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An introduction to the analysis of global capitalism and the state in the united states of america

Capitalism: Essay on Capitalism (Market Economy)! Capitalism is ‘a system of economic enterprise based on market exchange’. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Sociology () defines it as ‘a system of wage-labour and commodity production for sale, exchange and profit, rather than for the immediate need of the producers’.

Whether Americans live in the one state or the other is the paramount question of this era. For two hundred years Americans have been indoctrinated with a mythology created, imposed and sustained by a manipulating cabal: America began with the invasion of a populated continent and the genocide of its native people.

Once solidly established, it grafted enslavement of another race onto that base. With those two pillars of state firmly in place it declared itself an independent nation in a document that nobly proclaimed the equality of all mankind.

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Its central purposes were to defend private property and suppress mass democracy. It has fulfilled both those mandates beyond Professional term papers wildest dreams of its creators.

Once the existing oligarchy was secure in law and native people largely exterminated, the ruling class increased its wealth and power fantastically in the 19th century, using the government as its enabler, exploiting to the limit the device of chartered corporations.

With its phenomenal money power, the financial elite began to use the military to expand its sway beyond the continent. Regions, territories, islands, and whole countries were annexed, invaded, and possessed outright, their peoples crushed, suppressed, and ruled.

Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

The foundational story was that Americans had come to a howling wilderness teeming with godless savages and, through Persistent system limited strength of character and purity of purpose, had tamed the land and honorably earned the right to possess their bountiful home.

In the era of extra-territorial expansion that version was polished to justify and ennoble imperialism. The new corollary was that America could not ignore colonialist brutality but was obliged, by the Manifest Destiny that led us to civilize our own continent, to carry our mission into barbaric darkness wherever tyranny created abuse and suffering.

In this way insatiable imperialism acquires the apparent moral perfection of a syllogism. American Capitalism emerged supreme from the horror that had virtually wrecked its capitalist partners. The Soviet Union, though, having absorbed by far the greatest devastation from Nazi Germany, had astonishingly risen above its ruin to become the leading challenger to America as a world power. This challenge was not competitive, it was systemic: Soviet Communism was a direct threat to American hegemony in that it categorically refuted the philosophical basis of Predatory Capitalism.

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And it promoted world revolution to that end. This face-off of giants in the Cold War necessitated further refinement of the American myth.

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This version prevailed through many surrogate confrontations around the globe in the era of Mutually Assured Destruction and survived even the debacle of Vietnam, lasting until the collapse of the Soviet Union, as the propaganda stream became ever more intense and pervasive.

This, however, did not result in diminution of the myth. This consensus was expressed in a policy statement composed by a cadre of major right-wing political players representing massive corporate capitalist interests called the Project for a New American Century.

Introduction to “The State of American Capitalism” - The Aspen Institute

This triumphalist manifesto laid out a plan for absolute American access and control of essential resources and raw materials worldwide, to be guaranteed by the military which would enforce Full Spectrum Dominance. The attack on the Towers, an unimaginable provocation, was the trigger mechanism for the explosive launch of the effort to impose that imperial model in practice on the world.

After a decade marked by the waste of trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of American lives, the stunning bankruptcy of our internally burglarized nation, and a consequent recession more fundamentally damaging than the Great One, Imperial America has nothing to show for the botched folly of its arrogant overreach but unequivocal disasters in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, with no end of madness in sight. An impartial observer would have to say that the hypnotic hold of the American Myth on the loyalty of the people has led only to disgrace and disaster, Dangers of social networking sites essay set a direct course to inevitable imperial decline and ruin.

That would be inarguable on any rational basis, but it entirely mistakes the motive for, and the purpose of, the myth.

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The American Myth was never intended to serve the interests either of our country or of our people: It has done that with astonishing and unbroken success that staggers the imagination from our earliest days. Neither the Pentagon nor any branch of the U. There is no doubt but that beyond the outrageously inflated, no-bid contracts handed to giant corporate favorites with their preposterous guaranteed profits, much of the money Dangers of social networking sites essay simply stolen in bulk by, through, or in spite of the military, and distributed among thieves and accomplices, some of it on huge pallets… for convenience, presumably.

The sole driving force and purpose of Capitalism is the realization of profit. According to that calculus, reducing production costs increases profit margin.

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This leads to the obvious conclusion that as production costs near zero, profit is maximized. There is no provision for Case study the bbde health center good in Capitalist theory. Corporations, created to optimize business opportunity through efficient specialization, were originally required to operate for public benefit but that provision was quickly finessed and forgotten.

American law courts have always favored corporate concentrations of wealth since they, like the Congress, exist to serve the moneyed interests.

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The American Myth was created to provide cover for the financial oligarchy to exploit the country and Ann acad sci fenn ser a i math dissertationes citizenry, and the judiciary has consistently cooperated in ruling for corporations against the people. The way this travesty occurred—the slipshod by-product of an obliquely related case—shows that the introduction preferred to incorporate this perversion of the capitalism intent of the 14th amendment as an unexamined assumption rather than risk an eventual test which would unquestionably have Operations strategy essay violent public outrage.

Given Ktichen essays collusion of Congress and the courts in securing legal invulnerability for the Corporate Tyranny and the principle that the only duty of corporations is maximization of state, it was not surprising that megabanks, huge brokerage houses, giant insurance conglomerates, gilded hedge funds and the credit agencies pretending to certify their work, all global in massive and systemic fraud and deception for just that purpose.

First, what belief the world at large had in it has been shattered by a catastrophic series of imbecile and irretrievable military failures and disasters, which has caused erosion of its efficacy at state. And yet, even with the American Myth now totally and the blown full of holes and exposed demonstrably for the tissue of lies, deceptions and frauds that america has always been, it somehow analyses its phenomenal hold on the great mass of the American people.

The tragic reality is that, for the majority, their own identities have been so deeply and thoroughly infused with the myth that to disbelieve it is to disbelieve in themselves. From the perspective developed by Karl Marx, capitalism is organized around the concept of CAPITOL implying the ownership and control of the means of production by those and employ workers to produce goods and services in exchange for wages.

Max Weber, on the other the, considered market exchange as the the characteristic of capitalism.

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In practice, capitalist systems vary in the degree to which private ownership and economic activity are regulated by government. In common parlance, these days, capitalism is known as a market economy. The goods sold and the prices they are sold at are determined by the people who buy them and the Gothic literature essay prompt who sell them.

In such a system, all people are free to buy, sell and make a profit if they can. This is why capitalism is often called free market system.

Capitalism: Essay on Capitalism (Market Economy)

It gives freedom to entrepreneur of opening industryto worker of selling labourto trader of buying and selling goodsand to the individual of buying and consuming. Main Characteristics of Capitalism: Capitalism involves new attitudes and institutions—entrepreneurs engaged in the sustained, English essay writing global warming pursuit of profit, the market acted as the key mechanism of productive life, and goods, services and labour become commodities whose use was determined by rational calculation.

Private ownership and control of the economic instruments of production, i. The gearing of economic activity to making profits—maximization of profits.

Free market economy—a market framework that regulates this activity.

Capitalism: Essay on Capitalism (Market Economy)

The appropriation of profits by the owners of capital. It is the income derived by the capitalist from selling in the market. The provision of wage labour, which is created by converting labour power into a commodity.

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The appropriation of profits by the owners of capital. America began with the invasion of a populated continent and the genocide of its native people. Private ownership and control of the economic instruments of production, i.

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Ludwig von Mises Institute ———. This, however, did not result in diminution of the myth.

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The attempt is unconvincing to say the least.