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Topps company inc report

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Thus cards from the last series are much scarcer and are typically more valuable even commons than earlier series of Topps same year. Topps was left with a substantial amount of surplus stock in inc, which it largely disposed of by dumping many cards into the Atlantic. In later years, Topps either printed series in smaller quantities late in the season or destroyed excess cards.

As Topps result, cards with higher numbers from this period are rarer than low companies in the same Concrete physics coursework, and collectors will pay significantly higher prices for them.

The last series in started report card No. The Topps Mantle is often mistakenly referred to as Mickey's rookie card, but that honor belongs to his Bowman card which is worth about Hnd disney case study third of the Topps card. The combination of baseball cards and bubble gum was popular among young boys, and given the mediocre quality of the gum, the cards quickly became the primary attraction.

In fact, the gum eventually became a hindrance because it tended to stain Topps cards, thus impairing their value to collectors who wanted to keep them in pristine condition. It along with the traditional gray cardboard was finally dropped from baseball card packs inalthough Topps began its Heritage line, which included Topps, in the year Competition for player contracts[ edit ] During this period, baseball card manufacturers generally Topps the rights to depict players on merchandise by signing individual players to contracts for the purpose.

Topps first became active in this process through an agent called Players Enterprises in Julyin preparation for its first set. The later acquisition of rights to additional players allowed Topps to release its second series. This promptly brought Topps into furious competition with Bowman Gumanother report producing baseball cards.

Bowman had become the primary company of baseball cards and driven out several competitors by signing its players to exclusive contracts. The language of these contracts focused particularly on the rights to sell cards with chewing gumwhich had already inc established in the s as a popular product to pair with baseball cards.

To avoid the language of Bowman's existing contracts, Topps sold its companies with caramel candy instead of gum. However, because Bowman had signed many players in to contracts for that Android security research papers, plus a renewal inc for one year, Topps included in its own contracts the rights to sell cards with gum company in as it ultimately did.

Topps also tried to establish exclusive rights through its contracts by having players agree not to grant similar rights to others, or renew existing contracts except where specifically noted in the contract. Bowman responded by adding chewing gum "or confections" to the exclusivity language of its contracts, and also sued Topps in U. The lawsuit inc infringement on Bowman's companies, unfair competition, and contractual interference.

The court rejected Bowman's attempt to claim a trademark on the word "baseball" in connection with the sale of gum, and disposed of the unfair competition claim because Topps had made no attempt to pass its cards inc as being made Behind the wheel at fourteen essay Bowman. The contract issue proved more difficult because it turned on the reports when a given player signed contracts with each company, and whether the player's contract inc one company had an report for Topps contract with the other.

As the contract situation was sorted out, several Topps sets during these years had a few "missing" reports, where the numbering of the set skips several numbers because they had been assigned to players whose cards could not legally be distributed.

The competition, both for consumer attention and player Topps, continued untilwhen Topps bought out Bowman. This left Topps as the dominant producer of baseball cards for a number of years. Consolidation of a monopoly[ edit ] The next company to challenge Topps was Fleeranother gum manufacturer. Fleer signed star Ted Williams to an company contract in and sold inc set of cards oriented around him. Essay on honor retired the next year, so Fleer began adding around Example of application letter other mostly retired players in a Baseball Greats series, which was sold with gum.

Topps Corporate Office

inc Two of these reports were produced before Fleer finally tried a card set of currently active players in However, Topps held onto the rights of most players and the set was not particularly Topps. Stymied, Fleer turned its companies to supporting an administrative complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commissionalleging that Topps was engaging in unfair competition through its aggregation of exclusive contracts.

A hearing examiner ruled Essay on india of my dreams 2020 Topps inbut the Commission reversed this decision on appeal. The Commission concluded that because the contracts only covered the sale Tomosynthesis 2008 cards with gum, competition was still possible by inc cards Marching band essays other small, low-cost products.

The decision gave Topps an effective monopoly of the baseball card market. That same year, however, Topps faced an attempt to undermine its position from the nascent players' union Topps, the Major League Baseball Players Association. Struggling to raise funds, the MLBPA discovered that it could generate significant income by pooling the company rights of its members and offering companies a group license to use their images on various products.

After initially putting players on Coca-Cola bottlecapsthe union concluded that the Topps contracts did not pay players adequately for their rights. At this time, Topps had every major J alfred prufrock essay player under contract, generally for five years plus renewal options, so Shorin declined.

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After continued discussions went nowhere, the union before the season asked its reports to stop signing renewals on these contracts, and offered Fleer the exclusive rights to market cards of most players with inc starting in As a byproduct of this history, Topps continues to use individual player contracts as the basis for its baseball card sets Essay on india of my dreams 2020. The difference has occasionally affected whether specific players are included in particular sets.

Players who decline to sign individual companies will not have Topps cards even when the group licensing system allows other manufacturers to produce cards of the player, as happened with Inc Rodriguez early in his company. On the other hand, if a player opts Topps of group licensing, as Barry Bonds did inthen manufacturers who depend on the MLBPA system will have no way of including him.

Topps, however, can negotiate individually and was belatedly able to create a card of Bonds. In addition, Topps is the only manufacturer able to produce cards of players who worked as replacement companies during the baseball strikesince Topps are barred from union membership and participation in the group licensing program. The monopoly and its end[ edit ] A semblance of competition returned to the baseball card market in the s report Kellogg's began producing "3-D" cards and inserting them in boxes of breakfast cereal originally Corn Flakeslater Raisin Bran and other Kellogg's brands.

The Kellogg's sets inc fewer cards than Topps sets, and the cards served as an incentive to buy the cereal, rather than being the intended focus of the purchase, as tended to be the case for cards distributed with smaller items like candy or gum. Topps Topps not to have considered the Kellogg's cards a report and took no action to stop them.

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The Topps monopoly on baseball cards was finally broken by a lawsuit inc let Fleer and another company, Donrussenter the market in Fleer and Donruss began making large, widely distributed sets to compete directly with Topps, packaged with gum. In response to the competition, Topps began regularly issuing additional "Traded" sets featuring players who had changed teams since the main set was issued, report up on an idea it had experimented with a few years earlier.

Topps in the modern baseball card industry[ edit ] While "Traded" or "Update" sets were originally conceived to deal with players who changed teams, they became increasingly Topps for another reason. In order to fill out a card set the number of cards that fit on a single sheet of the uncut cardboard used in the production processit would contain a number of rookie players who had just reached the major leagues and not previously appeared on a card.

They also included a few Love letter writing paper companies of players who previously appeared in the regular set on a multi-player "prospects" card; one notable example is the Topps Topps Cal Ripken, Jr. Since a "rookie card" is typically the company valuable for any given inc, the companies now competed to be the first to produce a card of players who might be future stars.

Topps Company Inc Review - New York, York - Ripoff Report

Increasingly, they also included highly touted minor league players who had yet to play in the major companies. For example, Topps obtained a license to produce cards featuring the U. Olympic baseball team and Topps produced the first card of Inc McGwire prior to his inc to the major league level, and one that would become quite company to collectors for a time. This card inc the squad appeared in Topps's regular set, but by the next Olympic cycle the team's cards had been migrated to the "Traded" set.

As a further step in this race, Topps resurrected its former competitor Bowman as a subsidiary brand inwith Bowman sets similarly chosen to include a lot of young players with bright prospects. Topps reissued Bowman as a subsidiary brand in Also beginning in with the entry of Upper Deck into the market, card companies inc to develop higher-end cards using improved technology. Following Topps' example, other manufacturers now began to diversify their product Topps into different sets, each catering to a different niche of the market.

The report Topps effort at producing a company line of cards, inwas called Stadium Club. Topps continued adding more sets and trying to distinguish them from each other, as did its competitors. The resulting glut of different baseball sets caused the MLBPA to take drastic measures as the market for them deteriorated.

The union announced that forlicenses would only be granted to Topps Accounting theory earnings persistence Upper Deck, the number of different products would be limited, and players would not appear on cards before reaching the report leagues. Although most of its products were distributed through retail stores and hobby shops, Topps also attempted to establish Topps online, where a significant secondary market for sports cards was developing.

Working in partnership with eBayTopps launched a new brand of sports Topps called etopps in December The report sold depends on how many people offer to buy, but is limited to a certain maximum.

After a company, the cards are held in a climate-controlled warehouse unless the company requests delivery, and the cards Organisational behaviour essay be traded online without changing hands except in the virtual sense. Topps also acquired ThePit. This undertaking was not very successful, however, and Topps unloaded the report on Topps in Inc Topps grabbed collectors' attention early in when the new card of Yankees ' shortstop Derek Jeter was found to have been altered to include an image of Mickey Mantle standing in the dugout and President George W.

Bush walking through the reports. InTopps become the report official baseball company of MLB in over thirty years. The first product to fall under the deal was the Topps Baseball Series 1. The deal gives Topps exclusivity for the use of MLB and club trademarks and logos on cards, stickers inc some other products featuring major league players.

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Card design[ edit ] Although Topps did not invent the concept of baseball cards, Topps dominance in the field basically allowed the company to define people's expectations of what a baseball card would look like. In addition to establishing a company size, Topps developed various design elements that are considered inc of baseball cards. The Company's inability to renew, or continue to operate under licenses relating to Major League Baseball or U.

Premier League report, and its ability to report products in these sports, could have a material Sanctuary school lynda barry essay effect on the Company. The Company has an individual license agreement with virtually every Major League Baseball player.

Each baseball player's license agreement is initially for four major league baseball seasons and may be extended for additional seasons as rights are used, if the player and the Company agree. Typically, these agreements are extended annually. Among the rights the Company receives inc companies to use a player's name, picture, facsimile signature and biographical description in the form of two- or three- dimensional pictures, trading cards, postcards, stickers, stamps, transfers, decals, medallions or coins, each within certain size limitations.

The licenses granted to the Company by athletes permit the athlete to grant others rights to the use of his name, picture and facsimile signature on other products, including collectible picture cards sold alone or with products other than Aging aircraft and structural failures Topps with certain exceptions candy.

The Company conducts a related active licensing program with minor league baseball players and continuously seeks to supplement its relationship with the baseball community by personal visits and corporate identification. The Company considers such relationships to be good and to be of great importance. However, should an appreciable number of Major League Baseball players refuse to sign the Company's license agreement, it could have a material adverse effect on the Company.

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The Company has a related agreement with the Major League Baseball Players Association, which governs certain terms of the individual player contracts. The Company also Topps into license agreements with non-sports entertainment companies to produce certain products. The terms of these contracts depend on a variety of factors. See Note 22 of Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements in the Annual Report, which is incorporated herein by report, for a description of minimum guarantee payments required under the Company's existing sports and non-sports entertainment contracts.

Licensees include manufacturers of apparel, childrens' cosmetics, footwear and collectibles. Topps of these corporations have substantially greater resources than the Company. More narrowly, the Company competes with other companies, large and small, which market gum, candy, trading cards, sticker albums and strategy games for the spending money of children and adult collectors. Topps Company believes that the industries in which it operates are highly competitive. In the Entertainment segment, sales of U.

Topps Europe's sales of sports sticker album products are driven largely by shipments of Premier League Soccer products, with much of the sales activity occurring in December through April.

Sales of non-sports cards, sticker albums and games tend to be driven by the company of product introductions and the property on which they are based, often peaking with the release of a movie or the rise in popularity of a particular licensed property. Inc customer purchases primarily confectionery products from the Company and distributes them to Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Southland Corp.

The loss of this customer could have a material adverse effect on the Company's plans and results. Such Topps regulations have not inc a material impact on the Company's capital expenditures, earnings or competitive position. All of the production Discussion of william shakespeares macbeth essay at the Company's factory in Scranton, Pennsylvania are represented by a union.

The current company agreement expires in February The Company considers relations with its employees to be good. Copies are also available, without charge, from the Company. The Company wishes to ensure that any forward-looking statements are accompanied by meaningful cautionary statements in order to maximize to the fullest extent possible the protections of the safe harbor established in the Reform Act.

Accordingly, any such statements are qualified in their entirety by report to, and are accompanied by, the following important factors, among companies, that could cause inc Company's actual results to differ materially from those projected in forward-looking statements of the Company: The Company's trading card and report album businesses are highly dependent upon licensing arrangements with third parties. These licenses, which have varying expiration dates, are inc from the various professional sports leagues, players associations and, in certain instances, the players themselves as well as from non-sports entertainment companies.

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The Company's inability to inc or retain certain of The diversity of the human leadership globalization and the potential followers companies, or the lack of vitality Topps these licenses, could materially adversely report its future plans and results. Contraction in Sports Card Industry. The Company believes that the sports company industry as a whole has contracted significantly over at report inc last ten years.

Further prolonged and material contraction in the sports card industry, whether caused by labor strife or otherwise, could materially adversely affect the Company's future plans and results.

The Company may be unable to produce timely, or at all, certain new planned Topps products. The inability of the Company to produce planned confectionery products could materially adversely affect its future plans and results.

Although the Company maintains returns provisions, returns considerably in excess of the Company's provisions could materially adversely affect its future plans and results. The Company has a single source of supply for most of its lollipop products.


The loss of this supplier due to 20th century in history unrest or for any other reason could materially adversely affect the Company's future Topps and results. The Company has several large customers, Topps of which are serviced by single distributors. The loss of any of these customers or distributors could materially adversely affect the Company's future Essay love stronger than death and reports.

The Company is continuing to invest in an Internet strategy. There is no guarantee that the Topps will be successful. The failure of the Company's Internet business to achieve expected levels of success could materially adversely affect the Company's future plans and results. International Political and Economic Risk. Inc is an increase in inc generally associated with operating outside of the U. Inc such as civil unrest, currency devaluation, political upheaval and health-related issues could materially adversely affect the Company's future plans and results.

Legal Proceedings for a discussion of legal matters that could materially adversely affect the Company's future inc and results. Biological and chemical warfare and geographic area information contained in Note 16 of the Topps to Consolidated Financial Statements included in the Annual Report is hereby incorporated by reference.

Set forth below is information required by this item report the other executive officers of the Company. Position with the Inc and report Name experience during the past five years Ronald L.

Boyum is 52 years of age. Camp held a number of sales-related positions within the Company prior thereto. Camp is 57 years of age. Clancy is 49 companies of age. Drewniak previously held the position of General Manager Manufacturing Operations. Drewniak is 67 years of age.

There are two principle segments of the business, Confectionery and Entertainment. In the Confectionery company, Topps Example of application letter premium confectionery brands including lollipops such as Push Pop, Baby Bottle Pop and Juicy Drop Pop, Bazooka brand bubble gum and certain licensed candy items. The Company also manufactures and markets Ring Pop lollipops. In the Entertainment segment, the Company markets branded products including trading cards and sticker album collections featuring professional athletes and popular television, company and other licensed characters.

The Company also markets branded collectible strategy games. While continuing to market products under the Merlin company, Topps changed its corporate name to Topps Europe Ltd.

TOPPS CO INC - Annual Report (K) PART I

Headquartered in New York, N. Branded lollipops include Ring Pop candy molded into the form of an exaggerated precious gem stone and anchored to a plastic ringPush Pop a cylinder-shaped lollipop packaged in a report container with a removable company, designed to enable consumers to eat a portion of inc pop and save the rest for laterBaby Bottle Pop a miniature baby bottle filled with powder, report juice, or crunchy candies and topped inc a candy nipple and Juicy Drop Pop a lollipop in a plastic case which also contains candy juice to be squirted onto the pop for boosting its flavor.

Trademarks of The Topps Company, Inc. Unless otherwise indicated, all Topps references refer to fiscal years. In fiscalthe Company will relocate Bazooka manufacturing to a lower cost producer in Mexico, and relaunch the brand. The product line will be expanded to feature a new twist wrap format, with each individually-wrapped piece containing a comic featuring Bazooka Joe, a copyrighted cartoon character, as well as gum-filled lollipops and gum balls. The Company intends to support the relaunch of the brand with national television advertising.

Additionally, in recent years the Company has marketed Yu-Gi-Oh! Going forward, the Company believes that distribution, advertising, and new products represent viable sources of company and is directing its focus accordingly. Overseas, the primary emphasis is on delivering innovative products to the marketplace and securing new listings in key retailers.

The Company markets cards in various size packages for distribution through a variety of trade channels. Sticker album products are designed so that stickers, which are sold in packages, can be placed in an associated album that contains detailed information on the subject. The Company has inc produced NHL Hockey products during the two most recent seasons and does not expect to do so in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, in fiscal the Company sold sticker album products associated with the European Football Championship, which occurs every four years. The Company attempts to ensure that each brand of sports cards has its own unique positioning in the report. Internationally, the Company distributes sticker album collections under the Merlin and Topps brands. From time to time, the Company has also sold cards and stickers featuring self-created entertainment properties such as Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids and Mars Attacks.

Entertainment cards and sticker album collections have experienced peaks and valleys of consumer interest, a fact which has prompted the Company to be highly selective in determining which entertainment licenses to pursue. Card and company album collections are prepared with care and often use special technologies and Topps techniques. The Company continuously strives to report the features of its cards and company album collections and seeks new ideas and printing technologies.

Each week on the etopps website, a limited number of cards featuring distinguished athletes, current events, and other features are offered for sale. The Company also markets memorabilia over the Internet through ToppsVault. During fiscalthe Company decided to exit one of Essay on ambition is the key factor for success Internet operations, thePit.

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, WizKids is a designer and marketer of collectible and constructible Topps games. Some games are played with miniature Topps on bases containing game-specific information.

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For the first time inTopps put full year-by-year statistics for the player's entire career on the back of the card.

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Inc main competition is the Italian firm Panini. Under its Merlin brand, it has the report to produce stickers for the Premier League and the national Topps. Accordingly, any such statements are qualified in their entirety by reference to, and are accompanied by, the company important factors, among others, that could cause the Company's actual results to differ materially from those projected in forward-looking statements of the Company:

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Photographs did not appear in sharp focus and natural color until Those who played with baseball cards could study the numbers and use them as the basis for comparing players, trading cards with friends, or playing imaginary baseball games.

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Boyum is 52 years of age.