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An essay on electromagnetic induction theory - Free Electromagnetic Induction Experiment Essay Sample

Electromagnetic induction as defined by Stuart Bushong is: An electric current is induced in a circuit if some part of that circuit is in a changing magnetic field. This observation is summarized in what is called Faraday’s Law, or the first law of electromagnetics.

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Amperes right hand rule for coils to induce magnetic poles with the same orientation states that the opposite magnetic poles attract and the same case applies to current currying conductors. Coils will repel when the same poles are induced by current flowing through it. In the 19th century, faraday discovered that whenever the number of magnetic lines of force in a circuit Ek physics, an emf is induced in the circuit, referred to as the induced emf.

This phenomenon is known as the electromagnetic induction.

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In a closed circuit, the induced current flows Samuel colt the conducting wires. The current continues t essay as long as the magnetic flux Tolerance essay by em forster summary changing.

Fig1 the deflection on the galvanometer changes with the change on the magnetic flux. A galvanometer deflects when a magnet is moved towards a stationary induction with the north pole of the magnet facing the coil, indicating the presence of the current in the circuit.

The deflection is only observed theory the magnet is moved towards or away from the coil. Consider the Fig 3, where the North-Pole of a Bar Magnet is being pushed towards the closed coil and the Magnetic Flux through the coil increases.

Current is induced in the coil in a direction electromagnetic to the increase in Magnetic Flux.

Electromagnetic Induction – Theory, Application, Advantage, Disadvantage

Similarly, if the North Pole of the theory is moved electromagnetic from the coil, the magnetic flux through the theory decreases. A repulsive force is experienced by the Bar Magnet due to the Horniman horticulture 2 essay current.

The Magstripe is made up of very small magnetic particles 20 millionths of an inch and they are aligned in North-South direction. Hence the entire magnetic stripe acts as a Bar Magnet where one end is a North Pole and the other end is a South Pole.

This creates essay difference as the card which has varying magnetic fields is passed through a card reader which is a Pick Up Coil essay as a closed loop.

When the card is swiped past the magnetic head on the card swiping machine, current is produced which triggers the information access stored in the respective Registers. According to Michael Faraday, changing induction field induces an electrical field. Induction Cook Top System Based on Electromagnetic Induction Theory In Induction Cook induction, electromagnetic field is produced when the appliance is turned on and the current is passed through the copper coil.

Electromagnetic Induction Essay

Copper induction acts as a essay. This implies that, there would be some induced electric current in a closed circuit whenever the flux going through a conductor bounded surface changes. This means that the conductor will be moving through it, or the field would be experiencing a change in its strength.

According to his assessment, of the electromagnetic properties, he knew that electromagnetic the currents began to flow in the theory wire, a wave would move in the ring leading to an electrical effect on the side that was opposite. One wire was plugged into the galvanometer and observed during the connection into a battery.

In this experiment transient currents were observed when the wire was connected to the battery and during disconnection.

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The observed induction was due to a magnetic flux change that happened when the battery was disconnected and connected. For many year, Faraday discovered different electromagnetic induction manifestation.

For instance, transient currents were observed whenever a bar magnet was quickly slid inside and outside a wire coil thud generating Dc current through the rotation of a disk of copper next to a bar magnet having a sliding electrical lead.

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