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The operations and market competitors of gm motor company

Mar 07,  · SWOT Analysis of General Motors. General Motors Company (GM) designs, manufactures and markets cars, trucks and automobile parts and is one of the biggest players in the automotive industry worldwide. GM is headquartered in Michigan, US and has a strong presence in North America, Europe, China and South America. The company generated $, million in FY

For instance, recall of Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks in and inGE recalled vehicles globally for defects regarding ignition switches. The underfunded pension obligations for the company are increasing and thus affect the financial position of the company.

General Motors's

Growing global automotive industry: The Global automotive industry has shown consistent growth in the previous decade and is expected to follow a similar trend ahead.

GM, being one of the leading global automotive manufacturers is expected to benefit from the growth. The demand for Hybrid Electric vehicles HEV is expected to grow at a strong rate considering strong concerns about reducing carbon emissions and thus becoming environmentally sustainable.

This demand is set to benefit GM as it is investing heavily in developing plug-in hybrid electric vehicle technology. Re-entry in US for medium duty work trucks: It is expected to provide incremental growth to GM in this segment.

SWOT Analysis of General Motors

GM is subjected to strong competition from many popular brands in all of its categories. Intense competition adversely impacts the market share of GM and its margins. The automobile industry is globally influenced by various regulations and laws governing environmental and safety laws.

Companies have to strictly comply to such laws which increases compliance costs for them. Fluctuation of exchange rates: The products under commercial vehicles are the ones that General An overview of electrolytes offers for commercial operations involving passengers.

General Motors

The first three product lines automobiles, automobile parts, and commercial vehicles are classified as automotive products. On the other hand, financial services compose the fourth product line.

The company offers these financial services to benefit from loans and related transactions with target customers when they purchase automobiles. Such locations are significant because they enable the company to reach target customers in specific markets, while also allowing customers to access information and GM products available from the automotive business.

Official websites Dealerships Automotive shows and exhibits General Motors has official websites for its various business operations. Cadillac also has its own official website. Through these websites, customers Edgar allan poe essays on poetry access information about products and locate dealers.

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At dealerships, customers sign contracts for the purchase of automobiles and contracts for auto loans from GM Financial. Moreover, General Motors engages in automotive shows and exhibits. These shows and exhibits, involving popular automotive-specific organizations and audiences, allow the company to extend its market reach and potential distribution.

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Companies have to strictly comply to such laws which increases compliance costs for them.

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It sold Electronic Data Systems inand in it sold the defense units of its Hughes Electronics subsidiary to the Raytheon Companythus leaving the computer-services and defense-aerospace fields in order to concentrate on its automotive businesses. With a strong position in the market, General Motors serves as an example of marketing mix development that addresses opportunities in the automotive industry.