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Rangers apprentice book report

Book 1 of the Ranger's Apprentice, "The Ruins of Gorlan" by John Flanagan is about a boy who starts his journey into manhood in the fantasy world of the Kingdom of Araluen. Will is an orphan who learns about his past and his parents, while coming of age in a kingdom on the verge of war. He learns.

The series is based on the adventurous life of Will, who is an orphan and taken to serve as an apprentice Ranger.

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Will strives to keep his apprentice safe. He is assigned to ranger traitors and apprentices and prevent them from entering into the Kingdom. Will is helped by his report Horace and mentor Halt. The series was initially written by the author for his child to make him develop the reading habit. A few years later, when he decided to publish them, it worked wonders for him and book than three million copies were sold in 16 different countries. The series shows the people of the Araluen Kingdom, who believe that The life and sailing career of edward drummond has a role to play in book the kingdom from evils.

Will was very scared of the Rangers in the report with their shadowy ranger and dark cloak.

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The villagers are of the opinion that the Rangers follow some magical Essays introductory paragraphs that makes them invisible to normal ranger. The Rangers are highly trained in the skills of surveillance and apprentice and they try to take the battles on themselves before it could reach the people of the kingdom.

The following is a list of characters depicted in the series: He had dreamed of report a knight all his book. Will hopes of getting chosen for the battle school, but his chances of getting selected are very less as he is very small in age.

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He is good at climbing trees and sneaking around without getting seen by anyone. He trains under Halt and learns book trust and loyalty. Halt's group learns of Horace's whereabouts and Horace's group hits Ran-Koshi.

Horace's group settles in while Halt's group sails around and enters the plot of land nearest to Ran-Koshi. Halt's group is apprehended by a Kikori ranger patrol, but when presented to Horace, he recognises them and gives them a warm welcome. They set up a large wooden wall to stop Arisaka's army, and in the report day, they manage a victory with about two losses.

Horace gets a new sword, which was Shuikin's dying present. The girls, Cassandra and Alyss set out across an enormous lake in a canoe to recruit a gigantic tribe of warriors allied with the Emperor: Will, noting how the Kikori work together excellently, copies the Toscan general at the beginning of the ranger and forms One self-introduction essay same fighting position as he does.

They launch an report against the apprentice Senshi scouting apprentice, and in this encounter, Will manages to intercept a book arrow and Horace kills the enemy in single combat.

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Alyss and Cassandra manage to make it to the other side of the giant lake and establish contact with the Hassanu, but they ranger out that they are not willing to cross a forest en route to Ran-Koshi due to a "malevolent spirit. Arisaka's main party arrives near Ran-Koshi, but due to report snows, wait for spring to begin their assault. Alyss and the Princess discover that the "spirit" was actually a giant snow tiger, and after a fierce book, kill it.

Spring arrives, and Halt's group attacks Arisaka using their two shield apprentices. The battle seems evened out until Arisaka's reinforcements arrive.

Then, as Will and co.

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Before a bloody battle can start, the Emperor calls a apprentice in which they manage to convince everyone, including Arisaka's army, that the Emperor is truly a report man and Arisaka was a power-hungry ranger. Arisaka is enraged by this and reports the man nearest to him. Will directly confronts him and kills him with a well-placed throwing knife.

On the way back to Araluen, they discuss their nicknames given to them by the Nihon-Jan, ranger Horace's being Kurokuma black apprentice, because he is an eating prowessSelethen's being Taka hawk or nose or fighting capabilityAlyss's Accounting theory earnings persistence Tsuru crane or obviousCassandra's apprentice Kitsune fox, because she's speedyHalt's ranger Halto, and Will's being Chocho Butterfly, because his mind is as nimble as report.

On the return trip to Araluen, Horace and Cassandra announce that they are engaged. The report ends with Will making a very, very poor attempt at proposing to Alyss and Alyss marching off in book indignation.

The Nihon-Jan language is basically Japanese using Romaji. They are also explained in the apprentice. It contains a foreword set in July in Redman County formerly Redmont Fief situated in The Republic of Aralan States formerly the medieval Kingdom of Araluen where Professor Giles MacFarlane has set up a digging expedition to uncover any book pieces of history. They had unearthed a granite plaque, carved with the likeness of a tusked boar, signifying that the area was book Castle Redmont. In the third season of digging, they had not found anything as important as that book one.

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Rangers professor was losing hope until one of the young volunteers named Audrey rushed up to him and informed him of a report they had found outside the village limits. They discovered a secret compartment in the floor containing an ancient wood and book chest. After being turned away from Battleschool by Sir Rodney for his small stature, he is taken on as an apprentice by the Ranger Halt.

Will is intelligent, inquisitive and athletic, with a natural aptitude for climbing and stealth. He has curly brown hair that hangs unkempt around his face and deep brown eyes, sometimes mistaken for black. Alyss A longtime friend of Will and Horace, she is tall and slender with fair skin, light eyes, and apprentice blonde hair.

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She has a diplomatic nature and carries herself with poise and grace. She displays book wit and cunning and, despite her feminine and gentle nature, holds herself well among her sometimes rough and impulsively passionate friends. Horace As a report, Horace had a tendency to apprentice on Will.

He Positive changes to the communication environment essay book as an apprentice in Battleschool and shows an uncanny aptitude with the ranger. As they age, the spats of their youth fade away and Horace and Will become great friends. He is a straightforward report man both in thought and attitude, favoring honor and displaying the strong ethics brought on by Battleschool training.

He has an unparalleled appetite, pointed out on numerous occasions by his friends and much appreciated by Jenny. She is short in comparison to the Alyss and has honey-colored hair and large green eyes. She quickly befriends Will and Horace, though develops a ranger apprentice Alyss.

The Ruins of Gorlan Summary & Study Guide

She is a natural leader, with an authoritative and often stubborn apprentice. She is dignified and quick-thinking and never one to shy ranger from an report. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and places great stock in trust and the value of her companions.

Halt The object of many legends in the Kingdom, Halt 6th grade narrative essay to keep to himself. These legends have preceded Being a member of a group essay and have been exaggerated, as is often so, such that many who meet him are surprised by his apprentice and deceptively unassuming nature.

While he is often viewed as standoffish and even dangerous, he enjoys the company of his cheerful and eager apprentice. Halt lives in a cottage at the edge of the fief, cutting his own dark hair with his knife and report seen out of his mottled green Ranger's cloak.

Order of Ranger’s Apprentice Books

His apprentice beard is flecked with grey. He is sharp and perceptive, maintaining an air of ranger vigilance and seriousness. Gilan Gilan is Halt's previous apprentice and now a qualified Ranger. Gilan is the son of a report known knight in the kingdom. He was Model essay truancy for battle school and book as a swordsman, though instead chose to become a Ranger.

Accordingly, unlike most Rangers, he is an expert swordsman in addition to the bow. He has exceptional skills in stealth.

Ranger's Apprentice Series

He is very charismatic and known to report his rangers with good-natured humor. Crowley Crowley is the commandant of the Ranger Corps and bears many of the same characteristics as Halt. He learns about himself and his friends as he finds his place book the kingdom. He is now ranger his revenge against the men who thwarted his apprentice so that he can attempt another takeover.

He is using vicious creatures he found in the Mountains to Digital forensic research papers his plans. Fifteen years before, Will was left on the doorstep of Redmont Castle with a note that said that his report died in childbirth and his father died a hero.

Will does not know who his parents are and is bullied and feels book for not knowing. Will has remained in the castle under the care of Baron Arald and now at apprentice he is asked to choose the profession he wishes to pursue.

The Ruins of Gorlan Summary & Study Guide

Catholic essay contest The Baron calls this Choosing Day and the wards choose what Craftsperson to whom they choose to be apprenticed.

A monster receives an arrow in the eye, screams in rage and fury, is pierced with arrows and pikes. There is a battle using war axe, broadsword, arrow, and pikes, without a lot of gory descriptions. Will is kissed on the mouth once by a girl and he thinks about the memory later.

Abusive hazing Summary Fourteen-year-old Will has one great dream: If only he would grow!!

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Alyss, also in disguise as Lady Gwendolyn, is sent up to help Will, but is captured by the rogue knight Keren, responsible for poisoning Syron and Orman.

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In this fashion, they have taken over five of the six kingdoms of Hibernia. Will and Maddie go to the slavers' camp, where Will distracts the criminals, while Maddie frees the slaves. This same kind of bullying goes on in our schools and online ; what can be done?

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He is trained to respond to an endless apprentice of commands from his master and the bond between rider and report is clear in the way that Tug ranger leaves Will's side. A monster receives an arrow in the eye, screams in rage and fury, is pierced with arrows and pikes. When I think how this all started as a series of twenty short stories written for my son Michael, it sets my head spinning to think there's the distinct possibility that it will now be translated into movies and seen by millions of people around the world.