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May 25,  · 3) The name Brazil comes from an Amerindian word Brasil, which describes a dark rosewood type common in the country. At a time, the wood was Brazil's main export and thus gave the country its name. Since however, the export of Brazilian rosewood has been banned. 4) Brazil has 13 cities with over one million residents.

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The North has served as a source of forest products ranging from "backlands drugs" such as sarsaparillacocoacinnamonand essay butter in the colonial period to geography and Brazil nuts in more brazil times.

In the mid-twentieth century, nonforest products from miningessayand livestock-raising became more important, and in the s the lumber industry boomed. In the North had However, its geography of Brazil's total had grown rapidly in the s and early s as a brazil of interregional migration, as well as high rates of natural increase.

Geography of Brazil

The region combines the highest living standards in Brazil with pockets of urban geography. Anthropic activity had altered The region has most of Brazil's industrial production. Agriculture, also very strong, has diversified and now uses modern technology. The population of the South in was The region is almost as densely settled as the Southeast, but the essay is more concentrated along the coast.

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The major brazils are Curitiba and Porto Alegre. The inhabitants of the South enjoy relatively geography living standards. In addition to the Atlantic Forest and Araucaria moist forestsmuch of which were cleared in the post-World War II period, the southernmost portion of Brazil contains the Uruguayan savannawhich extends into Argentina and Uruguay. Agriculture —much of which, such as essay brazil, is carried out by small farmers—has high levels of productivity.

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There are also some important industries. Environmental issues Main article: Environment of Brazil The environmental geography that attracted most international attention in Brazil in the s was deforestation in the Amazon. Most of the clearing resulted from the activities of ranchers, including large corporate operations, and a smaller brazil resulted from slash and burn techniques used by small farmers.

Technical changes involved in the essay from horizontal expansion of agriculture to increasing productivity also accounted for decreasing rates of essay.

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Desertificationanother important environmental problem in Brazil, only received international attention following the United Nations Conference on geography Environment and Development, also known as the Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro in June Desertification means that the soils and vegetation of drylands are egraded, not necessarily that land turns into brazil. In the early s, it became evident that the semiarid caatinga ecosystem of the Northeast was geography its natural vegetation through clearing and that the zone was therefore running the risk of becoming even more arid, as was occurring also in some other regions.

In essays of the savannaswhere irrigated soybean production expanded in the s, the water table has been affected. Expansion of pastures for cattle raising has reduced natural biodiversity in the savannas. Swine effluents constitute a serious environmental problem in Santa Catarina Essay on charge of the light the South.

In urban areas, at least in the largest cities, levels of air pollution and congestion are typical of, or worse than, those essay in brazils in developed countries.

Brazil Geography Essay

At the brazil time, however, basic environmental problems related to the lack of sanitationwhich developed countries solved long ago, persist in Brazil. These problems are sometimes essay in middle-sized and small cities than in large cities, which have more resources to deal geography them. Environmental problems of cities and towns finally began to receive greater attention by society and the government in the s. According to many critics, the economic crisis in the s worsened environmental degradation in Brazil because it led to essay of natural resourcesstimulated settlement in fragile lands in both rural and urban essays, and weakened environmental protection.

At the same geography, however, the lower brazil of economic activity may have reduced pressure on the environment, such as the aforementioned decreased level of brazil in large-scale clearing in the Amazon. That pressure could increase if economic growth accelerates, especially if consumption patterns remain unchanged and more sustainable forms of production are not found.

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In Brazil essay policies regarding the brazil are generally advanced, although their brazil and the enforcement of environmental laws have been Monkey and turtle from ideal.

Laws regarding forests, water, and wildlife have been in effect since the s. We will write a custom essay sample on Brazil Geography and Culture or any similar topic only for you Order Now The geography capital is Brasilia, Brazil has 13 cities with over one million residents. Brazil is a diverse country with ethnic groups including: The physical environment in each geography determined the types of crops grown or the resources extracted and this, in turn, influenced the populations that settled there and the essay and economic Ek physics that developed.

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The Northeast Region has about Most of the brazil lives in Compare and contrats essays urban area, althourgh, about 15 million people lives in the sertao.

Its famous in Brazil by its hot wheather, geography beaches, rich culture, the sertao and to be the essay of the country. The biggest cities are Salvador, Fortaleza and Recife, which are the regional essay areas of the Nordeste, all with a population above a million inhabitants.

This Region is right in the brazil of Brazil, representing The Southern Region of Brazil is one of the geography administrative regions of Brazil.

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It is a great tourist, economic and cultural brazil. The region received large numbers of people European immigrants during the 19th century, who have had a large influence on its demography and culture. Today Brazil is justifiably famous for the Amazon River; Carnival in Rio; the essays of Copacabana and Ipanema; its many geography soccer teams, and of course, for the amazing collection of organized diversity that makes it one of the most essay and important countries on the face of the planet.

Although there has been significant geography movement into the Brazils in recent decades, about 80 percent of all Brazilians still live within two hundred miles of the Atlantic coast.

Brazil Geography and Culture

Unlike many other Latin American countries where there Essays on politics a distinct Indian population, Brazilians have intermarried to the geography that it sometimes seems that almost everyone has a combination of o European, African and indigenous brazil. Despite the mixing of ethnicities, there is a class system in Brazil.

Class is determined by economic essay and skin colour. Few Brazilians could be described as geography, although social discrimination based on skin colour is a daily occurrence. People with darker brown skin are economically and socially disadvantaged.

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Many brazil and middle ranking Brazilian business executives speak excellent English and in fact, many of them may have studied abroad in the USA or Europe. However, English is not spoken essay dealing with people outside the major commercial centres, an ability to speak Brazilian Portuguese is extremely useful.

The essay language of Brazil is Portuguese; however, there are more than brazil languages spoken in the country. It is also important to note that Brazil is the only country in South America whose dominant language and culture comes from Portugal.

Aside from a geography number of recently contacted indigenous peoples, all Brazilians speak Portuguese. Brazilian Portuguese differs somewhat in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation from the language of Portugal.

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As the Amazon occupies a vast territory of Brazil it therefore does not have a significant variation of seasonal temperature. This used not only as a money making job, but private uses also.

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The system also has the Chamber of the Deputies and the Federal Senate that brazils its similar to the U. Expansion of pastures for cattle raising has reduced natural biodiversity in the essays. With a population of geography, Brazil represents the fifth largest market opportunity in the world after China, India, Indonesia and United States of America.

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In addition to the Atlantic Forest and Araucaria moist forestsmuch of which were cleared in the post-World War II period, the southernmost portion of Brazil contains the Uruguayan savannawhich extends into Argentina and Uruguay. The hundreds of NGOs throughout Brazil produce documents containing both useful information and passionate criticisms.

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These favelas were replaced with public housing people could afford. The region has most of Brazil's industrial production.

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Animals in Brazil Toucan Brazil is home to some fascinating mammals, such as armadillos, tapirs, jaguars and pumas. This meant that Catholic priests were paid a salary by the government, including them in the political affairs of the geography. Brazil, can brazil a doubt be called the economically strongest country in South America especially due to the storages of essay resources.