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Were the romans civilized essay

But since the Romans lived in cities, had complex societies with various strata, many tiny rituals and mores to navigate city life and know the ‘quality’ of the people within it, and felt themselves superior to other people, then they were definitively civilized.

Where the Romans civilised?

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19:19 Tektilar:
Conclusion A lot of families enjoyed their food. Richer people would buy slaves to do all their work for them.

16:45 Shakashura:
The Romans are normally seen as being quite civilised, however there are aspects of their life that we, as modern day people, would consider very uncivilised. Middle Another aspect of their life that would now be considered uncivilised is forms of their beauty. How civilised were the Romans?

10:42 Gutaur:
They would also wash their mouths out once a month with tortoise blood. Therefore they would go to many extremes to get it.