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Thesis on optical cdma - Optical code division multiple access systems in AlGaInAs/InP - Enlighten: Theses

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Optical code division multiple access systems in AlGaInAs/InP

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Performance Characterization of Relay-Assisted Wireless Optical CDMA Networks
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14:14 Nanos:
It has been shown through theoretical analysis, simulation and experimental work, the performance of the system with AND subtraction technique can be improved significantly. Furthermore, the purpose of this new subtraction technique is to reduce the receiver complexity and increase system performance.

21:34 Tubei:
This technique is one of the multiple access theses that is becoming popular because of the flexibility in the allocation of channels, ability to operate asynchronously, enhanced privacy and increased capacity in bursty networks. In optical Cdma systems, the detection optical affects the design of transmitters and receivers.

17:25 Gojind:
In this thesis, we also introduce a new approach called AND subtraction technique.

17:01 Nikorn:
This method rejects unwanted signals that interfere with the original signals. The MDW code possesses Sbdhjshj essay crosscorrelation properties and exists for every natural number too. The performance of the systems was characterized by referring to the bit error rate BER and the eye patterns.

14:22 Grojora:
Cross-correlation functions are generated which creates Multiple Access Interference MAI and this thesis degrade the system performance. Also proposed in this study, a Modified Double-Weight MDW code, optical is a variation of DW code family that cdma have a variable weight greater than two.