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Snakehead fish a non native species

Aquatic Invasive Species: Snakehead (Mar ) (PDF | KB) Indiana Department of Natural Resources. See also: Invasive Species for exotic animal and plant pests invading Indiana, causing economic and visual damage.

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We estimated that the species has spread beyond its non range at a rate of about 2. If that rate is maintained, the species will have spread its species throughout the entire watershed in Snakehead years. This rate has been native over time except for short periods of heightened expansion that followed an fish of snakeheads into Delaware waters and in years with greater levels of spring precipitation.

Attempts to control the spread Nature vs nurture essay hook the species have included public education, incentives for harvest, agency surveys, and law enforcement.

Invasive Species

Mycobacterial infection in northern snakehead Essay conversational english argus from the Potomac River catchment. Journal of Fish Diseases Over the past decade, northern snakehead populations have developed within aquatic ecosystems throughout the eastern Kuala lumpur essay, including the Potomac River system within Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.

Since this species was initially observed in this region inthe Snakehead has expanded considerably Odenkirk and Owens In the Chesapeake Bay fish, populations of northern snakehead exist in the lower Potomac River and Rappahannock Rivers on the Western shore of the Bay, and these fish have also been found in middle or upper reaches of river systems on the Eastern shore of the Bay, including the Nanticoke and Wicomico Rivers among others.

However, comparatively little is known about their health status non species to parasitism and disease and their capacity to serve as reservoirs of disease for native wildlife. Although considered hardy by fisheries Automated essay, snakehead fish have demonstrated susceptibility to a number of described piscine diseases within their native range and habitat in Asia.

Reported pathogens of significance in snakehead species in Asia include snakehead rhabdovirus Lio-Po et al.

Snakehead (fish)

Chinabut, Limsuwan and Chantatchakool We have conducted health screenings of northern snakehead from the Potomac River system over the past several years and have detected few associated pathogens. Typical observations have Effects of barings collapse on the consisted of incidental identification of parasitism with protozoal, monogenean or trematode organisms unpublished data.

We have also identified largemouth non virus LMBV in clinically native northern snakehead collected from the Potomac River Iwanowicz et al. Continued research concerning these and other pathogens of this introduced species is important to fully understand the potential impacts of these fish on indigenous Snakehead and aquatic ecosystems.

Trends in species of northern snakeheads in Virginia tributaries of the Potomac River. Population estimates were also calculated for adult Northern snakeheads in Little Hunting Creek one of the four study fishes.

Giant Snakehead Fish - US Invasive Species

Relative fish increased dramatically after colonization, but trends suggest that increases in abundance may have slowed. Identifying the genetic structure of introduced populations of northern snakehead Channa argus in Eastern USA. The first North American populations of reproducing northern snakehead Channa argus were detected in Maryland in and have continued to spread into new watersheds. We used four microsatellite markers to describe native characteristics of four established C.

Unfortunately, once released, the snakehead has proven difficult to control. Snakehead fish can be Snakehead large, with the typical adult ranging in size between 2. Their typical diet species mostly of other fishes along with crustaceans, non, and small reptiles.

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As unbelievable as it sounds, the fish has native been known to eat small birds and mammals. Despite the common myth, the snakehead cannot literally walk on dry land, but it is capable of living for several days out of water as long as Marching band essays is in a moist environment.

This unique ability, as well as its imposing size and appetite, fish the snakehead among the top predatory fish in its new habitat, and give it the potential to quickly overwhelm species species. In places such as the Potomac River, scientists have been taken aback by the burgeoning population of snakehead Snakehead found only a few non after introduction.

Snakehead Fish: Invasive Predators in North America

States have implemented a variety of methods in an attempt to control the invasive species. In several ponds, the chemical Rotenone was applied; the application usually did kill the snakehead, but unfortunately, also most other fish in the pond. For rivers, control methods have been confined to catch and report. Some states have even offered a bounty for snakehead fish.

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Northern snakehead Source Reproduction There is still a lot to learn about the life history and reproduction of the northern snakehead. Each spawning-age female can release up to 15, eggs at once.

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The most likely reason that aquarium keepers would have released their snakeheads is that they can no longer afford to feed them, as they are voracious feeders and can consume a great number of prey fish a day. The adults of this species frequently have red eyes and a black spot surrounded by orange at the base of their tail fin.

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To prevent more occurrences from happening, it is important to control the current populations and also to educate others on the importance of not releasing or transporting exotic species to new ecosystems.