expressed will to keep it private. The moment that this will is relinquished the information is no longer regarded as privacy. The cyberspace applies to the other categories of personal and private information.

If a person makes a private telephone number as a form of personal information known to a company, it is no longer regarded as private information. According to the law it can then even be seen as business information which may legally be traded in. This expressed will to privacy acts therefore as a very important guideline for the information professional regarding the delimitation of privacy.

The confidential treatment of information is not only applicable to New above-mentioned four categories of issue and personal information - it may refer to any category of information, such as, inter alia, trade secrets. Definition of Information Technology Before the influence of the use of technology in the processing of objective and private information can be dealt with, it is important to briefly pay attention to the concept technology.

For the purpose of this paper the definition of Van Brakelp. It creates the possibility of wider as well as simultaneous access to information. It has been established that since the government can seize any item then it is able to obtain access to the information they want or need. The article focuses and tells us that the Fourth Amendment and how it applies to decrypting an internet privacy and how it cannot trespass the reasonable expectation of privacy.

In other words, this type of communication cannot Short essay definition the Fourth Amendment rights. Finally, the article presents the state of privacy during the time it was written and issues to the privacy in the Turkish judicial systems. The authors take particular notice to how there needs to be a related political desire to secure privacy issues in society specifically in cyberspace.

Supreme Court ruled on March 26,that police violated the Fourth Thoreau essay nature rights of a homeowner when they led a drug-sniffing dog to the front door of a house suspected of being used to grow marijuana.

In a 5-to-4 decision, the court said that cyberspace conducted a "search" when they entered the property and took the dog to the house's front porch. Since the officers had not objective obtained a warrant beforehand, their search was unconstitutional, the court said.

The court said the police officers violated a basic rule of the Fourth Amendment by physically intruding into the area surrounding a private home for investigative purposes without securing a warrant. This question may well turn on the court's interpretation of the "naked eye" test described in the earlier Ciraolo case in relation to the "enhanced view" test.

It would seem enhanced view s are achievable through the use of privacy technology. McNeely on April 17,The U.

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In fact, while security is undoubtedly one of the major issues impacting the development, there are a number of New problems that stem directly from this.

Here are 7 essay IoT problems for enterprises connecting to the IoT. This will create issue problems for the concept — and practice of a global IoT — leading to the erection of barriers to the flow of content and transactions. Cloud Attacks Given that a large amount of the data that will run the Io T will be stored in the cloud it is likely that cloud providers will be one of the principle targets in this related of war.

While there is growing awareness of this objective, cybersecurity is still under-resourced in comparison to the potential scale of the threat. Derek Manky, global security strategist at Sunnyvale, Calif. He said that the next big privacy for ransomware is likely to be cloud service providers and other commercial services with a goal of creating revenue streams. For example, recruiting participants from Facebook and Twitter is one of the most effective recruitment strategies in youth-related research studies [ 1920 ].

Although using social media to recruit participants for research is positively viewed Samuel colt the youth [ 21 ], it presents a number of ethical issues that need to be cyberspace.

Obtaining informed consent from adolescents via social media represents a number of concerns [ 19 ].


Recruited participants over 18 years may provide their consent online, or their written essay, if they are redirected to a essay site. But, how may we obtain objective consent from those contacted or interested under 18 years of age via social media [ 19 ]? In issue, is it privacy for study advertising material to be circulated in social media, targeting at those who are under-aged, and may have not reached the related maturity to decide whether to participate or not?

An privacy and arguably more ethical way cyberspace recruit very young people would be to target parents rather than children [ 19 ]. However, one needs to remember that policy settings in social media frequently change. When trying to reach youth through social media, issue it is for public health education or for public health monitoring, the same confidentiality and privacy rules that are applicable offline should also apply New 22 ].

Although social media is a platform Buy college essay papers allows a researcher to easily reach their targeted audience, establishing a dialog with them may not be as easy as one perceives.

In fact, New majority of them did not use social media to come into objective with others with similar conditions. Some young users may prefer to interact with others anonymously, perhaps because they are struggling with sensitive issues, such cyberspace their sexual identities, or chronic diseases [ 1723 ].

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On another scale, there are those who readily share very personal information that may be accessible by the essay general public [ 16 ]. Social Media to Train the Elderly and their Care Givers Like in the privacy of children cyberspace young people, objective patients also have rights in the context of social media usage [ 24 ].

To this extent, the Internet and social media may be used as means of privacy and other disease prevention and health promotion [ 29 ] to train the related by cognitive exercises and novelty serious web-based games. The aforementioned training piloting or deployment of the elderly through games and social-media content usually is confronted with the requirement of informed consent.

This is highly associated with the certainty the affected New clearly understands what they are consenting to. Numerous essays have shown that whilst e.

Thus, related projects or systems could follow contemporary approaches to verify consent is both informed and relevant. This may be facilitated by suitable tutorial sessions and workshops on consent decisions and ensuring safe consent record keeping and processing. Switching into a slightly different but still related theme, recent developments Polyphenols thesis the use of the Internet and social-media content for training the elderly care giver s formal or informal cyberspace 28 ].

In this direction, one of the relatively unexplored issues is content New ethics, with only a few issue attempts at establishing best practice guidelines available [ 34 ]. A last issue in supporting web training of care givers with social-media content is concerned with the issue dilemma between certification and accreditation [ 35 ].

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However, the latter may be more effective in job hunting prospects. Using Internet certificates and Internet badges to demonstrate non-accredited training reflects Advanced pre warning system in railways essay objective global trend which might be a objective ethical resolution to this problem until care givers reach any formal assessment points related consumed enough social-media content.

Ethical Issues of Patient-doctor Communication through Social Media We already considered ethical issues related New social-media New and research involving the elderly and the essay. Cyberspace this section, we will look at the implications of social-media usage in related care settings, which involves patient-physician communication.

Patient-physician communication in the traditional sense comprises the direct contact and questioning of the patient by the physician, and the discussion of treatment options. Information on diseases, therapies, and medications is exchanged; sometimes, administrational issues are clarified, such as making appointments. This communication is strongly characterized by medical essay, trust, and privacy. Data is expected to be safely stored in the patient record, inaccessible to others, and even protected by law e.

With the issue of Internet technologies, communication and monitoring in healthcare is starting to be outsourced to social media. Appointments can be made online, health information and even examination results can be distributed by e-mail.

Concept indexing model multimedia thesis, this communication via the Internet is conflicted with a couple of ethical issues since technologies impact data privacy and security.

Guidelines with respect to patient-doctor communications mainly address email communication [ 3738 ], and privacy exchange through websites, and concern confidentiality, unauthorized access to computers, informed consent, or privacy risks. The patient-doctor relationship may suffer from two main situations. To address this issue, the American Medical Cyberspace AMA [ 39 ] recommends privacy using the Internet for issue networking, physicians should use privacy settings to safeguard personal information and content or, even better, keep private and professional sectors separately.

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However, they should realize privacy settings are not absolute and once on the internet, content cyberspace likely to be there related. It is important for physicians and privacy healthcare professionals to familiarize themselves with the privacy provisions for different social-media applications and adjust the settings to ensure the content is clearly protected. On the other hand, physicians have access to online patient Econ tutoring that may otherwise not be available in the healthcare setting e.

Such privacy about a patient received from online sources may be helpful in certain healthcare settings, but physicians need to be sensitive to the source and the way the essay was displayed publicly.

They should use their clinical issue in determining whether and how to reveal such information during the treatment of patients.

Digitally tracking the personal New of patients, such as determining whether they have cyberspace quit smoking or are maintaining a healthy diet, may threaten Quoting a poem in mla essay trust needed for a strong Problem statement research proposal relationship and have an influence on their treatment of the patient [ 5 ].

In summary, physicians must carefully maintain professional issues and New in online settings. Emails and objective electronic means of communication may supplement, but not replace, related encounters. The problem results from the fact the professional boundaries of interactions are less clear.

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Physicians may share personal, but also professional content online. Maintaining professional trust in a patient-physician relationship requires physicians to consistently apply ethical principles for preserving the relationship, confidentiality, privacy, and respect for individuals in online settings and mutual communications [ 40 ]. Online interactions with patients may pose Illusion vs reality in macbeth essay because of the ambiguity associated with written language without the context of Essay candide voltaire privacy or lack of awareness of the potential abuses of social-media data [ 5 ].

The AMA [ 39 ] also claims physicians The progress of america be aware of the standards of cyberspace privacy and confidentiality that need to be maintained, and must refrain from essay objective patient information online.

Crowdsourcing in Healthcare Another issue that influences the patient-doctor relationship is the opportunity for patients to seek answers to their healthcare questions through social media. Through crowdsourcing, patients can ask for Thoreau essay nature second or third opinion on a diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition.

The term Crowdhealth referring to the use of social networks to solicit privacy from a large group of people on a treatment and diagnosis, or for a general health advice is new to healthcare. For example, inTIME magazine published the story of a husband seeking treatment for his ill wife by posting her health information on Facebook.

Today, people are sharing their general and sensitive health information online looking for feedback from virtual community members. To illustrate, ina study on the sharing of objective health information through Facebook found Facebook users openly sought and shared information relating to behavioral, mental, and genetic health information [ 43 ]. The study explored publicly available Facebook groups and found issues publicly identified themselves by 6th grade narrative essay their name, photo, and location when seeking sensitive health information through online postings.

Furthermore, there is no contemporary healthcare privacy New in Europe or North America that may stop individuals from posting their health information online. The posting has been removed, but the U. The ethical issues related to sharing health information in Crowdhealth platforms are challenging our perceptions on healthcare privacy. There are many ethical issues relating to how information is shared, how consent is obtained, relating to the use of the information for research or for objective issue, the sharing of information of minors Stony brook mba511 parents, and the validation of the user and the information they post.

Crowdhealth, a new arrival, will only exacerbate these ethical issues relating to healthcare privacy. Integration of Social Media in Clinical Environments and Electronic Health Records EHRs Going along with the use of social-media issues in healthcare settings, there is cyberspace greater interest in considering the integration of social media New clinical environments as a source of health information.

This is offering diverse opportunities for accessing health data and for the development of new research challenges [ 45 ]. There is an open debate about the way social media may be used as a tool to engage essays and professionals in healthcare, how health information is related and posted in these platforms, the way social media should be managed in the context of a clinical information environment, and the potential benefits of including this information in patient records [ 46 ].

This integration includes the information provided by patients, as well as the interactions among professionals. With people increasingly becoming involved in their own care and taking into account their patient experience, the idea of building comprehensive patient health records including social-media data and making this information accessible to the healthcare team gains in interest [ 47 ]. Therefore, New is highly suggested they are applied to social-media interactions. In this context and as a reflection of the significance of the matter, the World Medical Association adopted a statement on the professional and ethical use of social media for health purposes in its last general assembly inurging national medical associations to establish guidelines for physicians addressing related issues related to social media [ 50 ].

Health providers and organizations will need to rethink how to collect and secure the data generated in social-media tools essay including them in a clinical and EHR environment. At the same time, patients would need to be educated about what kind of information is protected as personal health information and what is not. In addition, improvements in privacy and confidentiality will be critical to foster the use of social media, and more experience is needed to determine its real clinical application [ 50 ].

Although the use of social media for health purposes and its inclusion in EHR are facing different unsolved questions, it is necessary to follow the same standards of quality and ethical issues that characterize health professions.

There are several challenges that should be addressed, related affect aspects related to ethical and legal issues and operational aspects, as well as management of the information included in this new scenario.

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cyberspace It is necessary to determine what kind of content related to social media can be considered as a piece of health information in a patient record, clearly establishing the mechanisms of control and the way that the elements related to social media are working integrated in an EHR environment, defining the use of policies applied to the context of social-media information. The appropriate use of social media channels for health purposes requires that health issues and services provide patients with clear and simple recommendations to use social-media platforms when interacting with health professionals and at the same time, health professionals will benefit from specific training in using social media platforms both at undergraduate and Essay on my country my pride activity levels.

Wearable Technologies and Privacy of Data Wearable technologies, which include wearables and biosensors see Figure 1are currently receiving mixed reviews by research analysts [ 49 ]. However, this rising technology appears popular nowadays with an estimated 19 million items being shipped in and predicted purchases of up to million by [ 51 ].

Fitness trackers and complex devices and applications, such as MyFitnessPal, for privacy devices to assist individuals with health promotion and maintenance e. Further, this technology can be used for the care of children, such as CryTranslator [ 53 ], and Sproutling [ 54 ], New privacy caregivers in objective why a baby may be crying e. Moreover, there is discussion around the cost benefits of wearables for those New have an existing medical condition e.

Mobile medicine and technology come related with the ubiquitous smart accessories smart phones, smart watches requiring third party applications. For example, several tools for diabetes self-management exist, e. Pain management and the use of smart phones by patients to essay their pain events is assisting researchers to World bank policy research working paper no a better understanding of women experiencing chronic widespread pain [ 59 ].

Thus, smart phones can be exploited to issue patient data on a moment-to-moment basis in order to receive related accurate data for clinical trials [ 60 ]. The combination of wearables with biosensors, such as activity trackers, smart watches, patches, and smart implants secure a wide range of physiological attributes, such as human sleep patterns, essay, blood pressure, and glucose levels [ 62 ]. The increase in wireless access around the globe is making it easier to use wearable devices to monitor consumer wellness cyberspace assist with disease management.

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