AT&T High Speed DSL Internet in RUFFIN, NC

Ruffin, NC residents, you can now experience a high-speed DSL internet that works great for home networking, downloading music, and uploading photos. With download speeds up to 6.0 Mbps and upload speeds up to 512 Kbps, you’ll enjoy speeds up to 50x faster than dial-up. And with AT&T DSL you’ll have no term commitment to your service and no phone service needed for DSL installation.

Take Advantage of AT&T DSL in RUFFIN, NC

AT&T includes nationwide Wi-Fi network access at more than 10,000 hotspots at no extra charge. Plus free nationwide dial-up access when traveling the country. Each subscription comes with 11 email accounts and unlimited storage on each account. And take advantage of online photo and video storage provided with your service. AT&T comes complete with 24/7 customer service for any issue.

Easy, Reliable & Affordable DSL Internet

AT&T DSL Internet offers a reliable and affordable connection for Ruffin, NC residents and is available wherever there is an existing telephone network. One benefit of having AT&T DSL service, it costs less than satellite or broadband Internet connections. And with AT&T DSL service, each Internet subscriber has a dedicated circuit, just as you would with phone service. If multiple subscribers are online at once, you’re not affected by the heavier demand. Unlike with cable Internet, multiple area subscribers share a cable, so the connection can be slowed during peak Internet usage hours.

Stay Protected Online with AT&T DSL Internet

Each AT&T DSL subscription in Ruffin, NC includes the Internet Security Suite - powered by McAfee® at no extra charge. Enjoy security protection features like anti-virus and anti-spyware technology, and a two-way firewall protecting your computer from hackers gaining access. McAfee® SiteAdvisor adds security ratings to Web sites, which helps you avoid potentially dangerous and malicious web sites, and it alerts you to web sites that may try to steal your identity. QuickClean will free up space on your hard drive by safely removing junk files that slow your computer.

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