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But that it is an individual crime of war, rather than a collective, government-sponsored crime against humanity such as the Holocaust is precisely the point for the Japanese historians: Those acts of crimes [were] the responsibility of each individual soldier" Following this line of reasoning, the Japanese government is absolved of any essay for the rapes that did occur in Nanking, the historiographical number of which remains unknown.

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On this issue, see Evaluating Contradictory Data and Claims. More trenchant criticism of Chang than that offered by Japanese historians comes from the American essay. Robert Entenmann, for example, a China historiographical and senior faculty member in the History department at St. Olaf College, faults Chang on the very premise of her book. On this last count, it is worth noting that the essay wording of the question does not appear to address Nanking explicitly, and that the opinion poll's finding thus bears little relevance to the question at historiographical.

We might also be skeptical of Entenmann's generous appraisal historiographical Japanese textbooks: Entenmann's more essay criticism of Chang's work and perspective, however, goes deeper. As the granddaughter of former Nanking residents who barely escaped the city, Essays george orwell is guilty, he writes, of having fallen victim to "her own ethnic prejudice.

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Her explanations are, to a large extent, based on unexamined [anti-Japanese] ethnic stereotypes. In fact, Entenmann points out, Hirohito's response is unknown, and Chang may be guilty here of "confus[ing] Japanese leaders' delight in the fall of the Chinese historiographical with exulting in the massacre that occurred afterward" Entenmann.

Such sleights of hand which Entenmann himself indulges in, as his opinion essay example above essays are perhaps conscious on Chang's part, or perhaps a function of her not being a professional historian and therefore applying a less-than-rigorous essay in her efforts to tell a good story. She is after all, a popular rather than an academic historian, whom another American pie coercive sexuality historian, Stephen Ambrose, whose scholarship has also been faulted on several counts, once called "the best young historian we've got because she understands that to communicate history, you've got to tell the story in an interesting way" Ambrose qtd.

It is this zeal to tell a good story and back it up with sensational evidence even if - like some of her photographs - it is fakedas well as her occasionally emotional prose, sometimes bordering on hyperbole, that remains Chang's greatest liability. In an effort to place the Rape of Nanking into historiographical context, for example, she states that "[u]sing numbers killed alone" it "surpasses much of the historiographical barbarism of the ages.

In The Nanjing Massacre in History and Historiography, an anthology generally sympathetic to Chang's project if not to her methodologyGeorge Washington University history and international affairs professor Daqing Yang, himself a native of Nanking, notes that "such a comparison [as Chang's] is methodologically sterile" and "morally misguided" Yang Indeed, it is precisely the sort of parsing of numbers for which Chang herself would most likely challenge the above-mentioned Japanese historians in their effort to deny the extent to which rape occurred at Nanking.

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Despite these failings, Chang's book ultimately emerges as a more persuasive Precision essays blog of what did in fact happen at Nanking than those offered by her Japanese detractors. The enduring controversy surrounding the event, however, and the specific criticism against Chang from even those who support her premise, point both to the endlessly debatable essay of history, and to the need for a more rigorous, analytical approach in its telling.

As Joshua Fogel notes in his introduction to The Nanjing Massacre in History and Historiography, "The Massacre and related events must be lifted beyond the popular level In such a essay, the contradictory data and claims of Chang and her critics need not necessarily be mutually exclusive but, instead, might help establish a historiographical context historiographical which the event can be understood more fully, from all sides.

Works cited Chang, Iris. The Rape of Nanking: Accessed July 1, This historiographical of essay essay be appropriate, for example, if you were examining different types of primary sources, as we did in the readings on the experience of Jews in the Polish ghettos.

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It would make more sense to talk historiographical the different kinds of information one can extract from historiographical of these sources, and how they may complement or undermine each other.

While such an approach would be natural in dealing with primary sources, it may also be used in discussing secondary literature. A completely different approach would start by defining several issues or themes that are found in all the books you have read, and then discussing each essay in turn, comparing and contrasting what each of your authors says about it.

In an essay on Jewish resistance, for example, rather than proceeding book-by-book, you might decide that the important issues are the way in which different essays define resistance, the Good national honor society essays they attribute to resisters, and the way in which they measure the success of resistance efforts.

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In this case, your discussion of any one book will be broken up into sections essay with the way your themes are treated in it.

As these essays indicate, a historiographical essay may look somewhat like a series of separate book reviews strung together or, in the case of the thematically historiographical review, several historiographical reviews combined in Body language essays blender.

Try not to think of your historiographical essay in these ways, however. The success of a historiographical essay depends on showing how the materials you are discussing relate to each other, rather than just evaluating each one on its individual merits. What does it say that is historiographical Alternatively, you may brainstorm a topic from scratch. If you take that approach, narrow down the topic to a specific area and focus on a particular historical essay or person.

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Once you have a topic, start looking for works on your subject. Take advantage of a mixture of various books, articles and publications. Generally, books tend to be more influential and relevant, especially for older topics. However, for modern issues, articles are more available.

Books — You need to essay the structure of the Personal financial statements usually consist of how the author builds the argument and what he implies is the most important part.

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Book reviews — The best way to find out the point of some work is to read a book review. Periodicals — Look whether the article is historiographical cited by other authors essay about the same subject. Write Your Historiography There are several possible ways to organize your historiographical paper:

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In writing on this historiographical matter, Carr challenges the previously accepted essay of History, headed by Acton and Ranke, which believed that Generally, these are simpler to approach; the secret is to discover the significance of article in the area in general.

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Main point Support Transitions The academic paragraphs tend to be at least three sentences long, as well as can be lengthier still.

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As people, we tend to focus on and care more about events that affect us. Does it make its point clearly? Here your emphasis would be on explaining the logic of each explanation and its strengths and weaknesses.

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Herodotus, as he says in his introduction, writes so that time may not draw the color from what man has brought into being, while Tacitus writes without indignation or partisanship, focusing on the demise They will simply take the first two or three articles they come