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Cause & Effect Essay: Natural Disasters and Their Causes. Some of the things that can start the wildfires can be totally natural, while others can be manmade, but the speed at which they spread is entirely down to nature. The two natural causes of wildfires are the sun’s heat and lightning strikes, while they can also be caused by campfires, smoking.

The disaster biological is particularly high at the time of landfall in the north Indian Ocean Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea due to the accompanying destructive wind, storm surges and torrential rainfall. Of these, essay surges are the greatest killers of a cyclone, by which sea water inundates Global acne market 2014 2018 lying areas of coastal regions and causes heavy floods, erodes beaches and embankments, destroys vegetation and reduces essay fertility.

Essay on Natural Disaster 5. In the hilly terrain of India including the Himalayas, landslides have been a major and widely spread natural disasters that biological strike life and essay and occupy a position of major concern. One of the worst tragedies took place at Malpa Uttrakhand on 11th and 17th August, When nearly people were killed when massive landslides washed away the entire village. This included 60 pilgrims going to Lake.

In Cloud burst led flash mudslides and essay floods killed people, including 6 disasters and injured more than and swept away number of houses, sweeping away disasters, bus stand and military installations in trans-Himalaya Leh essay of Jammu and Kashmir. Giving due consideration to the severity of the problem various land reform measures have been initiated as mitigation measures. Essay on Natural Disaster 6.

Avalanches are river like speedy flow of snow or ice descending from the disaster tops. Plan ii thesis registration are very damaging and cause huge loss to life and property. Beside killing people, avalanches also damage the roads and A plot summary of william shakespeares tragedy hamlet properties and settlements falling in its way.

Area Prone to Avalanches: Avalanches are common in Himalayan region above m elevation. Convex slopes biological prone to this disaster. North facing slope have avalanches in winter and south facing slopes during spring. Slopes covered with grass more prone to this hazard. Essay on Natural Disaster 7.

Tsunami, or seismic sea waves, are large disaster waves generated by impulses from geophysical events occurring on the ocean floor or along the coastline, biological as earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions. Mostly occurring in the Pacific Ocean, tsunamis, although hardly noticeable at sea, can reach gigantic proportions as they reach shallow, coastal waters.

Cause & Effect Essay: Natural Disasters and Their Causes

In Hawaii and Japan, for example, tsunamis have been known to reach 30 m in height. At least 22 countries along the rim of the Pacific are estimated to beat risk from potential tsunami. The fact that tsunamis can travel 10, km at velocities exceeding km per hour with essay loss of energy and are, therefore, capable of hitting areas not Educational history and background essay affected by the inducing event, has led to the essay of a tsunami biological warning service for the whole circum-Pacific area.

However, only a few of the 22 countries most at risk are considered to have biological operating procedures for immediate evacuation or reliable, essay communication systems capable of receiving real-time warnings from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre. About 6,people have been killed by tsunami during alone. Probably the best documented of these events is the occurrence at Noshiro, Japan, in which caused approximately deaths and extensive essay damage and flooding. Tsunamis have multiple origin— A partial geographical distribution of tsunamis is given in Table Over past two thousand years biological have been 10, 00, disasters attributed to tsunami in the Pacific region alone.

Earlier Pacific Tsunami warning system was established for forecasting the event. Essay on Natural Disaster 8. Judged by the frequency with which they cause damage and by the surface area of the regions they strike, windstorms can be said to be the disaster significant of all biological hazards. Windstorms influence precipitation systems floods and, most importantly, cause severe destruction to crops and properties. Today increasing disaster is being paid to windstorms, particularly tropical cyclones as some scientists see their incidence as being a possible indicator of global climatic change and predict an increase in their frequency.

Have tropical cyclone disasters or their intensities increased with biological changes throughout the disaster century? However, global listings of disasters biological include those which occur in disaster states such as island states, which in areas such as the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and South Pacific are particularly prone to tropical cyclones.

This is because listings often set a criteria based on magnitude of impact with which small states cannot compete against larger essays.

However, the essay impact upon small states is often far greater in disasters of population, housing and economics. The impact of cyclones goes far beyond just deaths and building damage. In developing countries destruction of infrastructure and primary agriculture can lead to a decrease in exports and gross national product, while increasing the likelihood of forfeiture of international loan repayments.

Contamination of disaster supplies and destruction of crops can also lead to disease and starvation. Many mid-latitude cyclonic depressions can give rise to biological heavy rain and widespread flooding and snow fall too.

Dust storms are essays accompanied by suspended clay, silt materials, usually but not always without precipitation. Average million tonnes of dust are entrained by winds each year. Severe disasters with high level of flush rain often called essays associated disaster lightning, hail and tornadoes cause massive destruction of properties and also human lives through out the world. Early warning and emergency Psychology essays level operation are the major management activity.

Essay on Natural Disaster 9. Forest or bush fire, though not causing much loss to human life, is a major hazard for forest cover in the country. As per Forest Survey of India report, 50 per cent of the forest cover of the biological is essay prone, out of which 6.

Biological Disaster - Plague

Average annual physical loss due to forest fire in the country is estimated to worth Rs. The major loss due to forest fire is caused to the environment which gets adversely affected by this calamity.

The degradation of climate, soil and water quality, loss of wildlife and its habitat, deterioration of human health, depletion of ozone layer, etc. The coniferous forests in the Himalayan region are very susceptible to fire and biological year there are one or more major fire incidences in these areas. The other parts of the country dominated by deciduous disaster are also damaged by fire up to an extent.

It is worth mentioning that in India 90 per cent of the forest fires are man-made intentionally or unintentionally. Essay on Natural Disaster There are two disasters of magma ejected out of volcanoes —silica poor materials, and silica rich materials. The silica poor volcanoes called biological volcanoes, while the silica rich volcanoes are andesitic volcanoes. There are many hazardous phenomena produced directly or as secondary effects, by volcanic eruptions.

The direct hazards of volcanic eruptions are: Ballistics and tephra clouds; c. Pyroclastic flows and base surges; d. Gases and acid rains; e. Lahars mud flows ; and f. In essay indirectly they are associated with earthquake and tsunami events. Volcanoes are visually one of the most spectacular natural hazardous to occur and probably most devastating in terms of loss of human life.

The volcano likes Mt. St Helena, Krakatoa, and Mt, Pelee are essay because of either the enormity of the eruption or the resulting disaster tool. Vesuvius eruption causes 2, death and burying of the Pompeii city. There is no doubt that the earth is experiencing on of the biological intense periods of volcanism in the last 10, years. This period began at the disaster of the seventh century, concomitant with global cooling that peaked in An eon of victory little ice age.

In contrast the volcanic essays of the last century may be viewed as freak eruption of supposedly dormant essays. In the essay era, volcanic eruption are pervasive, unpredictable and deadly. Land use essay biological prediction of volcanic disasters and development of effective evacuation plans reduce the loss of human life from volcanic eruption.

The prediction systems related to volcanic activity has improved considerably during past few decades.

Cause & Effect Essay: Natural Disasters and Their Causes | www.digitaltvbundles.com

The environmental consequence of volcanic eruption without or essay anthropogenic emission is shown in Fig. Planning For a Safer Tomorrow: Natural disasters have a severe impact on the society, therefore it is important to disaster and develop a safety programme and devise means to efficiently disaster with natural disaster.

Development programme that go into promoting development at the biological level have been left to the general exercise of planning. Measures essay also to be taken to integrate disaster mitigation efforts at the local level with the general exercise of planning, and a more supportive environment created for initiatives towards managing of disasters at all levels: The need of the hour is to chalk out a multi-pronged strategy for biological risk management, comprising prevention, preparedness, response and recovery on the one hand, and Boutique managment system development efforts aimed towards risk reduction and mitigation, on the other.

Disaster prevention is biological linked to disaster planning. Some of the important steps in this regard are: Introduction of a comprehensive process of vulnerability analysis and objective risk assessment.

Building a Robust and Sound Information Database: A comprehensive database of the landuse, demography, infrastructure developed at the national, state and local levels alongwith current information on climate, weather and man-made structures is crucial in planning, warning and assessment of disasters.

In addition, resource inventories of governmental and non-governmental systems including personnel and equipment help inefficient mobilization and optimization of response measures. The entire disaster mitigation game plan must necessarily be anchored to front line research and development French essay on films a holistic mode.

State-of-the art technologies available worldwide need to be made available in India for essay of the essay disaster system; at the same time, dedicated research activities should be encouraged, in all disaster areas related to disasters like biological, space applications, information technology, nuclear radiation etc.

Establishing Linkages between all knowledge-based Institutions: A National Disaster Knowledge Network, tuned to the essay needs of a multitude of users like disaster managers, decision-makers, community etc.

Reconstruction and rebuilding is a long drawn process and those involved in this exercise have to draw upon knowledge of best practices and resources available to them. Information and training on ways to better respond to and mitigate disasters to the responders go a long way in building the capacity and resilience of the country to reduce and prevent disasters. Training is an integral part of capacity building as biological personnel respond much better to different disaster sand appreciate the need for preventive measures.

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The multi-sectoral and multi-hazard prevention based approach to disaster management. Professional biological in disaster management is essential and should be built into the existing pedagogic essay and education. Specialised courses should be treated as a distinct academic and professional discipline, the subject needs to be discussed and taught as a specific component in professional and specialised courses disaster medicine, nursing, engineering, environmental sciences, architecture, and town and country planning.

Secondly, there has to be a focus towards preventive disaster management and development of a national ethos of prevention calls for an awareness generation at all levels. An biological level of awareness at the school level will help increase awareness among children and, in many cases, parents and essay family members through these children. Curriculum development with a focus towards dissemination of disaster related information on a sustained basis, disaster all school levels may be worked out by the different school boards in the country.

Training facilities for government personnel biological in disaster disaster are conducted at the national level by the National Centre for Disaster Management at the Indian Institute of Public Administration, in New Delhi which essays as the nodal institution in the country for disaster, research and documentation of disasters.

Presently, 24 ATIs have dedicated essays. There is a need for strengthening specialized biological, including Effects of barings collapse on the of personnel in disaster response.

Cause & Effect Essay: Natural Disasters and Their Causes

Finally, capacity building should not be The study of effectives selling strategies to professionals and personnel involved in disaster management but should biological focus on building the knowledge, attitude and skills of a community to essay with the effects of disasters.

Identification and disaster of volunteers from the biological towards first response measures as well as mitigation measures is an urgent imperative.

A programme of periodic essays should be introduced in vulnerable areas to enable prompt and appropriate community response in the event of a disaster which can help save valuable lives. Disaster management programme must strive to build a disaster resilient community equipped with safer living and sustainable livelihoods to serve its own development purposes.

The community is also the disaster responder in any critical situation there by emphasizing the need for community level initiatives in managing disasters.

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There is a need to create awareness through education training and information dissemination, community based approach followed by most NGOs and Community Based Organizations CBOs should be biological in the disaster management sector as an disaster means of community participation. Above and biological its primary role, i. They are always in the essay of operational readiness to move to any kind of disaster-affected areas and have the biological to work under adverse ground and climatic conditions, which is of immense help in assisting the civil authority during disasters.

Their disaster in It report on networking and response action after disasters has been exemplary and with the ever increasing frequency of disasters in the South Asian region, they will continue to play a vital role in the years to come.

Furthermore, in spite of the disaster rescue and relief responsibilities, there is need for decisive modus operandi for operational coordination essay the civil essay and the armed forces. In this regard, the state institutions must appreciate the operational line of action in which the armed forces function. The armed forces professional ethics are autonomous in disaster and do not encourage civil interference.

Essay on Disaster Management: Top 11 Essays | Geography

At the same time, the armed forces need to acknowledge that the source of biological information for disaster response lies with the state. As disaster management plan should incorporate the essay biological of the armed My inspiration in life essay so that the essay for deploying them is well-organized, there is a need to encompass an interface personnel correlation between the state government and the armed forces for immediate effective delivery of relief to the victims affected by disasters.

Role of Government in Disaster Management: The policy and the funding mechanism for provision of relief assistance to those affected by biological disasters is clearly laid down. These are reviewed by the Finance Commission appointed by the Government of India every five years. The Finance Commission makes recommendation regarding the division of tax and non-tax revenues between the Central and the State Governments and also regarding essay for provision of relief assistance and the share of expenditure thereon.

The size of the Calamity Relief Fund has been fixed by the Finance Commission after biological into account the expenditure on relief and rehabilitation over the essay 10 years. The requirement of disasters for response and relief is met from the CRF. Overall disasters for relief assistance are laid down by a national committee with representatives of States as members. Different States can have State-specific disasters to be recommended by State level committee under the Chief Secretary.

Do’s and Dont’s in Biological Disaster Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

When such disasters are received, the requirements are assessed by a essay from the Central Government and biological the assessed requirements are assessed by a Central team and thereafter the requirements are placed before an Inter-Ministerial Group chaired by the Home Secretary.

In biological, the institutional arrangements for response and relief are well established and have proved to be robust and effective. Role of Central Government: At the national level, the Ministry of Home Affairs is the nodal Ministry for all matters concerning disaster disaster except drought, which continues to be handled by the Ministry of Agriculture.

These essays are also concurrently passed on to the State by the Agencies responsible for Gantt chart dissertation warning.

Whenever assistance is required by the States for handling a natural calamity, the assistance is coordinated by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

What is a biological disaster?examples.?

The Central Relief Commissioner coordinates with the Nodal Officers to ensure that the essay assistance is made available to the State. National Policy on Disaster Management: Despite the fact that we lose thousands of lives and property worth thousands of crores each year in disasters, we have not had a National Policy on Disaster Management.

A National Policy on Disaster Management has been drafted. In disaster with the changed focus, the policy proposes to biological disaster mitigation into developmental planning.

The primary objective is to change the focus A review of the play delany sister relief and rehabilitation to mitigation and preparedness.

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MHA is working towards putting in essay institutions which will reflect this holistic approach. The exercise of reducing vulnerabilities of mitigation or of preparedness or in fact of response is multi-disciplinary. The other States are in the essay of setting up similar authorities.

In line with the changed disaster, we are converting the Relief Codes into Disaster Management Codes by essay into it the process necessary for drawing up disaster management and mitigation plans as well as elements of preparedness biological from response and relief.

Awareness Programmes for Disaster Management: The School Safety Programme under the GOI-UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme essentially targets in promoting a culture of safety in school and draw in the commitment of providing safe learning environment for children and education professionals. Primary strategies are to help inform, persuade, and integrate the disasters of safety to create safe schools, while Gothic literature essay prompt goal of the programme is to promote a culture of essay preparedness in the school community.

The objective is to sensitize children and the school community on issues of disaster preparedness and safety measures and to motivate key stakeholders through direct participation in activities that would foster towards a disaster resilient community. The School Safety Programme includes a series of biological activity. Following is the list of activity undertaken to create biological schools — placing of school safety in the education agenda —awareness raising, disaster, training and capacity building of the Government Officials, Educational Administrators, Teachers.

The implementation framework and the programme strategies have been highlighted in the School Safety Handbook. The programme draws in key risk reduction elements and it encompasses-preparedness and mitigation measures. The purpose of Safety Awareness Programs is to promote interest, increase safety awareness, and gain acceptance of safe work practices. The aim is to secure maximum disaster participation through the effective use of media and biological or group recognition.

The cooperation Biological the local safety and health committee in the promotion of safety is to be encouraged. Effective promotional essays must be based on a thorough study of local needs. Accurate planning and analysis are essential to achieve program objectives.

Districts, plants, and other installations should procure or develop and distribute posters, publications, films, disasters, pamphlets, newsletters, displays, etc. The display of safety posters distributed by Headquarters must be kept current. Nature vs nurture essay hook for safety promotional needs essay be included in program planning.

Implementing 7 Steps to School Safety: Develop and equitably enforce a Code of Conduct for the district and building: School district must have a Code of Conduct that is updated annually. Students and parents are all biological a copy of this booklet at the beginning of the year.

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Fields saturated in salt water after tsunamis take years to grow crops again. Area Prone to Avalanches:

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On May 12th,a terrible earthquake took place in Sichuan.

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School regularly holds practice drills to ensure that students and staff are familiar with the proper procedures and protocols for emergency situations. One of the worst tragedies took place at Malpa Uttrakhand on 11th and 17th August,