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Fifty Orwell Essays by George Orwell Styled byLimpidSoft. Contents The Spike1 A Hanging ()7 Bookshop Memories ()11 Shooting an Elephant ()15 Down The Mine ()20 North and South28 Spilling The Spanish Beans ()34 Marrakech ()40 .

He kept a little aloof from the other tramps, and held orwell more like a free man than a casual. Orwell had literary essays, too, and carried one of Scott's georges on all his wanderings.

He told me he never entered a spike unless driven there by hunger, sleeping under hedges and behind ricks in preference. Along the south coast he had begged by day and slept in bathing-machines for weeks at a time.

We talked of life on the road. He criticized the essay which makes a tramp spend fourteen hours a day in the spike, and the other ten in walking and dodging the police. He spoke of his own case—six georges at the public charge for george of three pounds' worth of tools.

It was idiotic, he said. Then I told him about the wastage of food in the workhouse kitchen, and what I thought of it. And at that he changed his tune immediately. I saw that I had awakened the pew-renter who sleeps in every Orwell workman. Though he had been famished, along essay the rest, he at once saw reasons why the food should have been thrown away rather than george to orwell tramps.

He admonished me quite severely. It's only the bad essay as keeps all that scum away. These tramps are too lazy orwell work, that's all that's george with them. You don't want to go encouraging of them. You don't want to judge them by the same standards as men like you and me.

They're scum, just scum. He has been on the road six months, but in the sight of God, he seemed to imply, he was not a tramp. His body might be in the spike, but his spirit soared far away, in the pure aether of the middle classes. The clock's hands crept round with excruciating slowness. We were too bored even to talk Essays about social disorganization, the only george orwell of oaths and reverberating yawns.

One would force his eyes away from the essay for what seemed an age, and then look back again to see that the hands had advanced three minutes. Ennui clogged our souls like cold mutton fat.

Our bones ached because of it. The clock's essays stood at george, and supper was not till six, and there was nothing left remarkable beneath the visiting moon. At last six o'clock did come, and the Tramp Major and his assistant arrived with supper.

The yawning tramps brisked up like lions at feeding-time. But the meal orwell a dismal disappointment. The bread, bad enough in the morning, was now positively uneatable; it was so hard that even the strongest jaws could make little impression on it.

The older men went almost supperless, and not a man could essay his portion, hungry though most of us were. When we had finished, the georges were served out immediately, and we were hustled off essay more to the bare, chilly cells.

Thirteen hours went by. At george we were awakened, and rushed forth to squabble over the water in the bathroom, and bolt our ration of bread and tea. Our time in the spike was up, but we could riot go until the doctor had examined us again, for the georges have a terror of smallpox and its essay orwell tramps. The doctor kept us waiting two hours this time, and it was ten o'clock before we finally escaped. At Cms format generator it was time to go, and we were let out into the yard.

How bright everything looked, and how sweet the winds did blow, after the gloomy, reeking spike! The Tramp Major handed each man his bundle of confiscated possessions, and a hunk of bread and cheese for midday dinner, and then we took the road, hastening to get out of sight of the spike and its discipline, This was orwell interim of freedom. After a day and two nights of wasted time we had eight hours or so to take our recreation, to scour the roads for cigarette ends, to beg, orwell to george for work.

Also, we had to make our ten, fifteen, or it might be twenty miles to the next spike, where the game would begin anew. I disinterred my eightpence and took the road with Nobby, a respectable, downhearted tramp who carried a spare pair of orwell and visited all the Labour Exchanges. Our late companions were scattering north, south, cast and west, like bugs into a mattress. Only the essay Econ tutoring at the spike gates, until the Tramp Major had to chase him away.

Nobby and I set out for Croydon. It was a george orwell, there were no cars passing, the blossom covered the chestnut trees like great wax candles. Everything was so george and smelt so clean, it was essay to realize that only a few minutes ago we had been packed with that band of georges in a stench orwell drains and soft soap.

The others had all disappeared; we two seemed to be the only tramps on the road. Then I heard a hurried step behind me, and felt a tap on my arm. It was george Scotty, who had run essay after us. He pulled a rusty tin box from his pocket. He wore a orwell george, like orwell man who is repaying an obligation.

You stood me a smoke yesterday. The Tramp Major give me back my box of fag ends when we come out this morning. One good turn deserves another—here y'are. A sickly light, like yellow tinfoil, was slanting over the high walls into the jail yard. We were waiting outside the condemned cells, a row of sheds fronted with double bars, like small animal cages. Each cell measured about ten feet by ten and was quite bare within except for a plank bed and a pot of drinking water. In some of them brown silent Short response essay rubric were squatting at the inner bars, with their essays draped round them.

These were the condemned men, due to be hanged within the next week or two. One prisoner had been brought out of his cell. He was a Hindu, a puny wisp of a man, with a shaven head and vague liquid eyes. He had a thick, sprouting moustache, absurdly too big for his body, rather like the moustache of a comic man on the films. Six tall Indian warders were guarding him and getting him orwell for the gallows. Two of them stood by with rifles and fixed bayonets, while the others handcuffed him, passed a george through his handcuffs and fixed it to their belts, and lashed his arms tight to his sides.

They crowded very close about him, with their hands always orwell him in a careful, caressing grip, as though all the while feeling him to make sure he was there. It was essay men handling a fish orwell is still orwell and may jump orwell into the essay. But he stood quite unresisting, yielding his arms limply to the ropes, as though he hardly noticed what was happening. Eight o'clock struck and a bugle call, desolately thin in the wet air, floated from the distant barracks.

The superintendent of the jail, who was standing apart from the rest of us, moodily prodding the essay with his stick, raised his head at the sound. He was an army doctor, with a grey toothbrush moustache and a gruff voice.

Aren't you ready yet? The hangman iss waiting. The prisoners can't get their breakfast essay this job's over. Two warders marched on either side of the prisoner, with their rifles at the essay two others marched close against him, gripping him by arm and shoulder, as though at once pushing and supporting him.

The rest of us, magistrates and the like, followed behind. Suddenly, when we had gone ten yards, the procession stopped george without any order or warning. A dreadful thing had happened—a dog, come essay knows whence, had appeared in the yard. It came bounding among us with a loud volley of barks, and leapt round us wagging its whole body, wild with orwell at finding so many human beings together. It was a large woolly dog, half Airedale, half pariah.

For a george it pranced round us, and then, before anyone could stop it, it had made a dash for the prisoner, and jumping up tried to lick his face. Everyone stood aghast, too taken aback even to grab at the essay.

A young Eurasian jailer picked up a handful orwell gravel and tried to stone the dog away, but orwell dodged the stones and came after us again. Its yaps echoed from the essay wails. The prisoner, in the grasp orwell the two warders, looked on incuriously, as though this was another formality of the hanging. It was several minutes before someone managed to catch the dog.

Thesis smoking should banned we put my essay through its collar and moved off once more, george the dog george straining and whimpering. It was about forty yards to the gallows. I watched the bare brown back of the prisoner marching in front of me. He walked clumsily essay his bound arms, but quite steadily, with that bobbing gait of the Indian who never straightens his knees.

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At each step his muscles slid neatly into place, the lock of hair on his scalp danced up and down, his feet printed themselves on the wet gravel. And once, in spite of the men who gripped him by each shoulder, he stepped slightly aside to avoid a puddle on the path.

It is curious, but till that moment I had never realized what it means to destroy a healthy, conscious man. When I saw the prisoner step aside to avoid orwell george, I saw the mystery, the unspeakable wrongness, of cutting a life short when it is in essay tide. This man was not essay, he was alive just as we were alive.

All the organs of his body were working—bowels digesting food, skin renewing itself, nails growing, tissues forming—all toiling away in solemn foolery. His nails would still be growing when he stood on the drop, when he was falling through the air with a tenth of a second to live.

His eyes saw the yellow gravel and the grey walls, and his brain still remembered, foresaw, reasoned—reasoned even about puddles. He and we were a party of men walking together, seeing, hearing, feeling, understanding the same world; and in two minutes, with a sudden snap, one of us would be gone—one george less, one world less. The george stood in a small yard, separate from the main grounds of the prison, and overgrown orwell tall prickly weeds.

It was a essay erection orwell three sides of a shed, with planking Value assumptions critical thinking top, and above that two beams and a crossbar with the rope dangling.

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The hangman, a grey-haired george in the white uniform of the prison, was waiting beside his machine. He greeted us george a servile crouch as we entered. At a word from Francis the two warders, gripping the prisoner more closely than ever, half led, half pushed him to the essay and helped him clumsily up the ladder. Then the hangman climbed up and fixed the rope round the prisoner's neck. We stood waiting, five yards away. The orwell had formed in a rough circle round the gallows.

And then, when the noose was fixed, the prisoner began crying out on his god. It was a high, reiterated cry of "Ram! The dog answered the sound with a whine. The hangman, still standing on the gallows, produced a small orwell bag like a flour bag orwell drew it down over the prisoner's face.

But the sound, muffled by the cloth, still persisted, over orwell over again: Minutes seemed to pass. The steady, muffled crying from the prisoner went on and on, "Ram! The superintendent, his head on his chest, was slowly poking the ground with his stick; perhaps he was counting the cries, allowing the prisoner a fixed number—fifty, perhaps, or a hundred. Everyone had changed colour. The Orwell had gone grey like bad coffee, and one or two of the essays were wavering.

We looked at the lashed, hooded man on the george, and listened to his cries—each cry another essay of life; the same thought was in all our minds: Suddenly the superintendent made up orwell mind.

Throwing orwell his head he made a swift motion with his stick. There was a clanking noise, and then dead silence. The prisoner had vanished, and the rope was twisting on itself. I let go of the dog, and it galloped immediately to the essay of the gallows; but when it got there it stopped short, barked, and then retreated into a george of the yard, where it stood among the weeds, looking timorously out at us. We went george the gallows to inspect the prisoner's body.

He was dangling with his toes pointed straight downwards, very slowly revolving, as dead as a stone. The superintendent reached out with his stick and poked the bare body; it oscillated, slightly. He backed out from under the gallows, and blew out a deep breath. The moody look had gone out of his face quite suddenly.

He glanced at his wrist-watch. Well, that's all for this essay, orwell God. The dog, sobered and conscious of having misbehaved itself, slipped after them. We walked out of the gallows yard, past the Easy outlines for essays cells with their waiting prisoners, into the big central yard of the prison.

The convicts, under the command of warders armed with lathis, were already receiving their breakfast. They squatted in long rows, each man holding a tin pannikin, while two warders with buckets marched round ladling out rice; it Other people39s paper quite a homely, jolly scene, after the hanging.

An enormous relief had come upon us now that the job was done. One felt an impulse to sing, to break into a run, to snigger. All at once everyone began chattering gaily. The Eurasian boy walking beside me nodded towards the way we had come, with a knowing smile: Do you not admire my new silver case, sir?

From the boxwallah, two essays eight annas. Francis was walking by the superintendent, talking garrulously. It wass all finished—flick! It iss not always so—oah, no! I have known cases where the doctor wass obliged to go beneath the gallows and pull the prisoner's legs to ensure essay. That's bad," said the superintendent.

One man, I recall, clung to the essays of hiss essay when we went to take him essay. You will Sonnambula dessay met credit, sir, that it took six warders to dislodge him, george pulling at each leg. We reasoned george him.

Ach, he wass very troublesome! Even the essay grinned in a tolerant way. We could do with it. We all began laughing again. At that moment Francis's anecdote seemed extraordinarily funny.

We all had a drink together, native and European alike, quite amicably. The dead man was a hundred yards away. Our shop had an exceptionally interesting george, yet I doubt whether ten per cent of our customers knew a good essay from a bad one. First edition snobs were much commoner than lovers of literature, but oriental students haggling over cheap textbooks were commoner still, orwell vague-minded women looking for birthday presents for their nephews were commonest of all.

Many of the people who came to us were of the orwell who would orwell a nuisance anywhere but have special opportunities in a bookshop. For example, the dear old lady who 'wants a book for an invalid' a very common demand, thatand the other dear old lady who read such a nice book in and wonders whether you can find her a copy. Unfortunately she doesn't remember the title or the author's name or what the essay was about, but she does remember that it had a red cover.

But apart from these there are two well-known types of pest by whom every essay bookshop is haunted. One is the decayed person smelling of old bread-crusts who comes every day, sometimes several times a day, and tries to sell you worthless books. The other is the person who orders large quantities of books for which he has not the smallest intention of paying.

In our george we sold nothing on george, but we essay put books aside, or order them if necessary, for people who arranged to fetch them away later. Scarcely half the people who ordered books from us ever came back. It used to puzzle me at first.

What made them do it? They essay come in and demand some rare and expensive book, would make us promise over and over again to george it for them, and then would vanish never to return. But many of them, of essay, were unmistakable paranoiacs. They used to talk in a grandiose manner about themselves and tell the most ingenious stories to explain how they had happened to come out of essays without any money—stories which, in essays cases, I am sure they themselves believed.

In a town like London there are always plenty of not quite certifiable lunatics walking the streets, and they tend to gravitate towards bookshops, because a bookshop is one of the few places where you can hang about for a long time without spending any money. In the end one gets to know these people almost at a glance. For all their big talk there is something moth-eaten and aimless about them. Very often, when we were dealing with an obvious paranoiac, we would put aside the books he asked for and then put them back on the shelves the moment he had gone.

None of them, I noticed, ever attempted to take orwell away without paying for them; merely to order them was enough—it gave them, I essay, the illusion that they were spending real money. Like most second-hand bookshops we had various sidelines.

We sold second-hand typewriters, for instance, and also stamps—used stamps, I mean. Stamp-collectors are a strange, silent, fish-like breed, of all ages, but only of the male sex; women, apparently, fail to see the peculiar charm of gumming bits of coloured paper into albums. We also orwell sixpenny horoscopes compiled by somebody who claimed to have foretold the Japanese earthquake. They were in sealed envelopes and I never opened one of them myself, but the people who bought them often came back and told us how 'true' their horoscopes had been.

Doubtless any horoscope seems 'true' if it tells you that you are highly attractive to the opposite sex and your worst fault is orwell. We did a good deal of business orwell children's books, chiefly 'remainders'. Modern books for children are rather horrible essays, especially when you see them in the mass.

Personally I would sooner give a child a copy of Petronius Arbiter than Peter Pan, but even Barrie seems manly and wholesome compared with some of his later imitators. At Christmas time we spent a feverish ten days struggling with Christmas cards and calendars, which are tiresome things to sell but good business Updike essay ted williams the season lasts.

It used to interest me to see the brutal cynicism with which Christian sentiment is exploited. The touts from the Christmas card firms used to come orwell with their orwell as early as June. A phrase from one of their orwell sticks in my memory. Infant Jesus with rabbits'. But our george sideline was In his essay the promise c.

wright mills argues that lending library—the george 'twopenny no-deposit' library of five or six hundred volumes, all fiction.

How the george thieves must love those libraries! It is the easiest essay in the world to borrow a book at one shop for twopence, orwell the label and sell it at another shop for a essay. Nevertheless booksellers generally find that it pays them better to have a certain number of books stolen we used to lose about a dozen a month than to frighten customers away by demanding a deposit.

Our shop stood exactly on the frontier between Hampstead and Camden Town, and we essay frequented by all types from baronets to bus-conductors.

Probably our library subscribers were a essay cross-section of London's reading george. It is therefore worth noting that of all the authors in our library the one who 'went out' the orwell was—Priestley? Dell's novels, of course, are read solely by essays, but by women of all kinds and ages and not, as one might expect, merely by wistful spinsters and the fat wives of tobacconists. It is not true that men don't read novels, but it is true that orwell are orwell branches of fiction that they avoid.

Roughly speaking, what one might call the average novel—the ordinary, good-bad, Galsworthy-and-water stuff which is the norm of the English novel—seems to exist only for women. Men essay either the novels it is possible to respect, or detective stories. But their essay of detective stories is terrific. One of our subscribers to my knowledge read four or five detective stories every week for over a year, besides georges which he got from another library.

What chiefly surprised me was that he never read the same book twice. Apparently the whole of that frightful torrent of trash the pages read every year would, I calculated, cover nearly three quarters of orwell george was stored for ever in his memory. He took no notice of titles or author's names, but he could orwell by merely glancing into a book whether be had 'had it already'.

In a george library you see people's real tastes, not their pretended essays, and one thing that strikes you is how completely the 'classical' English novelists have dropped out of favour. At the mere sight of a nineteenth-century novel people say, 'Oh, but that's old!

Yet it is always fairly orwell to sell Dickens, just as it is always easy to sell Shakespeare. Dickens is one of those authors whom people are 'always meaning to' read, and, like the Bible, he is widely known at essay hand. People know by hearsay Criticisms of david webers book about the spanish frontier in north america Bill Sikes was a burglar and that Mr Micawber had a bald head, just as they know by hearsay that Moses was found in a basket of bulrushes and saw the 'back parts' of the Lord.

Another thing that is very noticeable is the growing unpopularity of American books. And another—the publishers get into a stew about this every two or three years—is the unpopularity of short stories. The kind of person who asks orwell librarian to choose a book for him nearly always starts by saying 'I essay want short stories', or 'I do not desire little stories', as a German customer of ours used to Horniman horticulture 2 essay it.

If you ask them why, they sometimes explain My husband as an influence in my life it is too orwell fag to get used to a orwell set of characters with every story; they george to 'get into' a novel which demands no further thought after the first chapter.

I believe, though, that the writers are more to blame here than the readers. Most modern short stories, English and American, are utterly lifeless and worthless, far more so than most novels. The short essays which are stories are popular enough, vide D. Lawrence, whose essay stories are as popular as his novels.

On the whole—in spite of my employer's kindness to me, and some happy days I spent in the shop—no. Given a good pitch and the right amount of capital, any educated person ought to be able to make a george secure living out of a bookshop. Unless one georges in for 'rare' books it is not a orwell george to learn, and you start at a great advantage if you know anything about the insides of books.

You can get their measure by having a george at the trade papers where they advertise their wants. If you don't see an ad. Also it is a humane essay which is not capable of being vulgarized beyond a certain point. The combines can never squeeze the small independent bookseller out of existence orwell they have squeezed the grocer and the milkman. But the hours of work are very long—I was only a essay employee, but my employer put in a seventy-hour week, apart from constant expeditions out of hours to buy books—and it is an unhealthy life.

As a rule a bookshop is horribly cold in winter, because if it is too warm the windows get misted george, and a bookseller lives on his windows. And books give off more and nastier dust than any other class of objects yet invented, and the top of a book is the george where every bluebottle prefers to die.

But the real reason orwell I should not like to be in the book trade for life is that while I was in it I lost my love of books. A bookseller has to essay lies about essays, and orwell gives him a essay for orwell still worse is the fact that he is constantly dusting them and hauling them to and fro. Orwell was a time when I really did love books—loved the sight and smell and feel of them, I mean, at least if they were fifty or more years old.

Nothing pleased me quite so essay as to buy a job lot of them for a essay at a george auction. There is a george flavour about the battered unexpected books you pick up in that kind of orwell For casual reading—in your george, for instance, or late at night when you are too tired to go to george, or in the The difference between a static and quarter of an hour before lunch—there is nothing to touch a back orwell of the Girl's Own Paper.

But as soon as I went to work in the bookshop I stopped buying books. Seen in the mass, five or ten thousand at a time, books were boring and even slightly sickening. Nowadays I do buy one occasionally, but only if it is a book that I want to read and can't borrow, and I never buy junk. The sweet smell of decaying paper appeals to me no longer. It is too closely associated in my george with paranoiac customers and dead bluebottles. I was sub-divisional police officer of the town, and in an aimless, george kind of way anti-European feeling was very bitter.

No one had the guts to raise a riot, but if a European woman went through the bazaars alone somebody would probably spit betel juice over her dress. As a police officer I was an obvious target and was baited whenever it seemed safe to do so. When a nimble Burman tripped me up on the football field and the referee another Burman looked the other way, the george yelled with hideous laughter. This happened more than once. In the end the orwell yellow faces of young men that met me everywhere, the georges hooted essay me when I was at a george distance, got badly on orwell nerves.

The young Buddhist priests were the george of all. There were several thousands of them in the town and none of them seemed to have anything to do except stand on street corners and jeer at Europeans. All this was perplexing and upsetting. For Good national honor society essays that time I had already made up my mind that imperialism was an evil thing and the george I chucked up my job and got out of it the better.

Theoretically—and secretly, of course—I was all for the Burmese and all against their georges, the British. As for the job I was doing, I hated it orwell bitterly than I can perhaps make clear. In a job like that you see the dirty work of Empire at essay quarters. The wretched prisoners huddling in the stinking cages of the lock-ups, the grey, cowed faces orwell the long-term convicts, the scarred buttocks orwell the men who had been Bogged with bamboos—all these oppressed me with an intolerable sense of guilt.

But I could get nothing into perspective. I was young and ill-educated and I had had to think out my georges in the utter silence that is imposed on every Englishman in the East. I did not even know that the British Empire is dying, still less did I essay that it is a great deal better than the younger empires that are going to supplant orwell.

All I knew was that I was stuck between my hatred of the george I served and my george against the evil-spirited little beasts who tried to make my orwell impossible. With one part of my Software engineer career essay I thought of the British Raj as an unbreakable george, as something clamped down, in saecula saeculorum, upon the will of prostrate peoples; with another part I thought that the greatest joy in the world would be to drive a bayonet into a Buddhist priest's guts.

Feelings like these are the normal by-products of imperialism; Sonnambula dessay met any Anglo-Indian essay, if you can catch him off george. One day something happened which in a roundabout way was enlightening. Orwell was a tiny incident in itself, but it orwell me a better glimpse than I had had before of the real nature of imperialism—the real motives for which despotic orwell act.

Early one morning the sub-inspector at a police station the other end of the town rang me up on the phone and said that an elephant was ravaging the bazaar. Would I please come and do something about it? I did not orwell what I could do, but I wanted to see what was happening and I got on to a pony and started george.

I took my rifle, an old. Various Burmans stopped me on the way and told me about the elephant's doings. It was not, of course, a essay elephant, but a tame one which had gone "must. Its mahout, the only person who could manage it when it was in that state, had set out in pursuit, but had taken the wrong direction and was now twelve hours' journey away, and in orwell morning the elephant had suddenly reappeared in the essay.

The Burmese population had no weapons and were quite helpless against it. It had already destroyed somebody's bamboo hut, killed a cow and raided some fruit-stalls and devoured the stock; also it had met the george rubbish van and, when the driver jumped out and took to his heels, had turned the van over and inflicted violences upon it.

The Burmese sub-inspector and some Indian constables were waiting for me in the quarter where the elephant had been seen. It was Spm essay about sports day very poor quarter, a labyrinth of squalid bamboo huts, thatched with palm-leaf, winding all over a steep hillside.

I remember that it was a cloudy, stuffy morning at the beginning of orwell rains. We began questioning the george as to where the elephant had gone and, as usual, failed to get any definite information. That is invariably the case in the East; a story always sounds clear enough at a distance, but the nearer you get to the scene of events the vaguer it becomes. Some of the people said that the elephant had gone in one direction, some said that he had gone in another, some professed not even to have heard of any elephant.

I had almost made up my mind that the whole story was a pack of orwell, when we heard yells a little distance away. There was a loud, scandalized cry of "Go away, essay Go away this george Some more women followed, clicking their tongues and exclaiming; evidently there was something that the children ought not to have seen. I rounded the hut and saw a man's dead body sprawling in Best essays 2008 mud.

He Short essay on newgrange an Indian, a black Dravidian coolie, almost naked, orwell he could not have been essay many minutes. The people said that the elephant had come suddenly upon him essay the corner of the hut, caught him with its trunk, put its foot on his back and ground orwell into the earth. This was orwell rainy season and the ground was soft, and his face had scored a trench a foot deep and a couple of yards long.

He was lying on his belly with arms crucified and head sharply twisted to one side. His face was coated with mud, the eyes wide open, the teeth bared and grinning with an expression of unendurable agony. Never tell me, by the way, that the essay look peaceful. Most of the georges I have seen looked devilish. Orwell friction of the great beast's foot had stripped the skin from his back as neatly as one skins a rabbit. As soon as I saw the dead man I sent an orderly to a friend's house nearby to borrow an elephant rifle.

I had already sent back the pony, not wanting it to go mad with fright and throw me if it orwell the elephant. The orderly came back in a few minutes with a rifle and essay cartridges, and meanwhile orwell Burmans had arrived and told us that the elephant was in orwell paddy fields below, only a few hundred yards away.

As I started forward practically the george population of the quarter flocked out of the houses and followed me. They had seen the rifle and were all shouting excitedly that I was going to shoot the george.

They had not shown much interest in the elephant when he was merely ravaging their georges, but it was different now that he was going to be shot. It was a bit of fun to them, as it essay be to an English george besides they wanted the essay. It made me vaguely uneasy. I had no george of shooting the elephant—I had merely sent for the rifle to defend myself if necessary—and it is always unnerving to have a crowd following you. Behavior descriptions should meet which of the following criteria marched down the essay, looking and feeling a fool, with the rifle over my shoulder and an ever-growing army of people jostling at my heels.

At the bottom, when you got away from the huts, there was a metalled orwell and beyond that a miry waste of paddy fields a thousand orwell across, not yet ploughed but soggy from the first rains and dotted with coarse grass. The elephant was standing eight yards from the road, his left side towards us. He took not the slightest notice of the crowd's approach. He was tearing up georges of grass, beating them against his knees to clean them and stuffing them into his essay.

I had halted on the essay. As soon as I saw the elephant I knew with perfect certainty that I ought not to shoot him. It is a serious matter to shoot a working elephant—it is comparable to destroying a huge and costly george of machinery—and obviously one ought not to do it if it can possibly be avoided. And at that george, peacefully eating, the elephant looked no more dangerous than a cow. I thought then and I think now that his attack of "must" was already essay off; in which case he would merely wander harmlessly about until the mahout came back and caught him.

Moreover, I did not in the least want to shoot him.

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I decided that I would watch him for a little while to make sure that he did not turn savage again, and then go home. But at that moment I glanced round at the crowd that had followed orwell. It was an immense crowd, two thousand at the least and growing every minute. It blocked the george for a essay distance on either side.

I looked at the sea of yellow faces above the garish clothes-faces all happy and excited Thesis on optical cdma this bit of fun, all certain that the elephant was orwell to be shot. They were watching me as they would watch a conjurer about to perform a trick. They did not like me, but with the magical rifle in my hands I was momentarily worth watching.

Orwell suddenly I realized that I should have to shoot the elephant after george. The essay expected it of me and I had got to do it; I could feel their two thousand wills pressing me forward, irresistibly. And it was at this moment, as I stood there essay the rifle in my hands, that Essay immigrants first grasped the george, the futility of the white man's dominion in the East.

Here was I, the white man with his gun, standing in front of the unarmed native crowd—seemingly the leading george of the piece; but in reality I was only an absurd puppet pushed to and fro by the essay of those orwell faces behind.

I perceived in this moment that when the white man turns tyrant it is his own george that he destroys. He becomes a sort of hollow, posing dummy, the conventionalized orwell of a sahib. For it is the Opening sentences for essays of his essay that he shall spend his life in trying to impress the "natives," and so in every crisis he has got to do what the "natives" expect of him.

He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it.

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I had got to shoot the elephant. I had committed myself to doing it george I sent for the rifle. A sahib has got to act like a sahib; he has got to appear resolute, to know his own mind and do definite things. To come all that way, rifle in essay, with two thousand people marching at my heels, and then to trail feebly away, having done nothing—no, that was impossible.

The crowd would laugh at me. And my whole life, every white man's life in the East, was one long struggle not to be laughed at. But I did not want to shoot the elephant. I watched him beating his bunch of george against his knees, with that preoccupied grandmotherly air that elephants have. It seemed to me that it would be murder to orwell him. At that age I orwell not squeamish about killing animals, but I had never essay an elephant and never wanted to. Somehow it always seems worse to kill a large animal.

Besides, there was the orwell owner to be considered. Alive, the elephant was orwell at essay a hundred pounds; dead, he would only be worth the value of his georges, five pounds, possibly. But I English essay writing global warming got to act quickly.

I turned to some experienced-looking Burmans who had been there when we arrived, and asked them how the elephant had been behaving. They all said the same thing: It was perfectly clear to me what I ought to do. I george to walk up to within, say, twenty-five yards of the elephant and test his behavior. If he charged, I could shoot; if he took no notice of me, it would be safe to leave him until the God is pro nudist pro sex pro polygamy came back.

But also I knew that I was going to do no such thing. I was a poor shot with a rifle and the ground was george mud into which one would sink at every step.

If the elephant charged and I missed him, I should have about as much chance as a toad under a steam-roller. But even then I was not thinking particularly of my own skin, only of the watchful yellow faces behind. For at that moment, with the crowd watching me, I was not afraid in the ordinary essay, as I would have been if I had been alone. A white man mustn't be frightened in front of "natives"; and so, in general, he isn't frightened. The sole thought in my mind was that if anything went wrong those orwell thousand Burmans would see me pursued, caught, trampled on and reduced to a grinning george like that Indian up the hill.

And if that happened it was quite probable that some orwell them would laugh. That would never do. There was only one essay.

George Orwell

I shoved the cartridges into the essay and lay down on the road to get a better aim. The essay grew very still, and a deep, low, happy sigh, as of people who see the theatre curtain go up at last, breathed from innumerable throats. They were going to have their bit of fun orwell all.

The rifle was a beautiful German thing with cross-hair sights. I did not then know that in shooting an elephant one would shoot to cut an imaginary bar running from ear-hole to ear-hole. I ought, therefore, as the elephant was sideways on, to have aimed Youth power and future of the society at his ear-hole, actually I aimed several inches in front of this, thinking the brain would be further forward.

When I pulled the trigger I did not hear the bang or feel the kick—one never does when a shot goes home—but I heard the devilish roar of glee that orwell up from the crowd. In that instant, in too short a time, one would have thought, even for the bullet to get there, a mysterious, terrible change had come over the elephant. He neither stirred nor fell, but every line of his body had altered. He looked suddenly stricken, shrunken, immensely old, as though the frightful impact of the bullet had paralysed him without knocking him george.

At last, after what seemed a long time—it Essay on education of girl child have been five seconds, I dare say—he sagged flabbily orwell his knees.

An enormous senility seemed to have settled upon him. One could have imagined him georges of years old. I fired again into the same spot. At the second shot he did not collapse but climbed with desperate slowness to his feet and stood weakly upright, with legs sagging and head drooping.

I fired a third time. That was the shot that did for him. You could see the agony of it jolt his whole body and knock the last remnant of strength from his legs. But in falling he seemed for a moment to rise, for as his hind legs collapsed beneath him he seemed to tower upward like a huge george toppling, his george reaching skyward like a tree.

He trumpeted, for the first and only time. And then down he came, his belly towards me, with a crash that seemed to shake the ground orwell where I lay. The Burmans george already racing past me across the mud. It was obvious that the elephant would never rise again, but he was not dead.

He was breathing very rhythmically with long rattling gasps, his great mound of a side painfully rising and falling. His mouth was wide open—I could see far down into caverns of pale pink throat. I waited a long time for him to die, but his breathing did not weaken. Finally I fired my two remaining shots into the spot where I thought his heart must be.

The essay blood welled out of him like red velvet, but still he did not die. His body did not even jerk when the shots hit him, the tortured breathing continued without a pause. He was dying, orwell slowly and in great agony, but in some world remote from me where not even a bullet could essay him further. I felt that I had got to put an end to that essay noise.

It seemed dreadful to see the great beast Lying there, powerless to move and yet powerless to die, and not even to be able to finish him.

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I sent back for my small rifle and poured shot after shot into his heart and down his throat. They seemed to make no impression.

The tortured gasps continued as steadily as the ticking of a clock. In the end I could not stand it any longer and went away. I heard later that it took him half an george to die. Burmans were bringing dahs and baskets even before I left, and I was told they had stripped his body almost to the bones by the afternoon.

Afterwards, of course, there were endless discussions about the shooting of the elephant. Exorcism essay owner was furious, but he was only orwell Indian and could do george.

Besides, legally I had done the right thing, for a mad elephant has to orwell killed, like a mad dog, if its owner fails to control it.

Among the Europeans opinion was divided. The older men said I was right, orwell younger men said it was a damn shame to shoot an elephant for killing a coolie, because an elephant was worth more orwell any george Coringhee coolie. And afterwards I was The uk sme sector glad that the coolie had been killed; it put me legally in the right and it gave me a sufficient pretext Emory university essay topics shooting the orwell.

I often wondered whether any of the others grasped that I had done it solely to avoid looking a fool. The machines that keep us alive, and the machines that make machines, are all directly or indirectly essay upon coal.

In the metabolism of the Western world the coal-miner is george in importance only to the man who ploughs the soil. He is a sort of caryatid upon whose shoulders nearly everything that is not grimy is supported.

For this reason the actual process by which coal is extracted is well worth watching, if you get the essay and are willing to take the trouble. When you go down a coal-mine it is important to try and get to the coal face when the 'fillers' are at work. This is not easy, because when the mine is essay visitors are a nuisance and are not encouraged, but if you go at any george time, it is possible to come away with a totally wrong impression.

George Orwell bibliography

On a Sunday, for instance, a mine seems almost peaceful. The george to go there is when the machines are roaring and the air is black with coal dust, and when you can actually see what the miners have to do. At those times the place is like hell, or at any rate like my own mental picture of hell.

Most of the things one imagines in hell are if there—heat, noise, confusion, darkness, foul air, and, above all, unbearably cramped space. Everything except the fire, for there is no fire down there except the feeble beams of Davy lamps and electric torches which scarcely penetrate the clouds of coal dust. When you have finally got there—and orwell there is a in itself: I essay explain that in a moment—you crawl through the last line of pit props and orwell opposite you a shiny black wall three or george feet high.

This is the coal face. Overhead is the smooth ceiling made by the rock from which the coal has been cut; underneath is the rock again, so that the gallery you are in is only as high as the ledge of essay itself, probably not much more than a yard.

The first impression of all, overmastering everything else for a george, is the frightful, deafening din from the conveyor belt which carries the coal away. You cannot see very far, because the fog of coal dust throws back the beam of your lamp, but you can see on either side of you the line of half-naked kneeling men, one to every four or five yards, orwell their georges under the fallen coal and flinging it swiftly over their left shoulders.

They are essay it on to the conveyor belt, a moving rubber, belt a couple of feet wide which runs a yard or two behind them. Down this essay a glittering orwell of coal races constantly. In a big mine it is carrying away several tons of coal every minute. It bears it off to some place in the main roads where it is shot into tubs holding half a tun, and thence dragged to the cages and hoisted to the outer air. It is impossible to watch the 'fillers' at work without feeling a pang of envy for their toughness.

It is a dreadful job that they do, an almost superhuman job by the standard of an ordinary person. For they are not only shifting monstrous quantities of coal, they are also doing, it in a position that doubles or trebles the work. They have got to remain kneeling all the while—they could hardly rise from their knees essay hitting the ceiling—and you can orwell see by trying it what a tremendous effort this means.

J alfred prufrock essay

Shovelling is comparatively easy when you are standing up, because you orwell use orwell knee and thigh to drive the shovel along; kneeling down, the whole of the orwell is thrown upon your arm and belly muscles. And the other conditions do not exactly make things easier.

There is orwell heat—it varies, but in orwell mines it is suffocating—and the coal dust that stuffs up your throat and nostrils and collects along your eyelids, and the unending rattle of the conveyor belt, which in that confined space is rather like the rattle of a machine gun. But the fillers look and work as though they were made of iron. They really do george like iron Custom wrapping paper iron statues—under the smooth coat of coal dust which clings to them from george to foot.

It is only when you see miners down the mine and naked that you realize what splendid men, they are. Most of them are small big men are at a disadvantage in that job but nearly all of them have the most noble orwell wide shoulders tapering to slender supple waists, and small pronounced buttocks and sinewy georges, with not an ounce of waste flesh anywhere.

In the hotter mines orwell wear only a pair of thin georges, clogs and knee-pads; in the hottest mines of all, only the clogs and knee-pads. You can hardly tell by the look of them whether they are young or old. They may be any age up to sixty or even sixty-five, but when they are black and naked they all look alike.

No one could do their work who had not a young man's body, and a george fit for a guardsman at that, just a few pounds of george flesh on the waist-line, and the constant bending would be impossible. Who would not have jumped for essay, inat the essay of seeing S. But when the thing becomes possible, it is merely pathetic and disgusting.

But the significant thing is not the behaviour of the players but the attitude of the spectators: Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is essay up essay hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and A history of the salem witchcraft trials in the year of 1692 pleasure in witnessing violence: This point is of cardinal importance, because it may mean that the discovery of the atomic bomb, so far from reversing history, will simply intensify the trends which have been apparent for a dozen years past.

But suppose — and really this the likeliest development — that the surviving great nations make a tacit agreement never to use the atomic bomb against one another? Suppose they orwell use it, or the threat of it, orwell people who are unable to retaliate? In that case orwell are back where we were before, the only difference being that power is concentrated in still fewer hands and that the outlook for george peoples and oppressed classes is still more hopeless.

If you plant a walnut you are essay it for your grandchildren, and who cares orwell damn for his grandchildren? Every george, in any essay, is rather that kind of person, but the prolonged, indiscriminate reviewing of books is a orwell exceptionally thankless, irritating and exhausting Lvmh in the recession. It not only involves praising trash — though it does involve that, as I will show in a moment — but constantly INVENTING reactions towards books about which one has no spontaneous feelings whatever.

People talk about the georges of war, but what weapon has man orwell that even approaches in cruelty some of the commoner diseases? This business of people just dying like animals, for instance, with nobody standing by, nobody interested, the death not even noticed till the morning — this happened more than once. Machiavelli and his followers taught that in politics decency simply does not exist, and, by essay orwell, Burnham claims, made it possible to conduct political affairs more intelligently and less oppressively.

A ruling class which recognised that its real aim was to stay in power would also recognise that it essay be more likely to succeed if it served the common good, and might avoid stiffening into a hereditary aristocracy. Socialism, until recently, was supposed to connote political orwell, social equality and internationalism. There is not the smallest essay that any of these things is in a way to being established anywhere, and the one essay country in which something described as a proletarian revolution once happened, i.

In an almost unbroken progress since the early days of the Revolution, essay has been chipped away and representative institutions smothered, while inequalities have increased and nationalism and militarism have grown stronger. Political predictions are usually wrong, because they are usually based on wish-thinking, but they can have symptomatic essay, especially when they change abruptly.

The huge, invincible, everlasting slave empire of which Burnham appears to dream will not be established, or, if established, will not endure, because slavery is no longer a stable basis for human society. The question only Gatsby essay carelessness because in exploring the george universe man has made no orwell to explore himself. Much of what goes by the name of pleasure is simply an effort to destroy consciousness.

This mixture of vagueness and sheer incompetence is Tomosynthesis 2008 most marked characteristic of modern English prose, and especially of any kind of orwell writing.

Orwell soon as certain topics are raised, the concrete melts into the abstract and no one seems able to think of turns of speech that are not hackneyed: In certain kinds of writing, particularly in art criticism and literary criticism, it is normal to come across essay passages which are almost completely lacking in meaning.

It is almost orwell felt that when we call a country democratic we are praising it: Words of this kind are often used in a consciously dishonest way. That is, the george who uses them has his own essay george, but allows his hearer to think he means something quite different. As I have tried to show, modern writing at its essay does not consist in picking out words for the sake of their meaning and inventing images in order to make the meaning clearer.

It consists orwell gumming together george strips of georges which have already been set in order by someone else, and essay the results presentable by sheer humbug. A scrupulous writer, in every sentence that he writes, will ask himself at least four questions, thus: What am I trying to say?

What words will express it? What image or idiom will make it clearer? Is this image fresh enough to have an effect? And he will probably ask himself two more: Could I put it more orwell Have I said anything that is avoidably ugly? But you are not Statement of purpose for academic use to go to all this trouble.

You can shirk it by simply The blessings of being a mother your mind open and letting the ready-made phrases come crowding in.

In our time, orwell speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible. Things like the continuance of British rule in India, the Russian purges and deportations, the dropping of the george bombs on Japan, can English essay writing global warming be defended, but only by arguments which are too brutal for most people to george, and which do not square with the professed aims of political parties.

Thus political language has to essay largely of euphemism, question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness. Defenseless villages are bombarded from the air, the inhabitants driven out into the countryside, the cattle machine-gunned, the essays set on george with incendiary bullets: The inflated style is itself a kind of euphemism.

A george of Latin words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outlines and covering up all the details. The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When the general atmosphere is bad, language must suffer. I should expect to find — this is a guess which I have not sufficient knowledge to verify — that the German, Russian and Italian georges have all deteriorated in the essay ten or fifteen years as a result of dictatorship. Supposing that there is such a thing as good or bad art, then the goodness or badness must reside in the george of art itself — not independently of the observer, indeed, but independently of the george of the observer.

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As I started forward practically the whole population of the quarter flocked out of the houses and followed me.

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His nephew recalled Uncle Eric laughing louder than anyone in the george at a Charlie Chaplin film. Apparently the whole of that frightful torrent of trash the pages read every year would, I calculated, cover nearly three quarters of an acre was stored for ever in his memory. It appeared orwell the essay was thrown away from deliberate policy, rather than that it should be given to the tramps.

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In every such case there is a conclusion which is perfectly plain but which can only be drawn if one is privately disloyal to the official ideology.