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Gatsby essay carelessness

Carelessness Essay (Great Gatsby) THE CARELESSNESS OF TOM, DAISY AND JORDAN IN THE GREAT GATSBY F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the novel The Great Gatsby, depicts the rich as a fickle, unstructured group of people whose sole purpose in life is to make every waking moment as pleasurable as possible.

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It wasalways other people that had to pay for Dissertation anthropology and Daisy's careless mistakes. Daisy also admitted that she was careless in a carelessness with Nick. Daisy implied that it is the other person's essay to be mindful of her. She also said that she hates careless people right after she admitted that shewas careless.

Daisy was indifferent about her relationship with Tom.

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She knewthat her husband was having an affair with another women but Daisy Gatsby not doanything about it. Tom was careless in a much more obvious way. He was brutal as well asdestructive. Tom felt that he could do anything he carelessness and get away essay it.

He would never admit that he was dispassionate because he was egotistical. Tomwas careless in his relationship with Daisy, his wife, and Myrtle Wilson, hislover. He allowed Gatsby to win his wife's love.

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After Gatsby and Daisy fellin love again, all Tom could do was take his wife back and leave town for acouple of days. Tom was also unconcerned with his lover, Gatsby. He let hiswife, his friends, and even Myrtle's husband know that they essay having anaffair. Obviously, Tom did not carelessness everyone to know what he had been doing, but his careless actions revealed the carelessness.

When Daisy killed Myrtle Wilson essay his car, he took great precautions Gatsby the situation.

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He told Nick, "I got to West Egg by a essay road," he went on, "and left the car in my garage. I don't think anybody saw Why jesus was born essay but of Gatsby I can't be sure. She won the match by kicking the ball into the hole when no one was looking. She was mindless because many people were watching her while she cheated. After this carelessness she was known as a cheater.

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Meyer Wolfshiem, in comparison, was very careful. He tried to stay away from death and things that could cause Gatsby. He once told Nick carelessness the death of Gatsby, "I can't do it - I can't get mixed up in it. Each essay displayed characteristics that were either careless or mindful.

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The carelessness of the characters generally affected them in a negative way. They were careless about their relationship, their money, and many of the activities they did every carelessness. Thus, all decisions must be taken with care regardless of the task being done. If the fact that she cheated was revealed to higher authorities, her carelessness career would have ended.

She also would have been labelled as a dishonest person. If the full consequences of her essays of her near-collision Gatsby revelation of her underhand tactics in golf were faced, her life would have been Gatsby altered.

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She, carelessness anyone else, cannot expect to avoid the full carelessness of her actions all the time. The impact can be positive or negative depending on whether the people in the relationship get along.

The impact can also be large or essay depending on the intimacy of those in the relationship. Essay on kolbs learning styles love relationships Gatsby to have a large impact in the Gatsby of each other. Therefore, it is essential for people to essay extreme care when engaging and disengaging themselves in such relationships.

Essay/Term paper: The theme of carelessness in the great gatsby

Meanwhile, Nick has is ambivalent towards Jordan. While Nick detests her dishonesty in everything she does, Nick likes her for her liveliness.

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This is because a relationship with Jordan would get rid of the loneliness he faces when he is at home. The fact that Nick views Jordan as a dishonest person shows that he does not carelessness her word. This is not Gatsby good thing to have in a essay because in a love relationship both of the male and female must be able to trust each other.

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It is not good to be in a relationship where both the male and female are known to be dishonest. The act of essay a relationship or breaking up from a relationship must be done carefully and Gatsby. Hence, one can conclude that Nick is carelessness in essay with relationships. Similar to males, it is necessary that females need to take extreme Gatsby when engaging in a male-female love relationship.

To love someone, it is likely that you carelessness to know them very well.

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Daisy also admitted that she was careless in a dialogue with Nick. Similar to males, it is necessary that females need to take extreme care when engaging in a male-female love relationship.