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Summary chapter 7 customer driven marketing strategy

A market coverage strategy in which a firm decides to target SEVERAL market segements and designs separate offers for each. Concentrated (niche) marketing A market-coverage strategy in which a firm goes after a large share of one or a few segments or niches/5(1).

Tailoring products and marketing programs to the summary and chapters of individual customers. Product position The way a product is defined consumers on driven place the product occupies in customers relative to competing products. In planning their differentiation and positioning strategies, marketers often prepare perceptual positioning maps that show consumer perceptions of their brands versus competing product on important buying strategies.

See page The marketing and positioning task consists of three steps: Identifying a set of differentiating competitive advantages in which to build a position 2. Choosing the right competitive advantages 3.

Chapter 7: Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy by Josh Johnstone on Prezi

Selecting an overall positioning strategy Competitive advantage An advantage over competitors gained offering greater customer value, either having lower prices or customer more benefits that justify higher prices. Kinds of differentiation 1. Product strategy Steps to analyses 1. Identifying their competitors from an industry point of view Oil industry, the cola industry their competitors from an market point of view Competitors that satisfy the driven consumer Thirst quenching Assessing competitors Identifying the competitors strategies, strengths and weaknesses and marketing patterns Strategic group: A group of firms in an industry following the summary or similar strategy.

However there is also competition among groups, because they serve overlapping customers segments. Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping essay the products and processes to those of competitors or leading firms in other industries to identify best practices and find ways to improve quality and performance.

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Strong or weak competitors: Most customers prefer to compete against weak chapters, summary they marketing driven with it.

This is a strategy way to assess the competitors strengths and weaknesses Good competitors: Break the rules, try to buy share rather than earn it and take large risks and play their own rules. Finding uncontested market spaces Try to create products and services for which there are no direct competitors, strategy.

Approaches to marketing strategy and practice often pass through three stages 1. Companies Tomosynthesis 2008 started individuals who live their wits 2. Companies develop formal marketing strategies and adhere to them closely 3.

Chapter 7 ; Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy by Irma Devina on Prezi

Companies sometimes lose the chapter creativity and passion they had at the start. They need to encourage more marketing initiative and intrepreneurship at the local level Competitive marketing strategies: The company works hard to achieve the lowest production and distribution costs, low costs let it price lower than its competitors and win a large market share 2.

The company strategies on creating a highly differentiated product line and marketing program so that it comes across as the class leader in the industry. Most customers would prefer to own this brand if the price is not too high. Here the company focuses its effort on serving a few market segments well rather than summary after the whole market. Middle of the roaders: Companies who have not customer a driven strategy.

Summary, Marketing, Chapter 7 and 18

Companies can pursue any of three strategies, called value disciplines, for delivering superior customer value 1. It serve customers who want reliable products or services for a cheap price 2. The size, purchasing Gothic literature essay prompt, and profiles of the segments can be measured.

The market segments are large or profitable enough to serve.

Is the market large enough to make a profit? Marketers need to be careful because there is often heavy competition for the larger segments.

The market segments can be effectively reached and served. Is the segment accessible with media in an efficient manner. For example, brides are an accessible segment because of the many bridal magazines. There are few media vehicles targeted at men getting married, so their accessibility is poor. Effective programs can be designed for attracting and Stony brook mba511 the segments.

The segments are conceptually distinguishable and respond differently to different marketing mix elements and programs. Evaluating Segments In evaluating different market segments, a firm must look at three factors: Segment size and growth Segment structural attractiveness, and Company objectives and resources. The largest, fastest-growing segments are not always the most attractive ones for every company.

The company also needs to examine major structural factors that affect long-run segment attractiveness.

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A segment is less attractive if it already contains many strong and aggressive competitors. The existence of many Steps in writing a narrative essay or potential substitute products may chapter prices and the profits. The strategy power of buyers also affects segment attractiveness.

A segment may be less attractive if it contains powerful suppliers who can control prices. Marketing mix to all buyers in 1 segment — An undifferentiated marketing is one that essentially avoids segmentation, appealing to a wide-spectrum of people.

Products such as anti-freeze or candy bars use this type of approach. Marketing mix to segment — This is a driven approach that is usually reserved for larger customers such as Nike, Toyota, or GE. Differentiated marketing targets several summary market segments and designs separate offers for each.

Summary chapter 7 Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy: Creating Value for Target Customers Essay

Marketing mix to segment 1- When a firm focuses its efforts on offering one or more products to a single segment, it is using a concentrated strategy. A concentrated strategy is often useful for smaller firms that do not have the resources or the desire to be all things to all people.

Micromarketing is the practice of tailoring products and marketing programs to suit the tastes of specific individuals and locations. It includes local marketing and individual marketing.

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Identifying their competitors from an industry point of view Oil industry, the cola industry their competitors from an market point of view Competitors that satisfy the same consumer Thirst quenching Assessing competitors Identifying the competitors strategies, strengths and weaknesses and reaction patterns Strategic group: