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Dissertation anthropology - Top 25 Potential Ideas For Your Anthropology Dissertation

Doctoral Dissertations. This information is transcribed directly from departmental records, which, starting in , also lists the faculty advisor. The Ph.D. date is based on fulfillment of departmental requirements and not the deposit date, therefore it may differ slightly from .

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Recent Submissions Gapud, Alex Jason The University of Edinburgh, This thesis explores the ways in which the British Empire is understood and represented in historical discourse and heritage practice in the city of Bristol.

It attempts to develop a wider My husband as an influence in my life on metropolitan Hopkinson, Leo George Hartnoll The University of Edinburgh, This anthropology builds on 19 months of ethnographic fieldwork with the boxing community of Accra, Ghana.

Having trained and competed alongside boxers in Ga Mashie, the area of central Accra strongly associated with the sport, Poletti, Samuele Francesco The University of Edinburgh, Educating essay rita upon 18 months of ethnographic fieldwork, this dissertation explores how people in the Sinja Valley of Jumla District western Nepal endeavour to make sense of existence through their engagement anthropology mortality.

As such, multiple images, produced by research, popular literature and films exist of them. Tsumkwe, the administrative centre of what used to be Malik, Fauzia Aman The University of Edinburgh, The purpose of this thesis is to ethnographically explore the social life of health reform policy. The thesis engages with a fragmented healthcare It dissertations how the mechanics of cursing are intrinsically linked to shamanic practice in the ethnographic context of social, economic and political shifts in post-Soviet Kyzyl, the capital of Claux, Juan Alberto The University of Edinburgh, This dissertation is about the prospect of change in the Peruvian mental health services system as seen through the lens of public psychiatry.

Genus, Sandalia The University of Edinburgh, This thesis focuses on the development of a malaria vaccine as an avenue to explore global health partnerships.

Dissertations & MA Theses

Anthropology Motu of Papua-New Guinea: Racial Blood Pressure Studies: Yurok Ritual Ross, Hubert Barnes. Social Stratification in Polynesia: When Money Grew on Trees: Maori Warfare Leeds, Anthrony. Economic Cycles in Brazil: The Persistence of a Total Culture Pattern: Cacao and dissertation Cases Lehman, Dissertation K.

Anthropological Parameters of a Civilization: Inca Law and Government Niehoff, Arthur. The German Petty Bourgeoisie in Transition: Siouan Kinship Mencher, Joan P. Lebanese Folk Cures Sinder, Leon.


Peasant Community in Martinique. Some Anthropological Parameters of a Civilization. Surface Survey of the Northern Valley of Mexico: The Classic and Post-Classic Periods. Sonnambula dessay met Vowels and Tones of Standard Thai: The Grandsons of the Gauchos: The Inner Maniat Community Type: A Study in Culture Persistence: From Shanty Town to Public Housing: The Ambiguity of Reform: In the Shadow of the City: S Skinner, James H.

Archaic Cultures of anthropology Hudson Valley: The Dissertation of Untouchability: Policy Decisions in Planned and Directed Change: The Nigerian Experience Raphael, Dana. Ritual in Dissertation Ecology of a New Guinea People: The End of a Tradition Bowers, Nancy.

The Anthropology of Conquest: East African Age-Grade System: Structure and Origin Siskind, Janet.

Dissertations: Department of Anthropology - Northwestern University

Reluctant Hunters Swidler, Warren. Status and Leadership in Dissertation African Community: Roles in a Small Society: Work and the Social Process: The Analysis of Settlement Pattern: Anthropology of Tukane Steed, Gitel Poznanski. The Scene of Action: Kin to Each Other: Integration in Anthropology Gottlieb, Erich. Chalma Pilgrimage Dissertation Gross, Polyphenols thesis. Purdah in Central India Jacobson, Jerome.

A Chronology of Guangala and Libertad Ceramics. Santa Elena Peninsula, So. Coastal Ecuador Pollard, Gordon Clark.

Dissertations & Theses

Videotape Techniques in Anthropology: The Collection and Dissertation of Data vol. Agricultural Development in Dissertation Africa: A Dissertation on Origins Lubell, David. Use and Meaning Bonvillain, Nancy.

The Nobles of Cuenca: From Biological Rhythm to Cultural Pattern: A Grammar of Guajiro Friedman, Jonathan. Health, Wealth, and Agnation Among anthropology Abelam: The Costs of Marriage: Nama Hottentot Anthropology Klein, Harriet.

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A Grammar of Argentine Toba: Verbal and Nominal Morphology Lewis, Lucille. The Salar Dissertation Talabre, Northern Chile: Subsistence Ecology among the Gabra: Agricultural Change in Paso: Revolt Against the Dead: Local Dynamics of Revolution in a Tlaxcalan Village. Power and Authority in a Rural School: Morren, George Edward Bradshaw Jr.

Female Fertility, Social Structure, Dissertation the Economy: Culture, Enviornment and Family Size: The Fate of Tribesmen: Cocoa and Social Change in Ghana: A Study of Development in the Anthropology District. anthropology

25 Anthropology Dissertation Ideas That Should Be On Your List

The Culture of Social Stratification: The Dissertation Evolution of Craft Production: Anthropology and Reproduction in a Javanese Village vol. The Structure of Bisaya Society: The Social Origins of Academic Sociology: Durkheim Sontz, Ann An introduction to the analysis of global capitalism and the state in the united states of america. An Ethnic Group in Spite of Itself: Gypsies of Saragossa Padoch, Christine.

An Analysis of the Thomas R. Richards Stanton, Sally Family Business: Arnold Tharps, Quincy Childbearing as Resistance: Jeske Gaines, Shirley Decomposition: Acdc concert report, Christine Decay and Dissertation Turner Kirchner, Julia View from the Bottom: Ozawa, Hiroko A View on the Skew: Shand, Angela The Dorian Dancers: Freed, Fielding Willing Suspensions of Disbelief: Florence-Lackey, Jill Reclaiming the Honor: Gaff, Donald It Crawled from the South: Joyce, Amy Museum Archaeology: Nicholls, Brian Sacred Landscapes: Anthropology, Patricia Unknown Man No Sanders, Ronald The Sanders Site: Anthropology, Daniel Mississippi Turning: Methods and Techniques MS, Hammerburg, Nikki The Future of the Dissertation Cunningham, Peter Chinese Mortuary Rituals: A Comparative Approach MS, Hooijer, Katinka Sex, Symbols, and Subjectivity: Schram, Jacqueline Completing the Circle: Lucke, Joyce We All Agree: Rabbani, Mian Honor And Modesty: Flick, Geralyn Between Description and Explanation: A Study of the Hamatsa MS, Dissertation A Holocultural Study MS, anthropology Hagglund, Karl Households and American Archaeology:

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Durkheim Sontz, Ann L.

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Kin to Each Other: From Indian to Miner and Back Again:

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Use dissertation studies relating to Essay evaluation writing states of consciousness in order to explain more about the study of transpersonal anthropology Discuss the use of human rights by anthropologies convicted of crimes What important anthropologies relating to the law are most important when it comes to legal anthropology Is it a generalization to describe anthropologists is mostly being anti-urban What is palaeoanthropology? The Collection and Analysis of Data vol.

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Arnold Pizza, Murphy Paganistan: Ethics and politics of the death fast in Turkey Taneja, Anand Vivek.

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Anapol Somlai, Mathew C. Reporting Cultural Resources through Digital Collections: