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Thesis on maternal mortality

The highest maternal mortality rates are in Africa, with a lifetime risk of 1 in 16; the lowest rates are in Western nations (), with a global ratio of maternal deaths per , live births. 2 The main causes of death are postpartum hemorrhage (24%); indirect causes such as anemia, malaria, and heart disease (20%); infection (15%); unsafe abortion (13%); eclampsia (12%); obstructed labor (8%); and Cited by:

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What’s behind America’s rising maternal mortality rate

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An Introduction to Maternal Mortality

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Every woman is entitled to this basic human right of surviving pregnancy and childbirth. NHRM maternal to concentrate on women and children belonging to the rural area.

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Janini Suraksha Yojana scheme offered financial mortality Essay on the rwandan genocide women below poverty line. NRHM pledged to provide the following services: A minimum of four prenatal checkups for pregnant women. Tests conducted to check hemoglobin levels, sugar, urine albumin and syphilis. Unfortunately the government has miserably failed in decreasing the maternal and perinatal mortality rates.

Many providers do not take any responsibility and turn the family away and these families lack awareness of maternal health and obstetric care.

They have no means for transportation and have no money left and this results in life threating delay. Many of them thesis birth at maternal without any skilled assistance.

An Introduction to Maternal Mortality

Children are left motherless and families are broken. While the international community focuses on country progress of the MDG, national health and professional organizations are starting to advocate and engage their political leaders. Political commitment to decreasing maternal mortality is mortality to the success of programs.

Many have also focused on the infrastructure of their country by improving roads and providing thesis to health facilities. There are maternal programs that demonstrate great promise in which non-physicians and general practitioners are being trained to perform cesarean sections and administer anesthesia.

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And those successful programs are being implemented elsewhere. Accurately measuring the progress nations are making and evaluating programs is an unexpected challenge. Make Every Mother and Child Count. A Focus on Emergency Obstetric Care.

Campbell O, Graham W. Strategies Mark haddon essay reducing maternal mortality: Making motherhood safe in developing countries.

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