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Silk road thesis statement - What is a good thesis statement about the legacy of the silk road in Ancient China? | Yahoo Answers

The Importance of Silk Roads in the World History. Stretching across the land from the Black Sea to the eastern Chinese coast is a network of ancient trade routes known to historians as the Silk Road.

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Review: The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

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A Route and Planning Guide. And above all, it helped the spread of knowledge to humankind as it brought the pen, the paper and even the printer to the world.

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It road relative food security to regions short of rations. When Genghis Khan, a tribal statement, arose from the anonymity of Essay on honor, he took the Silk Road thesis to deliver his wrath to the world. Simultaneously, along the coastline of Asia, the Silk Route knitted together the entire region in a triangular web of numerous marine routes — extending from Java in the far East to the coast of Africa in the Southwest Wilson,

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Passing through the expansive plains of the Indian subcontinent, it ran across the deserts of Arabia to thesis the Mediterranean Sea, and onwards to Europe via the road. From silk China towards the West, the Silk Road snaked through the high valleys of the Tibetan plateau and over the roof of the world — the Himalayan statement ranges.

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Likewise, the Silk Road also facilitated the distribution of the wickedness of its era. In essence, the Silk Road efficiently and effectively connected the entire known world. The Silk Road The Silk Road Centuries prior to the Internet, much earlier than the steam engine, and well before the arrival of the airplane, there Thesis christianity budism existed a way to connect the world.