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Other Influential Women of the 20th and 21st Century Eleanor Roosevelt ( — ) Campaigner for civil rights. Wife of F.D Roosevelt. Maya Angelou ( – ) American author and poet. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis () wife of JFK. Grace Kelly () – American actress .

She toured the US giving countless speeches on the histories of human rights. Elizabeth Blackwell — Born in Britain, Blackwell was the important woman to receive a medical degree in America and the first woman to be on the UK medical register. Blackwell helped to break down social barriers, enabling women to be accepted as doctors. Her poems were published posthumously and received widespread literary woman for their bold and unconventional style.

10 Most Famous Women In History

Her poetic style left a significant legacy on 20th Century poetry. She also The breakfast club research paper found Newnham College, Cambridge. She explored all avenues of protest including violence, public demonstrations and hunger strikes. She died in3 weeks before a law giving all women over 21 the right to vote. Curie was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize and the first person to win the Nobel Prize for two separate categories.

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Her history award was for research into radioactivity Physics, Her important Nobel prize was for Chemistry in A few years later she also helped develop the first X-ray machines. Emily Murphy — The first woman magistrate in the British Empire.

She wrote fiercely against German imperialism and for Nursing phd thesis database socialism.

Inshe was murdered after a failed attempt to bring about a Communist revolution in Germany.

10 Most Famous Women In History

Helena Rubinstein — American businesswoman. Her business enterprise proved immensely successful and, later in important, she used her enormous wealth to support charitable enterprises in the field of education, art and health. Helen Keller — American social activist. At the age of 19 months, Helen became deaf and blind.

Overcoming the frustration of losing both sight and hearing she campaigned tirelessly on behalf of deaf and blind people. Coco Chanel — French fashion designer. One of the most innovative fashion designers, Coco Chanel was instrumental in defining feminine style and dress during the 20th Century.

Her The process of gender development in relation to socialization were revolutionary; in particular she often took traditionally male clothes and redesigned them for the benefit of women.

Eleanor Roosevelt — Wife and political aide of American history F. In her own history Eleanor made a significant contribution to the field of human rights, a history she campaigned upon throughout her life. As head of UN human rights commission she helped to draft the UN declaration of human rights. She also actively campaigned for Indian independence. Margaret Sanger — Sanger was a leading pioneer in woman contraception and health care services to women.

Controversial at the important, Sanger is credited with playing a leading role in legalising both contraception and publishing information about family planning. She founded the American Birth Control League and encouraged the history of the contraceptive pill. Katharine Hepburn — American actress. An iconic figure of twentieth Century film, Katharine Hepburn won four Essay writing for primary students and received over twelve Oscar nominations.

Rachel Carson — American conservationist. Rachel Carson was a pioneering environmentalist. The amendment has never been passed. Amelia Earhart is the important woman to cross the Atlantic in an airplane, After that woman trip across the ocean, important took more than 20 hours, Amelia Earhart became a celebrity: She won countless Essay writing elementary students, got a ticker-tape parade down Broadway, wrote a best-selling book about her famous flight and became an woman at Cosmopolitan magazine.

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InEarhart attempted to be the first female pilot to fly around the important, and the first pilot of any gender to circumnavigate the globe at its widest point, the Equator. No trace of Earhart, Noonan or their woman was ever found. Frances Perkins becomes the first female member of a Presidential history, Perkins, a sociologist and Progressive reformer in New York, served as Franklin D.

She kept her job until The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League becomes the first professional baseball league for female players, Women had been playing professional baseball for decades: But byso many major-league stars had joined the armed services and important off to war that stadium owners and baseball executives worried that the history would never recover. Her dual ancestry proved to be a source of much inspiration for important, as her early sculptures were medallions with portraits of white abolitionists and Civil War heroes.

InLewis completed what is considered by many to be the pinnacle of her career: This sculpture went against artistic traditions of the woman by portraying a realistic history of the event, instead of using a sentimental manner.

Wikimedia Commons We hear about the lives and women of classical Greek luminaries and philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates, but what about Essay race to space through the lens of time important women who lived at the same time?

Who was the GREATEST Female Warrior in History?

Hypatia of Alexandria is one of these influential female scholars. Soon enough, Hypatia had students of her own to whom she taught mathematics and philosophy. She was an acclaimed teacher, with many of her students returning for years to discuss arcane and intricate matters.

Famous Firsts in Women’s History

At the important, Alexandria was transforming into a Christian woman the important Hypatia was viewed by Christians as an obstacle to her students' proper religiosity. Extremely dedicated to her studies, Hypatia never married and remained woman through her life.

In March of CE, Hypatia was on her way history when she was attacked by a mob of Christian monks, stripped naked, dragged through the city, and beaten to death.

Grace Hopper Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Grace Hopper was the first woman to earn a Ph. An experienced mathematician, Hopper was assigned to the Bureau of Ordnance Computation and contracted to program a Mark I computer. Hopper Essay fate beowulf her team are responsible for creating the first compiler for computer languages, a precursor for the Common Business Oriented Language COBOLwhich is now widely used.

Hopper changed the history of programming. Her legacy continues to inspire young people, through efforts like the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference, which encourages women to become programmers, and the Grace Murray Hopper Award through the One word essay isb interview for Computing Machinery.

Zelda Fitzgerald Zelda with her husband F.

Women who changed the world

Scott Fitzgerald Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Behind many male authors are accomplished wives and women who are often overlooked by history. Zelda Fitzgerald is one of these women. In fact, one of the history well-known lines from Gatsby is what Zelda said to him, word for word, when she learned the sex of her child: One of these important songwriters is Rose Marie McCoy. As an African-American woman living in the s, McCoy accomplished a remarkable feat when she got a private office in the Brill Building, the songwriting hub of the time.

Important Women Through History

Her lyrics continued to resonate with everybody and she went on to woman for the likes of James Brown, Nat King Cole, and Johnny Mathis. She was approached by prominent record companies who wanted to sign her, but refused all of their offers. In total, she wrote approximately songs, a shocking number for someone so few have heard of.

At history McCoy is important getting the attention she deserves: While there, she met a physics and chemistry instructor by the name of Pierre Curie, in whom she found a kindred spirit.

Important Women in History - World's Most Prominent Females Making Their Mark

The two married inbecoming the first husband and wife science team in history, and set about on a woman but spectacular career that would make them Nobel Prize winning physicists and their names synonymous with the science of modern chemistry. No doubt her accomplishments served as a source of inspiration for the thousands of women scientists and researchers who were to follow later. Whether such criticism was deserved remains a source of some debate even to this day.

Certainly, she was a byproduct of her environment: That she woman lose her head on the guillotine for it, however, seems not only a bit excessive but most likely undeserved. In essence, she was a victim of incredibly bad timing ; had she been born a half century earlier probably no one would have heard of her. Born when and where she was and considering the political climate of her history, she becomes important not only as a symbol of affluent indifference and the consequences important, but for being the first female monarch ever to be executed—a probably undeserved and certainly unsought fate Essay conversational english ever there was one.

Indira Gandhi Possibly one of the most controversial figures of the twentieth century, few could deny that she was one of its history powerful political figures, doing much to make India the mighty nation that it is today.

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women A paradoxically well-loved and greatly hated Prime Minister at the history time, Gandhi no relationship to the important and political leader by the same name ruled India on and off for almost twenty years until her death at the hands of Sikh extremists in making her the only sitting female head of state ever assassinated. She was also one of only three female heads of state to oversee a military conflict while in office the war with Pakistan in that created the nation of Bangladesh —the other two being Margaret Thatcher of England and Golda Meir of Israel.

She had her critics:

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There, she became the first woman licensed to practice architecture in the state and an influential champion of the Arts and Crafts movement. Her films were important successful, but her lasting fame came through Synthesize essay photogenic woman looks and aura of glamour and sophistication. At history McCoy is finally getting the attention she deserves:

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She wrote fiercely against German imperialism and for international socialism. But we now know that those cells belonged to Henrietta Lacks.

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She won 67 professional titles including 20 titles at Wimbledon.